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AMC by Jenn

Erica goes to visit JR in peace. She sounds sincerely sensitive to him for his loss. She tells him that the very people who hurt him also hurt her daughter. David and Krystal go to see Bianca and urge her not to tell JR about his son. She tells them she cannot promise to do to JR what was done to her. It's wrong. Erica corners them and gets Derek to arrest them for the crime of keeping a baby and falsifying her identity. Lily is determined to make Aiden her boyfriend, not realizing he's too old for her and romantically interested in Anita. Maggie is ready to dump Jonathan after he hit her. But he keeps pleading for her to forgive him, tells her he loves her and would never hurt her. She remembers her mother abusing her and reveals that she equates abuse with love, just like he does. And she forgives him.

ATWT by Linda

Rafi declares his love to an uncomfortable Lucy, who tells him that she still loves Dusty. Dusty sets out in a blizzard to find Lucy, despite warnings from the Ranger that it was too dangerous. Ben and Jessica have a heart to heart, Ben softening and inviting her for a New Year’s drink. At Metro they meet Aaron and Alison, who apologize for the accusations they made and Curtis, who said he was proud that his dad owned up to his mistakes. Ben becomes concerned when Alison tells him that Aaron’s arm still is paralyzed and probably will be for the rest of his life. Julia blames Jack for being insensitive to JJ despite Jack telling her he was working, also that he was avoiding her and her son like the plague. Nothing he says convinces her, so he leaves. Lily arrives at the hospital to drop off cookies for the kids from Emma and finds Craig waiting to be seen by a doctor for a panic attack. Holden goes to the hospital to pick up Lily but she begs off, telling him she would feel better once she knows that Craig has seen a doctor. Holden goes back to the Lakeview and stops a guy from hitting on Julia, he and Julia getting cozier as the night progresses.

B&B by Leigh

At the Jackie M. party, Heather fixes another laced drink for Deacon, and calls Massimo to let him know Deacon was staring at a glass of champagne. Ridge tells Hector and Samantha (in front of Caitlin) that he's not happy that Thomas is with Amber. Caitlin looks unhappy seeing Thomas and Amber necking at the party. Ridge tells Caitlin everything would change between Amber and Thomas if she'd tell him how she feels about him. He tells her that if she doesn't risk it she may never know how Thomas feels about her. Ridge cuts in on Thomas to dance with Amber. Ridge sends Thomas to the patio, telling him that Caitlin has something she wants to tell him. Jackie introduces Dominick who is going to sing for the party, Nick sings, "Dancing in the moonlight." Deacon finishes off another drink and introduces Heather to the Spectra gang. Bridget tells Dominick that, "he's still there," Nick presses her about who she's talking about and finally she tells him that it's Ridge.

Days by Danielle

Billie insists that she and Patrick are going back to the DiMera castle despite Bo’s reservations. Bo asks Billie to wait until he is well enough to join her but Hope is against that idea. Hope accuses Billie of coming over because she wants Bo to go with her. Billie denies that claim. Hope is offended when Billie accuses her of not wanting them to find Georgia. Jennifer asks Patrick to refuse to go with Billie in hopes that then Billie won’t go and Bo won’t feel obligated to join her. Patrick insists that Billie will go whether anyone goes with her or not. Billie receives word that the Basic Black jet is unavailable so Billie is forced to postpone her trip. Billie refuses Hope’s suggestion of hiring a private investigator. After leading everyone to believe that Billie has decided to stay in town, she makes plans to leave on her own.

Philip is dressed for the wedding and waits at the church with Kate. Kate becomes worried when Philip suggests that Shawn could show up at the wedding and cause trouble. Shawn hesitates to talk to Jan before declaring that Philip and Belle getting married would be a big mistake. Jan prepares a drugged cocktail for Shawn and after some prodding he agrees to drink it. John calls in a favor from ISA Agent Sparrow in order to get more powerful medication. Agent Sparrow reluctantly gives John the medication but declares that their friendship is over. John injects himself with the stronger medication. John surprises Belle by walking into the bride’s room at the church. Mimi tries a last ditch effort to get Belle to admit that she would rather be marrying Shawn by bringing out Caroline’s wedding dress. Mimi convinces Belle to call Shawn to talk but Jan finds the message first and is about to erase it when Shawn catches her and returns the call.

GH by Lisa

Courtney lies to Diego but later learns the entire truth about his parentage. Diego finds a badly beaten Maria. Lois tries to break things off with Alcazar to set an example for Brook Lynn but ends up kissing Alcazar instead. Brook Lynn fears what Diego might do. Jason and Sam talk about marriage. Luke, Skye, Dillon and Georgie set out to expose Helena.

GL by Leigh

Coop, Buzz, and Frank visit Harley in Jail. The brought her champagne to toast the New Year. JB snuck up on Tammy at the Beacon after talking he moved closer and closer to her and then kissed her. An extremely angry Cassie interrupted the kiss. RJ told Jeffrey that it was Edmund who hit him in the head with a shovel and started the barn fire, and Dinah confirmed that it was true. Dinah told Jeffrey that this was his chance to finally have Cassie. Edmund asked, and Josh agreed to be his best man. Billy told Josh about hiring Harris to rough up Phillip. He told Josh he did this because Phillip had been blackmailing him because he was trying to have Olivia deported.

OLTL by Janice

Evangeline goes to Roxy's to get a manicure for a big New Year's Eve date with John. Natatlie is already there. They get into a verbal slugfest about John. Evangeline tells Natalie to stay away from John. Natalie tells her that she's insecure and leaves. John and Antonio begin to repair the damage to their friendship. Chris overhears John ask Antonio how he's doing and gets upset. He tells John to leave him and Natalie alone. Jessica and Kevin have lunch and Jessica thinks that Kevin still has feelings for Kelly. Kelly and Blair team up to try to find answers to where Todd has gone. Jen and Riley are interrupted after their lovemaking by Rex who tells them he's leaving town. Margaret holds a gun on the doctor, but manages to convince him not to call the police in exchange for a sizable donation to his clinic. Todd regains consciousness and asks the doctor to help him.

Passions by Boo

The D.N.A. test proves that Theresa is the mother of the baby. Gwen is devastated and is convinced that Ethan will leave her now too. Theresa and Ethan bond as they admire their new daughter. At the church, the ceremony finally begins after Father Lonigan scolds Eve for threatening her sister’s life in the church. The ceremony gets interrupted by a woman that needs the father to give her dad last rites right away. Father Lonigan apologizes but rushes off to perform the rites. Rebecca manages to get the poison in a drink that Eve is about to drink.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Nick spent New Year's Eve alone in their house, not talking about work and reflecting on the year they'd lived. Despite desiring romance, they were both exhausted and fell asleep early. Dru blasted Malcolm for wanting a paternity test and putting her family in jeopardy. He refused to back down and warned her not to waste time. Neil told Malcolm he intended to rebuild their broken bond in the new year. Neil and Dru toasted to a year of happy changes together. JT lured Colleen to her Father's house where everyone surprised her with a birthday bash. Daniel told Lily the year would bring good changes for both of them. Malcolm phoned Lily and told her he was looking forward to 2005. JT received kisses from both Colleen and Mackenzie. Daniel apologized to Colleen for any trouble he'd caused her and JT last summer before she moved to NY. Jack and Phyllis were stranded in a snowbank after swerving off the road en route to ice-skating. They stayed in the back seat of his car, under a blanket, just holding each other. Phyllis said she wanted to take whatever was beginning between them very slowly. Jack agreed.

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