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AMC by Jenn

Tad, Jack, Erica and Aiden catch JR before he takes Bess/Miranda away. He is devastated not only to lose his baby but that his own father betrayed him by getting the DNA test behind his back. At the hospital everybody is in awe and disbelief that the baby everybody believed was Bess Chandler is really Miranda Montgomery. Erica takes Miranda to see her unconscious daughter, right before Bianca is ready to have to be hooked up to artificial life support or die. Finally, Bianca wakes up and holds Miranda.

ATWT by Linda

Katie and Henry come up with another scheme to try to woo Mike away from Jennifer but when Jennifer finds out that the reason Henry asked to talk with her was so Katie could be alone with Mike, she calls him on it. Craig demands to find out what Sierra knows about Lucy’s disappearance and is devastated to learn that his daughter was searching for him when her plane went down. Dusty and Jordan go back to the gym to meet with Bud, instead finding him shot in the belly and stuffed into a locker. Before the ambulance gets there he’s only able to utter two words – Saw Tooth. Jordan says that’s a range of mountains in Idaho. Lucy and Rafi grow closer while they remember their childhood together. Their reverie is cut short when the mine begins to cave in on them.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget stops and stares at Brooke and Ridge, who are kissing on the sofa. Brooke sees Bridget and they give each other an odd look. Alone with Bridget, Ridge questions her about not telling Brooke that she's cancelled her engagement. They reminisce about the time when Bridget lived there with him and the kids. Ridge tells her that she helped him through the toughest time of his life and he wants to be there for her like she was for him. They're holding hands when Brooke walks in, while Brooke and Ridge are talking Brooke sees Bridget's reflection in a mirror and that she was watching them.

Jackie and Deacon are in bed and she tells him she doesn't regret her life with him and she's content. Deacon puts the breaks on Jackie's advances because of the big Jackie M. party that's scheduled. Jackie is thrilled by the party setup Deacon has accomplished. Deacon tells her he's going to make an announcement at the party. Looking at Jackie's picture Massimo says to himself that she's lost her way. Massimo has an assignment for Heather that he wouldn't trust to anyone else. He gives Heather a small bottle laced with alcohol saying that tonight is the beginning of the end for Deacon Sharpe.

Days by Danielle

Shawn wakes from a night of drinking and is surprised when the first thing Jan offers him is another drink. Jan tries to impress Hope with store bought cookies but Hope demands that Jan take back Shawn’s motorcycle gift. Hope finds out about Bo’s wound and Billie’s medical assistance. Upset over being not told about Bo’s gash, Hope demands that Bo stay in Salem. Hope worries that this could be a last plot from Tony but Bo insists on going after Georgia. Bo develops an infection from the wound and Hope makes him stay in bed. Bo and Shawn argue about their respective relationships. Shawn deals with his anger by downing more drinks and turning to Jan for sexual comfort. Billie enlists Rex’s help in tracking the message from Georgia on her PDA. Billie rushes to Bo with the news that it was proven to be real.

Belle finds the Christmas card that Sami sent John featuring a picture of Roman and Marlena with the inscription, Go to Hell! John confronts Belle about not being over Shawn. Belle rationalizes her decision to marry Philip. Philip seeks Kate’s opinion on his choice of Belle’s wedding ring. The confidential envelope turns out to be Philip’s orders for duty. Upon reading them, Philip declares that he can’t marry Belle. Lucas gets upset when he overhears Kate’s true feelings about Sami. He warns her that while she doesn’t have to be for their relationship, she shouldn’t work against it. Sami comes face to face with Eugenia behind the counter when she goes to the county clerk to file her annulment papers. Eugenia claims she is working there because she needed the money. Eugenia makes Sami wait to have the annulment filed. Sami seeks Father Antonio and Julie’s help with moving the annulment through but they both turn her down. Julie suggests to Sami that her dreaming about Brandon is a sign that Brandon is the one Sami really wants. Sami is offended when she receives a cheap basket of rotten fruit from John. Julie reminds Sami that John is the only one who can help move her annulment through faster.

GH by Amanda

Courtney rescues Diego and Brooke from assault and they share their suspicions about his father. Jax promises Brooke, after Diego leaves, to try and dissuade Diego. Steven comes over to Sonny's to check on Carly and flirt. Sonny does not like Steven's attention to Carly. From Lucky, Luke gets reprimanded for his self pity; then Skye tries to cheer him. Luke is sure Helena is alive, giving Emily hope. When Jordan sees Carly living with Sonny until her cottage is repaired, she questions the divorce's wisdom.

GL by Sarah

Tony's search for a pilot leads him to Danny and Marina. Danny tne leaves Tony and Marina behind to search for Michelle.

Lizzie and Coop flirt and make plans for a date as Buzz and Alan protest. Beth thinks they may be the ones to break the Spaulding-Cooper war. Beth tells Alan that she's having nightmares about Phillip and admits she would do anything to protect her children. Harley and Gus continue to bond until Frank announces that he's arresting Harley for Phillip's murder. Harley admits that she doesn't know if she's guilty.

OLTL by Janice

Dorian finds Blair and her penthouse dirty and disheveled. She orders her staff to come to Blair’s to pick up. She orders Blair and Starr to get themselves cleaned up. Then she and Starr go out food shopping. While they are gone, Blair calls Mrs. Bigelow. They try to determine where Todd could have gone. Dorian brings Addie back to the penthouse with her. Addie goes on and on about a woman asking about Blair’s wedding. Blair starts to think about who the woman could have been that was so interested in her big day. Meanwhile, Todd is discovered in the snow by Margaret. She brings him back to the cabin and attempts to warm him up so that they can get started on making a baby. At Llanfair, Viki finds an empty liquor bottle hidden in the garage. Jessica thinks it might have been Christian. Natalie comes downstairs to get aspirin for Chris’s headache. She is upset that Jess is quick to blame Chris for everything. Nat and Viki talk. Viki suggests maybe Chris needs to see a psychiatrist to discuss the ordeal he has gone through. Nat goes back upstairs to broach the subject with Chris and finds Jess in the room with him. Chris rushes out of the house at Natalie’s suggestion of a counselor. She goes to Bo to try to talk with him about Chris. At the station, Bo is gone, but John offers her a shoulder to cry on. Evangeline watches them together. The newspaper picture of Nora and Daniel kissing is the big talk of the station. Daniel tells Bo that he is in love with Nora. Nora is embarrassed to walk in on that conversation. Evangeline and Antonio meet to go over strategy to get him off the hook as Tico’s killer. Antonio has absolutely no alibi, but Evangeline vows to find something. Jessica comes in to talk with Carlotta, but finds Antonio instead. He asks her to have lunch with him. She reluctantly agrees.

Passions by Boo

Theresa and Gwen learn that the test results are in, but they will not learn the outcome until the next day as the lab is closed for Christmas. Ethan tries to pull some strings to rush it up, but to no avail. Sam and Luis come to the rescue of Tabitha, Edna, Precious, and Rebecca by shooting Norma with a tranquilizer. Tabitha plants the seeds of poisoning Eve with the same poison that was used on Alistair’s cigar in Rebecca’s mind. Chad, Whitney and Fox join Eve and Julian for Christmas dinner. Whitney still makes it clear to her mother that she will never forgive her. Sheridan visits Alistair in his hospital room and tells him that even though he blames her for her mother’s death and hates her so much, she still wishes him a Merry Christmas. She is happy that he can’t stop her wedding this time since he is still in a coma. Katherine offers her a bible to carry down the aisle. She tells Sheridan that her mother carried it on her wedding day. Sheridan tells her that she never wants to see her again. Beth shares with Edna her plan for exposing Mrs. Wheeler as Katherine.

Y&R By Christopher

Daniel admitted to still having strong feelings for Mac, but realized that Kevin was developing a crush on her. Mac admitted to Kevin that she was bothered by the return of JT's ex-girlfriend. Kevin was uncomfortable with the idea of Colleen being back in town, but didn't tell Mac the specifics of why. Instead, he invited her to a workout, followed by lunch, at The Athletic Club. JT apologized for forgetting Colleen's birthday and convinced her to join him at the club for a workout. There, she believed he'd planned a surprise party, but he insisted he hadn't. Jack told Jill he planned to accept Kay's job offer, and insisted he'd like Jill to join him at C.I. Kay was thrilled when Jack accepted, but put forth the stipulation that Jill never be involved in the company. Though Jack hated the idea, he accepted the job regardless. Gloria lashed out at Ash and Brad for putting John under undue stress with their failure to save Jabot. Ash told her to shut up and get out, and John warned Ash never to speak to his wife that way again. Nikki was too distracted to attend Jabot's board meeting. The board decided - reluctantly - that they had to file for bankruptcy. Ash blamed herself for failing John. Nikki told Paul she could never reveal the truth to Bobby now that she knew his fantasy about his brother being alive had gotten him through his most difficult years. Bobby begged Victor to tell him how he was connected to Nikki's melancholic mood. Victor reluctantly agreed to tell him the truth.

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