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AMC by Jenn

After Bianca's woken up, she tells Jack that realizing Miranda has no grandfather, she wants him to be her grandpa. Kendall, Reggie, Lily, Greenlee and Ryan all introduce themselves to Miranda. Everybody sees this as a Christmas miracle. And Bianca informs her family that it was not just Miranda who brought her back. It was all of them. Babe and Jamie find out that Bianca is ok and Miranda is back with her. But they are still worried about JR coming after them and finding out about his son.

ATWT by Linda

Alison tells Will he needs to confide in someone so he tells Paul about Emily. Meanwhile Barbara is busy telling Emily to say that she was behind Roseanna’s haunting but when Emily goes upstairs and Barbara is busy fixing her more “tea,” Alison comes in making Barbara drop the tea cup and bottle of the drug, shattering them in the sink. When Emily returns, she tells Alison she’s feeling better just as an escort comes to take Barbara for a two-day court examination. Paul reassures Will that he believes him and then confronts Emily. Rafi and Lucy are completely sealed into the mineshaft and after Rafi confesses his love for her, they become intimate. Bud dies as Margo arrives, her only allowing Jordan and Dusty to be escorted to Walsh mansion and then to the police station. Once at Lucinda’s, Dusty receives a call from Dominic telling him that he’s an hour away from Lucy and Rafi – Jordan punches out the cop so Dusty can take off to rescue them. Mike and Jennifer figure out what Henry and Katie have been doing and despite Katie finally telling the truth, plus her desperate pleas, Mike runs back to Jennifer leaving Katie devastated.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke tells Bridget that she saw her watching her with Ridge, and that she knows she's thinking about Deacon. Ridge tells Bridget she should come along to the party so that Deacon can see he doesn't get to her anymore. Bridget declines the invitation. Massimo gives Heather instructions about how to give Deacon the alcohol. It's odorless and tasteless. Massimo has gotten Heather a job as Deacon's assistant. Massimo asks Dominick to go to the Jackie M. party to keep an eye on Jackie, and for his peace of mind. Dominick asked Bridget to go to the Jackie M. party with him; he dragged her out of the house to be his date.

All the Spectra Couture and Forrester Creations people are there. Eric tells Sally that he's seen their sales figures and that they are quite impressive. Heather makes her appearance and introduces herself to Deacon as his new assistant. She starts off by offering to get him a drink he requests a non-alcoholic drink. After he drops the first one she quickly goes for another. Deacon takes the microphone and welcomes the guests and giving kudos to the sales records of both Forrester and Spectra. He then looks into Jackie's eyes and announces what a special woman she is and how he thanks God every day for her. Heather calls Massimo and tells him "mission accomplished." Dominic and Bridget arrive at the party, Dominic sees Jackie and Deacon caressing each other, and Bridget sees Brooke and Ridge doing the same. Brooke again sees Bridget stare at Ridge.

Days by Danielle

Bo and Hope question the validity of the PDA message but Billie insists that being able to trace the message back to an individual PDA is proof that it isn’t a hoax. Bo stands up to object and faints. Billie agrees to let Bo stay behind and to seek the help of the ISA. Rex and Mimi meet with the wedding planner since Belle is tending to John. Rex introduces himself to the wedding planner as Mimi’s fiancé. When questioned by Mimi about his introduction, Rex properly proposes on bended knee. Mimi accepts. Rex declares that his vow to Mimi would be about honesty, believing that Mimi could never keep a secret from him. Mimi is moved to tears at the sentiment but when Rex offers to elope to save money, Mimi declares that she can’t marry Rex until they talk.

John fantasizes about raiding Lexie’s bag for pain medication and stashing some away for later. John decides to attempt it for real but the opportunity is lost when Lexie returns to the room. Eugenia tells Kate about her plan to conveniently lose Sami’s annulment papers unless Sami can get someone high up to call in a favor. Sami decides to seek John’s help in rushing her annulment but instead is confronted by Belle about her Christmas card. Sami tries to get Belle to rethink marrying Philip and they argue about their respective weddings. John refuses Sami’s request for help. Philip receives orders that his Special Forces unit is being called up immediately. Sami gloats to Kate upon the news that Philip and Belle can’t get married as planned and dreams up a New Year’s Eve wedding. Kate turns the tables by suggesting to Belle and Philip that they have a New Year’s Eve wedding. Sami is offended when John gladly offers to make the calls for Belle and Philip’s wedding. Brady flashes back to chasing whom he believed to be Chloe through the church. In the flashback, Nancy lies about running into a girl who looked like Chloe. Nicole comes up with the idea to have Brady make a charitable donation to a family in need in Chloe’s name. Nancy implores Chloe to go after Brady before Nicole takes him away. Chloe sees Brady talking about the donation on the news but is shocked when the news cameras catch Brady and Nicole kissing.

GH by Lisa

Carly tries to bribe Steven's neighbor into allowing her to sublet the apartment. Steven's neighbor believes Carly is threatening her and calls the police. With Ric's help, Carly gets the apartment but Sonny refuses to allow Michael and Morgan to live there. Sam explains to Jason how Bridget let her have her baby. Sam expects to be able to keep Bridget's baby and raise it as her own with Jason, who remains skeptical that Bridget won't want her baby back eventually. Sam agrees to move back into Jason's penthouse. Sonny invites Jordan to spend New Year's Eve with him.

Durant informs Sonny and Jordan that he's representing Carly in the divorce. Luke is certain that Helena is still alive. Luke, Emily, Skye, Lucky and Elizabeth team up to lure Helena out of hiding and plan on using Connor as bait. Courtney punches Alcazar and gets a sample of his blood on her glove in the process. After taking a strand of Diego's hair, Courtney has a DNA test conducted and learns that Alcazar is Diego's father.

GL by Boo

Danny takes off in his plane to save Michelle but has engine problems. He calls Marina and Tony and tells Tony that he left a message for Tony to play to Robbie when he thinks the time is right. While Michelle wrestles with Sebastian, they hear a plane go down. Sebastian tests Holly by telling her where a gun is and for her to give it to him. She tries to shot him instead and is horrified to learn that the gun isn't loaded. Dinah and Cassie both try on wedding dresses at the same boutique. Cassie tells Edmund that she is going to stay at the Beacon until the ceremony. Reva finds out that Jonathan burned down his parents house, but still covers for him when Jeffrey tries to question him.

OLTL by Janice

Jennifer goes to see Chris to get his forgiveness for her past wrongs against him. He tells her that after his time on the boat, he can forgive her. She feels that she can now move on with Riley. Marcie is late again for work and Bo fires her. Her first phone call is to her agent. Michael overhears the conversation and is convinced that he and Marcie are no longer good for each other. He breaks it off with her. Antonio and Jessica confront each other about their relationships with Sonja and Tico. Antonio is hurt that she could just run off and marry Tico in a matter of days when she couldn't set a wedding date with him. She is upset that he could have had sex with Sonja. She married Tico, but she didn't sleep with him. Jessica is not ready to move forward to forgive. John tells Evangeline about his coatroom kiss with Natalie. She seems to understand that it was just an accident, but yet walks away from him. Chris agrees to seek counseling. Duke tells Kevin that he will never tell him where Ace is because Ace is better off without him as a father.

Passions by Boo

Sheridan throws Luis out into the snow with nothing but his underwear on to keep him from seeing her before the wedding. Gwen and Theresa both anxiously await hearing from the lab. Gwen goes to help Sheridan with wedding plans, while Ethan goes to help Luis. Sheridan and Gwen take a suit to Bethís house for Marty and tell Beth that they want Marty to be the ring bearer. Beth continues to plot on how to tell Sheridan and Luis that Mrs. Wheeler really is Katherine Crane. Edna points out to her that she canít be the one to tell them, or Luis will hate the messenger. Ethan finally gets a call from the lab. Theresa, Gwen and Ethan all head for the hospital.

Julian asks Rebecca for a divorce. She agrees quickly, telling him that she just wants him to be happy. Eve and Julian arrive at T.C.ís with Christmas presents for Simone and Whitney just after T.C. has asked Liz to marry him. Eve threatens to kill Liz for stealing everything from her. Rebecca takes a trip to the police station and after snooping through papers on Samís desk finds out the kind of poison that was used on Alistairís cigar.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Malcolm told Olivia that he planned to pursue the question of Lily's paternity. Neil harassed Malcolm about his job at the coffeehouse, prompting Malcolm to angrily lash out at Neil and remind him that they were different men and that too much time had passed for things to be 'normal'. Mac told JT that while she would attend Colleen's party, she wouldn't help plan it. Colleen was so upset after coming face to face with Kevin that she ran out of the club. Mac questioned Kevin, who wouldn't tell her the whole story, then left him alone. Michael and Lauren hoped Kevin's new year would bring positive changes. Kevin told them what had happened with Mac, and wondered if telling the truth would be his salvation. Michael and Lauren insisted he keep quiet. JT asked Brittany to help with the party, pointing out that he'd helped with her wedding. The two joked they'd forever be in each other's lives at this rate. Colleen reunited with Lily and Sierra, and wondered if JT was planning a birthday/news years bash. Victor stunned Bobby by revealing that Nikki had killed his brother as a child. Victor met with Ash, learned about Jabot's plans to declare bankruptcy, then insisted that he alone had the power and ability to save the company. Bobby began drinking, then smashed his glass against a wall at the ranch as he struggled to deal with the truth of Joshua's murder.

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