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AMC by Jenn

Jonathan reveals to Ryan and Greenlee that he doesn't want them to give up the Cambias fortune to Miranda, although they are simply carrying out what Alexander Cambias Sr. directed in his Will. It sounds like Jonathan just wants the money for himself. Reggie informs Maggie that he knows Jonathan has prevented her from being with Bianca. When Maggie confronts Jonathan about that, he becomes abusive and slaps her.

Kendall goes to talk to JR, asking if he had anything to do with Bianca's accident. He confirms to her that he'd never hurt Bianca but had "difficulty" giving up Bess. She agrees with him that the pain he's feeling now about that, as well as what Bianca went through believing Miranda was dead, is solely the fault of Babe. And it sounds like she will help him go after Babe if she ever shows her face in Pine Valley again.

ATWT by Linda

Jessica finds evidence that Ben wasn’t responsible for Aaron’s paralysis but the anesthesiologist, Dr. Winters, who negligently gave Aaron 100 mg of Dopamine instead of 10 mg. Aaron overhears her talking to Dr. Winters and when the doctor blows him off, Aaron lays him out. Jessica tells a relieved Bob and Ben about her discovery but Bob is sad that he can’t reinstate Ben because of his confession about tampering with the drug test. Ben is thankful he’s cleared, but not thankful enough to take Jessica back. Bob explains to Aaron that it wasn’t Ben’s fault and Aaron tries to get a hold of Curtis to apologize, to no avail. He and Alison decide to plan their New Year’s eve. Paul confronts Emily and she denies having anything to do with what’s happening at Fairwinds, telling Paul to leave, which he does. She decides to find Hal herself, Paul sneaking in and finding the receipt for the doll. He later meets Will in the alley with a video tape, telling his brother that he has all the evidence they need to prove that Emily was the one responsible. Julia is mad at Jack for being tied up with his police work and not being able to meet JJ as he’d promised. When JJ throws a fit, Holden sees it and brings him a cowboy hat, explaining to the boy about how hard it is for Jack to be a policeman. JJ is cheered up after Holden promises to take him riding again, Julia and Holden enjoying a drink when Jack walks in.

B&B by Leigh

At the Jackie M. party, Deacon makes a toast to Jackie. Dominick tells Ridge that he's at the party to support Jackie at the request of Massimo. Outside, Massimo picks up Heather, she tells him that Deacon is having the laced drink she prepared for him. Massimo gives her additional alcohol to lace his future drinks, "on an accelerated schedule." Amber becomes upset watching Caitlin and Thomas talk. Brooke watches as Ridge swoops Bridget outside saving her from a conversation with Deacon and Jackie. Ridge and Bridget have an intimate talk and she begins to cry. Ridge goes to get her water and she imagines that he takes her in his arms and they begin to dance, she pulls away and tells him that he got under her skin, and she can't get past what they had, they move closer to each other and are about to kiss when Brooke wakes her from her daydream, telling her Ridge said she wanted some water.

Days by Danielle

Jennifer and Hope talk about Abby, Shawn, and Bo and Billie’s quest for Georgia. Hope worries that the possibility of Georgia being alive is all a hoax put into motion years ago by the DiMeras in an effort to ruin her marriage to Bo. Billie is convinced that Georgia’s adoptive parents are on the DiMera payroll and are using Georgia as part of an evil plan against her and Bo. Patrick agrees that it’s possible that the DiMera organization could still be carrying out Tony’s orders. Billie finds an encrypted file that includes coordinates close to the DiMera castle and Patrick insists on going with her. Bo is against the idea of Billie traveling with Patrick.

Alice helps Shawn realize that he’d normally talk to Belle about his feelings. Shawn finds the wedding invitation that was delivered to Alice and thinks about what to do next. Alice asks Tom to help Shawn see whom he truly loves. Kate enlists the help of her sons, Rex, Lucas, and Philip to cover some of the wedding preparations. Mimi brings Belle to the bride’s room at the church to remind her of her plan to wear Caroline’s wedding dress when she married Shawn. Belle insists that she can’t wear the dress and avoids admitting that she still loves Shawn. Philip begins to question whether they should bag the fancy wedding and opt for a simple private ceremony. Plans resume when Kate convinces Philip that Belle would want her wedding day to be extravagant and memorable. Sami is still upset that Belle is getting married first. Kate sends Eugenia over to the psychic hotline to monitor Sami’s calls with Marguerite. After Marguerite tells Sami that she senses drama and upheaval around Belle’s wedding, Sami agrees to attend. Celeste is drawn to St. Luke’s church when she receives the invitation to Belle and Philip’s wedding. Celeste senses a bad omen when the invitation bursts into flames but then is suddenly extinguished and restored to normal. Celeste hears the sounds of a disaster happening at the wedding as she is leaving the church.

GH by  Amanda

Carly is upset by Durante representing her. She doesn't want to get money- but she does want the power he can offer. Sam and Jason begin planning their life with Bridget's baby, though when she learns more about them, she has some qualms. Lucky tackles Connor when they find him and he tries to run. Alexis and Ric spar as they try to move in together. Making up seems to be something they enjoy. Alcazar confronts Steve at Carly's. He's there because John invited him over to warn him off. Carly convinces Sonny to let her have what she wants. Connor agrees to help Emily and Lucky.

GL by Boo

Gus and Frank break the news to Buzz that Harley has been arrested for Phillips murder. Gus swears to find the real killer and get Harley off. Alan is upset when Gus chooses to stick by Harley instead of choosing the Spauldings. Dinah tells R.J. about Edmund hitting Jeffrey over the head with the shovel and then starting the fire. Later she tells Jeffrey that she heard a rumor that Cassie called off the wedding. Cassie and Tammy have a talk and it looks like Tammy is starting to bond with her mother again. Jonathan pays a visit to the farm and finds the master key for the Beacon. Later he uses it to let himself into Tammy and Cassie’s room and shocks Tammy when she enters the room.

OLTL by Janice

Michael apologizes to Marcie for the things he said during their fight the previous day. He tells her he loves her. Marcie tells him that she is still not over Al and it's best if they call it quits. Jenn and Riley make love. Dorian is determined to get revenge on Viki. She enlists David to take compromising pictures of Viki with a half-clothed college student. David takes a picture of Viki with Mark as he thanks her for supporting his "coming out." Viki tries to convince Kelly to tell Kevin where Ace is. Kelly begs Viki to leave it alone or else a lot of people will be hurt. Starr is furious that Blair has plastered Todd's picture on the front page of The Sun with the headline "COWARD". Starr is convinced that something has happened to Todd because he would never walk out on her and Jack. Kelly offers to help Blair find the answers to Todd's disappearance. Margaret takes Todd to a doctor who discovers the bullet wounds. As the doctor walks over to call the police, Margaret takes a gun out of her purse.

Passions by Boo

A few more people hear Eve say that she wishes Liz were dead. Rebecca finds the poison she is looking for in the hospital pharmacy storage room. Theresa and Gwen get the D.N.A. results and both looked shocked when they read them. Paloma arranges for Katherine and Martin to be able to see the wedding without Sheridan and Luis knowing they are there. Beth decides to send a flower arrangement with a card from Sheridan’s mother instead of straight out telling her who her mother is. Sheridan gets ready for the wedding and starts to open the card at the end of the show. 

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

When Phyllis stopped by to visit Jack, he surprised her with a massage and an invite to spend New Year's Eve together, which she accepted. Malcolm demanded Neil back off and leave him alone. Lily promised Neil she'd try to win Malcolm over. Malcolm took photos of Lily, but got weirded out when she asked if she reminded him of Dru. She ran off when it was obvious she'd upset him. Olivia warned Dru that Malcolm wanted a paternity test done, and suggested they get it over with. Dru told her to send away for a kit. Malcolm told Dru that he definitely wanted the test, now. JT told Mac that Kevin could not be trusted, ever. Kevin refused to open up to Mac about what had happened with Colleen. Mac was disappointed, but still agreed to meet him later at the coffeehouse. Victor asked Nick to be there for Nikki, as he'd done something that was likely to upset her. Bobby confronted Nikki with his knowledge of her involvement in Joshua's death. He wasn't able to forgive her and went off to be alone. Nikki later blasted Victor for betraying her, while Bobby took comfort in Brittany's arms after listening to her sing a love ballad.

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