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AMC by Jenn

Erica, Jack, Tad, Adam and Stuart try to motivate JR to do the right thing and give Miranda back to Bianca. But when he has a moment alone with her he bolts. But then he gets visited by the priest who met Bianca last year and recently met Kendall. Bianca is almost ready to need life support. Everybody prays for her acknowledging that she is the one person in all of their lives who is loved by everybody.

ATWT by Linda

Carly, Jack, Parker and Sage enjoy Christmas morning even though Julia called and said JJ was having trouble and Hal asked Jack to come back to work. Jack told Hal yes and asked if Holden would mind going to the farm early to help with JJ. When Holden and Luke got there, they took JJ for a horse ride and lifted his spirits so he’d open his presents. Lily walks in on Julia giving Holden a thankful hug, Lily becoming suspicious of Julia’s intentions. Jack arrives and JJ is first stiff but then gives Jack a great big hug, telling him about his presents. Katie intentionally burns dinner and Jennifer volunteers to cook, Katie trying to take advantage of a Jenniferless Mike. She’s thwarted and Jennifer is toasted for her cooking and her kindness much to Katie’s chagrin. Bud lets Dusty and Jordan out, promising to try and find out what he can from Dominic where the plane went down. Lucinda talks with Hal about starting an official search for Lucy and Rafi. Sierra talks with Brother Francis at the monastery and he confesses to telling Craig she was behind the kidnapping. When Craig tries to lock Sierra in the same cell he was in, she tells him that Lucy is in danger and he lets her out, following her to the Lakeview where they meet with Dusty and Jordan. Dusty flat refuses to tell Craig anything but it slips out that Lucy and Rafi might be dead. Lucinda comes in with Hal who tells them that the authorities in Idaho received a distress call from Lucy and have dispatched search planes. Rafi recovers as he and Lucy hear a plane. They try again with the radio and then go out and uncover the help signal they made with wood. Just when they confirm that they’re talking with rescuers, they hear the pilot’s distress call and witness his plane go down.

B&B by Leigh

Darla and Thorne are spending Christmas with Sally and Clarke. Ridge shows up at Thorne's house, and lets him know that their parents are spending Christmas alone. Thorne announces that there's been a change of plans.

Stephanie and Eric are at home alone. Drinking eggnog, and Eric plays the piano and sings to Stephanie, trying to cheer her up. There's a knock at their door, all of the people from Thorne's house and Ridge's house arrive except for Thorne and Ridge. Eric and Stephanie are thrilled. Soon after Thorne and Ridge come into the house together. Stephanie cries as she hugs them both. Ridge tells Eric and Stephanie that it was Amber that changed their minds, because she let them know what was going on. Stephanie tells her that one day when she has her own family she'll realize what an incredible gift she's given. Hector, Samantha and Caitlin stopped by too. Together they sing a Christmas carol. Stephanie thanks everyone for coming and bringing the Christmas spirit to their house, and how lucky they all are to share this moment. Eric plays on the piano, and they all sing, "I'll Be Home For Christmas."

Days by Danielle

Chloe refuses to let Brady know that she is alive, despite Nancy’s wishes. Chloe comes close to being spotted when she stops at the church to light a candle. Kate has helped John by picking out gifts for his family. Since they are now living together, their families gather together at John’s penthouse for Christmas. Sami finds her picture hidden away in the drawer and can’t stand the idea of spending the holidays around Kate, John, and Belle. John gives Belle a string of pearls once belonging to Marlena’s mother, that Marlena had wanted Belle to wear on her wedding day. Brady brings Nicole to the gathering, despite everyone else’s wishes. John is determined to walk again before Belle’s wedding. Bo surprises his family by showing up at the front door, dressed as Santa Claus. Bo explains that he was able to hitch a ride on a US Air Force flight. The Horton family gathers at Alice’s house. Tensions are raised when Shawn lashes out at Bo for running around Europe with Billie after Bo confronts him about his recent behavior with Jan. Everyone except Shawn tries to make Billie feel welcome at the gathering but she decides that she is out of place and leaves. The Horton tradition of placing ornaments personalized with everyone’s name on the tree is interrupted when Bonnie’s oversized ornament makes the entire tree fall down.

Everyone gathers at St. Luke’s for midnight mass except for Jennifer, Maggie, Bonnie, Mickey, Patrick, Doug, and Julie. The latter group heads to University Hospital for the children’s party. Mickey dresses up as Santa Claus while Maggie and Bonnie dress as elves. Jennifer reads aloud the story of Christmas from the bible to the children of the hospital. At the church, Billie receives a PDA message that reads “Merry Christmas, Mom. Love, Georgia.” A man arrives at the church with an envelope marked confidential and feels that once this news is received it will ruin Christmas for so many people. Alice delivers a special Christmas message to viewers.

GH by Amanda

Most of PC's residents are in for surprises. Jax does not suspect Courtney or Jason of fooling around when he checks on her welfare. Steve readily agrees to let Carly go home. Then he and John are dismayed when she says she is going to Sonny's. Sonny is worried about Alexis' lateness. He puts Jason on the search patrol, Jax insists on helping. She and Ric continue to bicker over being lost. Jax's copter finds Alexis. Lucky and Liz give Em and Nik a Christmas surprise. The Q's arrive for the Christmas story reading. Steven prevents John from picking up a whore for Christmas. Nik goes to prison. Kristina's christening occurs.

GL by Sarah

Harley and Frank accidentally break the star on the Christmas. Zach believes that Phillip is using a star to watch him so Harley goes on a mission to find another star. She encounters Bill who cuts his hand trying to help her. Bill encounters a doctor on his way to Ravenwood who helps him get to Olivia.

Harley knocks the Beacon's tree down and Cassie takes her to Reva's to find a star. Edmund and Tammy encounter Jonathon and Josh where Jonathon departs for Farley's, giving the family a chance to bond over songs. Roxy the dog is missing placing Coop and Lizzie together. Gus finds Roxy and encounters Harley. Roxy has a star around her neck with Harley uses for the tree. Gus and Harley share a wonderful kiss.

Happy Holidays everyone!

OLTL by Janice

Carlotta is ecstatic that Christian is home, but she sees something in his eyes that worries her. Chris and Natalie leave to go to the Love Center Christmas Party. Antonio and Carlotta talk. Antonio calls Carlotta “mommy” and tells her that he missed her. Carlotta is thrilled that she has both of her sons home. They go on to the party as well and run into RJ. Antonio tells him that he’ll take Jamie home with him now, but RJ refuses to give her up. Carlotta tells Antonio to leave it alone for now – don’t ruin Jamie’s Christmas. Natalie is visibly disappointed with the earrings that Chris gives her. He promises that she will get a painting as soon as it’s done. Daniel plays Santa at the party. Matthew tells Nora that he wants her and Bo to stop fighting. Michael tells John to take the night off and be with Evangeline for Christmas Eve, so he too shows up at the party. Evangeline is pleased that he came. They decide to meet in the coatroom in a few minutes. John goes there first to surprise her and turns the lights out. Natalie comes in to get her and Christian’s coats. John grabs her, thinking she’s Evangeline, and kisses her. John quickly apologizes, but Natalie hurries to get their coats to leave. John has a strange look on his face when Evangeline comes in after and doesn’t realize what happened. Dorian believes that Viki cost her her job, so she’s determined to make sure Viki loses hers. Blair doesn’t go into the party with the rest of her family. She sits outside in the cold visualizing Todd and Blair together. She warns her dream Blair not to believe anything Todd says. Meanwhile, Todd has escaped from the cabin, but he collapses in the snow. He manages to make a sign, “help me Blair”, out of twigs before he loses consciousness. Kevin finds Kelly at the mansion in Ace’s room. She begs him to let her take some of Ace’s belongings so she’ll have something to remember him by. She reminds him that she’ll never have another child, but he still has Duke. She tells him to get to know Duke before he loses him too. Nigel and Roxy come to the mansion for dinner. Asa is hostile towards them. As a Christmas present, Nigel gives Roxy the deed to the hotel, saying that the only job for him is working for Asa – if Asa will ask him back nicely.

Passions by Boo

Chad gives Whitney a Christmas present and tells her that he would like to be the godfather of her child. Theresa gets away with sneaking in and out of little Ethan’s bedroom to visit with him for a bit. She then goes to the park and pretends to be Santa in order to see him again. Julian and Eve give Pilar her house back as a Christmas present. Paloma finally shows a soft spot for her mother. Beth sees the birthmark that proves that Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane. Norma chases Tabitha, Edna, Precious, and Rebecca around Tabitha’s house wielding an axe. Theresa, Gwen and Ethan receive letters from the lab.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Victor urged Nikki to tell Bobby the truth about his dead brother to finally give herself some peace of mind. Bobby told Nikki that he had always fantasized that his brother was alive and they'd someday reunite. Nikki burst into tears and fled the room. Bobby questioned Victor, insisting that he was somehow connected to Nikki's out-of-whack emotions and needed to know how. Mac learned that Colleen had visited JT for Christmas Eve. When Brittany heard the news, she taunted Mac, insisting that it was only a matter of time before JT and Colleen reunited and slept together. Colleen told Brad she could afford to spend some time in GC to be there for him during the separation from Ash. JT and Brad decided to throw Colleen a surprise birthday party, and JT later pretended to have forgotten the occasion. Christine and Paul worried their case for Damon was going nowhere. Phyllis was shocked to learn Damon's ex-wife was in town. Damon told Adrienne about the evidence that could clear Phyllis. Adrienne told him to save himself instead. Phyllis begged Adrienne to tell her if Damon had said anything about secret evidence. Adrienne refused to answer Phyllis' questions. Nick's harsh attitude about Neil quitting, and about needing to work late at NE, left Sharon feeling like she was dealing with the next Victor Newman.

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