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AMC by Jenn

The DNA results reveal 99.9% certainty that the baby is Bianca's. Adam Chandler still does not know how to tell his son. Tad warns him that no matter what he does, JR is in major denial and will stop at nothing to keep the baby. Bianca is slipping into a deeper coma and Maria can tell that she no longer has a will to live. A ton of people go to pray for her and acknowledge how she's touched all of their lives. Kendall accidentally winds up at the same chapel Bianca was at a year ago and talks to the same priest who seems to know them both.

ATWT by Linda

Rafi gets bitten by the snake, Lucy using all her first aid knowledge to help save him. He passes out and Lucy asks God to save him. Dusty walks in on Dominic right after he shoots the pilot and tries to talk him into leaving Oakdale. When Dominic refuses, Jordan comes in and Dominic and Bud shove both of them into lockers, locking up the gym for the Christmas holiday. Jennifer makes Katie aware of how in love her an Mike are while they decorate Katie’s tree, Katie telling Henry after Mike and Jennifer leave that Jennifer has no idea what she’s in for. Margo and Craig go to the monastery and Brother Francis tells them that Sierra is behind his kidnapping.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke and Ridge invite Massimo and Dominick to spend Christmas with them. The two were enjoying a "Bachelor's Christmas," but jumped at the chance to spend it with them. Massimo was able to meet, for the first time, his grandson R.J. The kids were thrilled to see both of them.

Stephanie sulked a bit about being alone for Christmas, Eric wanted to go and visit Thorne and Ridge, but Stephanie insisted they not do that. They took toys to the kids at the firehouse for the toy-drive. Thomas, Caitlin, Samantha and Hector were there giving out toys. Back home, Amber overhears Stephanie and Eric talking about the kids not being with them for Christmas. Amber calls Ridge and tells him that Stephanie and Eric are alone. Ridge tells Amber, "We're on our way." He tells Brooke that they're taking the show on the road ... to his parents.

Days by Danielle

It is Christmas Eve in Salem. Jack uses a bent fork to free himself from the shackles but Tony catches him before he can escape. Tony allows Jack to see clips of Patrick spending the holidays with Jennifer, leaving Jack more determined to get back home to his family. Hope helps Jennifer wrap the rest of her presents before heading home. Abby tries to sneak out but then decides to call a truce with Jennifer. Bo calls Hope with the news that he can’t use the corporate jet to get home because it has engine problems. Hope holds on to the hope that Bo will make it home in time for Christmas and their anniversary. Billie asks Kate for another jet but Kate urges Billie to take advantage of being stranded with Bo. While in the airport, Bo dreams of meeting an old man named Wenceslas who acts like Santa Claus and tells Bo to believe in miracles. Kate arrives at John’s penthouse, ready to move in. A small desk clock listed as being from Marlena arrives but unknown to them, holds a hidden camera that Tony uses to show Marlena and Roman how close John and Kate are getting. Sami can’t get her mind off of Brandon, seeing him in the paper and even accidentally saying Brandon instead of bacon when ordering breakfast. The slip leads to a fight and Lucas storming out but later Lucas comes back and gives Sami her Christmas present of a silver heart necklace with a beautiful inscription.

GH by Lisa

Steven makes a confession to Carly and then tells her how he feels about her. Sonny sees Steven and Carly's closeness. The police arrives at the cabin and brings Nikolas, Emily, Lucky and Elizabeth back to the police station. Nikolas prepares to be transferred back to prison.

Mac suspends Lucky from the police force. Luke has Laura committed to Shadybrook. Luke tells Skye that he came back for her and they embrace. Georgie puts up a brave front after learning that Dillon has been accepted to a college in California. Ric and Alexis seek shelter in a shack where they argue but then make up.

GL by Sarah

Reva learns she won't be spending Christmas with Marah, Shane or Cassie. She confronts Jonathan about the tux he ordered. Michelle sees Maureen as Sebastian and Holly get closer and closer. Danny and Marina fly to the island and learn that Michelle and Tony were together there. Beth tells Gus to accept that Ruth is guilty while Frank and Harley decide to put their problems behind them for Christmas.

OLTL by Janice

Kelly meets with Kevin and tries to convince him that she did the right thing by giving Ace back to his real mother. She refuses to tell the identity of Ace’s mother. Kevin taunts her, but she doesn’t break. She tells him they need to mourn the loss of their real son that died. She also tells Kevin that she never stopped loving him. John does some investigating and ends up at the chapel at the same time Antonio and Jessica are there to sign paperwork to allow Tico’s body to go back to Spain. Jessica starts to remember more pieces of the night Tico died. She remembers gloved hands pulling at the top plug and then the bottom plug. Christian asks Antonio for money to buy a present for Christmas for Natalie. Natalie, convinced that Chris is painting a picture for her, arranges for Carlotta to come home for Christmas. Chris, unable to raw anything at all on his canvas, hides the present he bought for Nat. She starts to massage his neck because it’s so tense and notices scars behind his ears. Chris says he got them from the boat. He comes downstairs and Carlotta is shocked to see her son standing there. All she wants to do is hug and touch him. David and Dorian try to cheer up Blair and the kids. Starr gives Jack one of her old stuffed frogs – a magic frog. When you talk to him, it’s like talking to Daddy. Jack tells the frog that he misses him. Blair gives Starr a snow globe and she throws it across the room shattering it into hundreds of pieces. At the cabin, Margaret is trying to get Todd to sleep with her. While Margaret is in the other room, Todd gets her purse and sneaks some pain medicine out of it. She comes in with a glass of champagne and while she’s out of the room, Todd slips the drugs into her champagne. Just as she’s lying on top of Todd, trying to kiss him, she passes out. Todd manages to slip out from under her. He pulls the skis out from behind his bed and heads straight for the door.

Passions by Shirley

Beth is still searching for Mrs. Wheeler's true identity and she pays a call on Tabitha to pick her brain for more information. Tabby gives her plenty to think about and a new clue to look for. Sheridan and Luis are happily awaiting their wedding day, but Sheridan is given a clue by Santa's elf that she doesn't catch the meaning of. Theresa goes to new heights to be with her son on Christmas Eve, and Ethan looks the other way.

Tabitha's curiosity gets the best of her and her Christmas surprise really does surprise her. Eve and TC are finally divorced, but while Eve is devastated, Liz is thrilled, and TC still doesn't have enough sense to see he's being played like a cheap fiddle.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Christine learned about Michael's aversion to Christmas. She sought out Victor and asked him to see what he could do. Victor summoned Michael to the ranch, where Noah and Cassie got him to help hang stockings and wrap gifts. Christine and Paul showed up, with Kevin in tow, and insisted they were all staying for the festivities. Kay arrived moments before Victor had Michael read a passage from 'A Christmas Carol' in which Scrooge learns the meaning of the holiday. Michael agreed to stay with the group for Christmas Eve. JT spent the night alone, after declining an invite to the rec center from Mac, and getting voicemail when he tried to phone Raul. He was stunned when Colleen showed up at his door to share the evening with him. Bobby and Brittany exchanged gifts, despite having agreed not to, since neither of them wanted the holiday to pass without a symbol of their love. Neil, Dru and Lily were moved by Devon's gift of homemade treats that his dead Grandmother taught him to bake. Lily stunned Neil by reuniting him with Malcolm.

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