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AMC by Jenn

Ryan and Greenlee break into Kendall's home and discover the same medication that was in Greenlee's system, in Kendall's closet. Kendall and Bianca encourage Ethan to find out whether he is a Cambias, realizing it's very easy now that Miranda can be tested with him. Zach offers to help Erica go after David, Krystal and Babe. At first she says she doesn't want his help and wants him to leave her alone. But he reveals that he has the video of David knocking Adam Chandler out and shipping him off in a box. Hearing that, she reconsiders, knowing Zach can help her nail David. David tells Krystal she must lie and say that Babe knew nothing about Bess being Miranda. Tad agrees that she must or else their two kids are in big trouble.

ATWT by Linda

pre-empted today

B&B by Leigh

At the Jackie M. party, Deacon can't stop staring at people's drinks he tells Jackie they should head home. At home he tells her that for the first time in a long time since he's been sober, he really wanted a drink and he can't understand why. Jackie tells him that he doesn't have to battle the demons alone, and they'll get through this together. Caitlin admits her feelings for Thomas to him. While Ridge and Amber dance, Ridge keeps an eye on Caitlin and Thomas talking. Hector and Samantha approach Ridge and ask him if set up the time Thomas and Caitlin have alone together.

Nick consoles Bridget about her feelings for Ridge. Nick tells Bridget that back when Ridge and her were so close that Ridge crossed a line that should never have been crossed. Ridge listens without them knowing, as Bridget tells Nick about her feelings, that she's stuck in the past, and she wants something that she'll never have. Bridget looks over and sees Ridge standing there, Ridge tells her he had no idea that it was his fault she's hurting. She tells him she doesn't blame him. Bridget tells him she has to get through this on her own. He holds her and tells her he'll do whatever he can to make her happy again.

Days by Danielle

Bo repeats his promise to Hope to not go off on another search for Georgia without solid proof. Hope reluctantly agrees to go to Philip and Belle’s wedding upon Bo’s insistence only after Bo promises to solely rest while she’s gone. Billie boards the plane to leave town. The pilot insists that Billie must be patient while he files a flight plan. While waiting, Billie arms herself with various weapons hidden under her clothes. Billie uses a tape recorder to record information to be used in the event of her death. Bo catches Billie in her lie when he calls her and hears the pilot announce that the plane is taking off. Billie lies to Bo again, claiming that she will stay in town but Bo doesn’t believe her. Bart taunts Jack with a live video feed of Jennifer and Patrick from St. Luke’s church. Frustrated, Jack attacks Bart. Left alone again, Jack rigs a trap and it works to knock out a guard. Patrick questions the videographer’s choice of footage. Being at the wedding makes Jennifer think of a past romantic anniversary with Jack.

Belle poses for pictures with Mimi and John outside of the church. John confronts Belle about having second thoughts about marrying Philip. Belle insists that she is making the right decision by marrying Philip. John gives Belle a jewelry case in which holds Belle’s grandmother’s gold locket to be used as something old, a blue garter, and Marlena’s favorite snowman charm as something borrowed. John pulls out a second box that holds a gold pin shaped like a bell to count as something new. Philip paces the church as he nervously waits for the wedding to start despite Rex’s assurance. Rex questions whether Philip is afraid that Belle will get cold feet but Kate steps up to guarantee Philip that the wedding will go off without a hitch. Kate, who hangs up on Shawn without saying a word, picks up Shawn’s call. Jan gets Shawn to drink another drugged cocktail and he passes out on the couch as he wonders if this wedding is a big mistake. Jan’s plan backfires when Shawn wakes up with a stronger desire to stop the wedding. Shawn rushes to the church despite Jan’s attempt to stop him. Shawn threatens to break up with Jan if she tries to keep him from the wedding. Shawn starts his motorcycle as John and Belle start their walk down the aisle. In a rush to get to the wedding on time, Brady’s car slides on the icy road and they crash into a tree. Nicole has a hard time waking Brady up and fears that he is near death. Chloe senses that something is wrong moments before she hears Nicole begging Brady not to die as he is rushed into the clinic. Chloe eavesdrops as the doctor tells Nicole that Brady will be fine. Chloe continues to watch as Nicole professes her love to Brady. When Nicole leaves to call the family, Chloe seizes the opportunity to greet Brady. Chloe hides again when the doctor returns. The doctor nonchalantly mentions that she has a patient named Chloe when Brady talks about how Nicole wasn’t his first love.

GH by Amanda

Sonny winds up babysitting all three kids on New Year's Eve. Liz and Lucky flirt with each other as they, Luke, Emily and Connor plot how to spot Helena at the masquerade. Lois breaks if off with Alcazar. Lorenzo is arrested for beating Maria Sanchez, Diego's sister (mother). The case doesn't hold up long enough to charge him. Sam tries to convince Jason to go to the ball. Her failure allows Sonny to find her holding her new baby when he comes looking for Jason's help when the kids start driving him insane. Jason discovers Mikey's plot to drive Sonny to need Carly back. Liz is not happy with her brother's romantic life.

GL by Sarah

pre-empted today.

OLTL by Janice

It's New Year's Eve in Llanview and everyone is dressed to party. Bo, Nora,and Daniel are distressed to learn that the videotape from Dorian's office has been erased by the lab. Nora and Daniel continue on to the party at the Palace that the rest of Llanview seems to be at. Paige sits in Bo's office while he stays to check out the copy of the videotape that he had made. Bo apologizes for delaying their night out on the town, but Paige is gone when he turns around. He calls her home many times to try to make her understand, but there is no answer. He is pleasantly surprised when she returns to his office in an overcoat with skimpy lingerie underneath. At the party Renee is upset to find that Kevin hasn't shown up yet to do his televised speech. At Llanfair Kelly delays Kevin from leaving by faking a sprained ankle so that Blair can use Kevin's air time. Kevin is upset when he hears Blair's voice on the television and realizes he was tricked. Jessica tells Antonio that she needs some time before she can decide if they can get back together. She tells him that she's too young to be so sad. She leaves him in Angel Square. She gets in a limo and tells someone on the phone that she wants to be taken to a party in River Valley 15 miles east of Llanview. Natalie is surprised that Chris wants to go out for New Year's Eve; it is not like him. He covers by telling her that he wants to do it for her. At the party, Natalie asks John why he told Evangeline about their kiss. She is obviously unhappy when he tells her that the kiss didn't mean anything. At the clinic, Todd keeps asking for Blair. Margaret convinces the doctor that Blair is a dog. At the nurses station and in Todd's room the New Year's Eve countdown is on the TV. Blair takes Kevin's airtime and sings a song obviously meant for Todd. Todd hears Blair's voice and becomes more alert.

Passions by Boo

Tabitha and Endora throw a party for their demon friends. They all celebrate all the pain that surround Harmony for the new year. Theresa tries to convince Ethan that they should be together, but Ethan still feels that he should be with Gwen. Ivy tries to convince Gwen that Ethan won’t leave her. Gwen seems to be in a state of shock as she walks around the hospital. Ivy slaps Theresa and warns her to stay away from Ethan. Theresa threatens to never let Ivy see her granddaughter once she and Ethan are married. As Ethan, Ivy and Theresa argue over the situation, Gwen comes in behind them and stabs Theresa with a scalpel in the back. Ethan reports that Theresa isn’t breathing as Ivy accuses Gwen of murdering her. At the church, Sheridan learns that Katherine really is her mother. Either Liz or Eve drinks the poison punch.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brittany told Nikki that Bobby hadn't come home all night and wasn't answering his phone. She then went to JT and asked him to help find Bobby, admitting she was worried the mob had done something to him. JT told her Bobby was the wrong guy for her, but agreed to have his credit cards checked out. Brittany admitted she believed something deep was between Nikki and Bobby. Nikki blasted Victor for telling Bobby the truth, but Victor told her he was sick and tired of hearing her whine about something she'd done as a child, and that it was ridiculous to lavish such gifts on Bobby. He then stormed out on her. Damon told Christine that, regardless of the outcome for him, he had to tell Phyllis there was proof that would set her free. Jack and Phyllis shared breakfast and agreed to a date in the future when things had calmed down. Damon saw them share a kiss. Alone with Phyllis, Damon thanked her for the role she'd played in his life and gave her the envelope with the transcript. Lily showed Malcolm the pictures he'd taken of her, and insisted she'd figure out the mysteries of the tensions that existed between him and her parents. Malcolm and Adrienne caught up and agreed to go out for an afternoon of fun.

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