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AMC by Jenn

Aiden goes to confront the girls who tormented Lily, telling her Lily should be respected for her mathematical gift and she has friends that love her who will never let anybody hurt her. Lily really takes a liking to Aiden and sees him as her hero.

Adam is ready to authorize the DNA test without telling JR. But he warns Tad that if Brooke goes through with writing the article about JR being responsible for what happened to Bianca, he will call off the DNA test. Tad goes to talk to Brooke. She says unless he can promise that Jamie will be home and safe for Christmas, she could care less about anything else. He tells her Jamie will never return to Pine Valley. But they must be very proud of their son for protecting Dixie's grandson from the no good JR.

ATWT by Linda

Dusty, Jordan, Sierra and Lucinda find out that Dom’s plane flew over Idaho, so that’s where Lucy and Rafi must have gone down. Needing more information, Dusty takes off to find Dom, Sierra and Lucinda urging Jordan to go with him. Lucy and Rafi find food and take baths but when Lucy finishes her bath, she comes out to find a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike near Rafi’s head. Chris tells Aaron he’s a fool to let Alison go and Aaron listens to him, having a change of heart. Meanwhile, Alison promises Will that she’ll help him hide even though she’s been kicked out of Aaron’s apartment. Aaron comes home and asks her to stay, Alison explaining Will’s predicament. Aaron also agrees to help them find out who is behind gas lighting Roseanna. When they leave to go shopping, Paul and Hal (who’ve been looking high and low for Will) stop them and ask if Will is in the apartment. When they say no, Paul breaks open the door to look – Will nowhere in sight. Roseanna is at Fairwinds and she hears some mysterious noises, beginning to look for where they’re coming from.

B&B by Leigh

Sally, Clark, Darla, and Thorne review Spectra Couture's sales figures. Sally guarantees all of them that she'll turn the poor numbers around.

Stephanie and Eric reminisce about past Christmas holidays. While Stephanie watches R.J., Ridge and Eric discuss business, Eric shows him the sales figures indicating that Thorne's line hasn't hurt Forrester's business at all. Eric tells Ridge he wants him to come back because together they make a good team. Ridge sees the Spectra logo, and is very upset, because the font is the same as Forrester's and the Thorne's name is as large as the Spectra name. Amber holds R.J. and tells Stephanie that she knows what she's up to, trying to prove that Amber wants a baby and Thomas isn't ready. Thorne and Ridge both let Eric and Stephanie know that they will not be coming to their house for Christmas. Stephanie and Eric are saddened but decide that they'll have a wonderful Christmas together just the two of them.

Days by Danielle

Chloe’s first attempt to talk to Brady is cut short by a bad connection. Brady calls back but Chloe makes Nancy tell Brady that she is coming back to Salem to bring back Chloe’s ashes. Sami seeks Julie’s advice and heads to the airport to make sure that Brandon leaves town. Sami spots Nancy as she gets off the plane but doesn’t recognize Chloe. Nicole seeks Brandon’s advice about Brady getting over Chloe. When Nicole returns home, Brady greets her with the news that he’s ready to move on with her. Jennifer invites Hope and her sons over to help decorate the tree. Jennifer asks Patrick to be Jack Jr.’s godfather and he accepts. Chelsea decides that Patrick is the guy she wants to have sex with for the first time and pretends that Abby’s stereo is broken to get him to spend time with her. Chelsea spots Patrick hugging Jennifer and vows that Jennifer is her competition that she must eliminate. Bonnie first advises Mimi to tell Rex the truth before Jan can but then suggests that Mimi stalk Jan until she can gather enough dirt to blackmail her into keeping quiet. Julie calls Maggie down to the tree lot to convince her to seduce Mickey and make him forget about Bonnie. Bonnie overhears her and decides to head home and do the same thing. They both end up in bed with Mickey and a fight for affection turns into a fit of laughter as they realize that Max has joined them in bed.

Bo is unable to hide his wound from Billie. Bo insists that Billie use vodka, a pocketknife, and a sewing kit to remove a metal spike from his wound. Billie realizes that one of the files she stole shows that Georgia was adopted when she was three. Jack writes a note and pushes it under the door in hopes that their rescuers find it. Cassie is taken away from Jack’s room and bites a guard’s arm in an attempt to escape. Bo and Billie walk right past Jack’s room without ever noticing the note.

GH by  Amanda

Due to a press conference regarding Iraq, half the show was pre-empted.

Sonny gave Jordan a dollhouse that tickled her pink for Christmas, to Michael's dismay. Meanwhile, Steve, for reasons pre-empted, found himself performing emergency surgery on Carly, with no anesthesia and John assisting. Sonny reads Luke's Christmas story then shares his past and fears with Jordan. Lucky receives word of Nik's escape. Emily and Nik argue about the escape plan and make up. Alcazar amazes Brooke by helping deliver Bridgette's baby.

GL by Sarah

Coop and Lizzie dance around each other thinking that each is charming the other. Danny confronts Blake about what she may know about Sebastian and where Michelle is. Blake tells Danny that Michelle didn't leave with Tony but with Sebastian instead. Danny and Marina then make plans to find Michelle. Gus and Harley wish each other a Merry Christmas then Buzz comforts Harley. Frank reviews Ruth's video tape and realizes that Ruth is Harley.

OLTL by Janice

Kevin goes to La Boulee to find out from Dorian where Kelly is. Adriana and Duke are there. Duke is upset that Kevin is more interested in finding the son that really isn’t his than in dealing with his real son. As Kevin and Duke are fighting in the living room, Kelly comes home. She decides not to confront Kevin right away. John and Evangeline’s relationship is strained when she agrees to be Antonio’s lawyer. She deices that if John is obsessing over the case, then so will she. John sees Jessica at Rodi’s and asks her to see a psychiatrist to see if there is a psychological reason that she isn’t remembering. Viki runs into David and Dorian in a coffee shop. Dorian is sure that Viki was the deciding vote in refusing to reinstate Dorian as chief of staff. Viki tells her that all the votes are confidential and leaves. Dorian vows to get even with Viki for taking so many things away from her. Christian goes to church. He asks the priest if what they talk about stays there. The priest gives him the right answer, but Chris decides that he doesn’t need the priest’s help in getting forgiven. He tells God he didn’t have a choice. He then meets Natalie at Rodi’s. He sketches a picture of a woman. Evangeline sees it, tells him a little about the artwork of his that she owns, and then he goes off to paint. Kelly finds Kevin and tells him that their baby – the one she gave birth to – is dead. They have to let Ace go. Kevin is distraught that she may have given Ace back to his real mom. Jessica’s marriage to Tico is annulled. John realizes that because the marriage is annulled, Antonio and Adriana stand to inherit the estate. Natalie is sure that Chris is going to give her a painting for Christmas. John and Evangeline arrange to spend Christmas together. Antonio tries to get an alibi from a priest for the night that Tico died. The priest cannot give him the alibi he needs.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan's surprise bridal shower is full of thunderstorms as enemies all show up to help her celebrate. Tabitha finally gets the message to Beth about Mrs. Wheeler's identity.

Julian has Luis reinstated, promoted to detective, and paid for all the months he was suspended because of Rebecca. Then he went to the office and pulled Chad from his assignment at Fox's urging. Chad has an ally in Valerie, however, and she vows it won't happen again.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

A Christmas Card arrived for Gloria with a local address. She said it was from her youngest son and told everyone what had happened when they'd surprised her older son with decorations. Jack abruptly left and went to buy the men a present. He ran into Lauren and she told him about Michael's negative attitude towards the holidays. Jack said Gloria's sons were the same and that he was headed over to convince them to come to Christmas Dinner. Lauren phoned Michael and warned him. Kevin wanted to reveal themselves to Jack, but Michael refused. When Jack showed up, Michael wouldn't open the door and insisted he go away (using a fake voice). Ash freaked when she couldn't find the family heirloom ornaments. Gloria rushed to Michael's, ran into Jack, thanked him for trying but sent him away, chastised Kevin, then demanded the ornaments back to appease Ash. Michael warned she was getting in deeper every day. Back at the Abbott home, Gloria played hero by 'finding' the missing ornaments. Neil worried about how Devon would spend his holiday cash, but Dru insisted they trust him to be responsible. Andre, a former friend of Devon's, begged Devon to buy him new shoes with the money, since he'd get no other gift. When Lily later asked Devon if his friend would have a good Christmas, Devon rushed out. Bobby demanded to know what was going on with Nikki (and how it involved him), after she offered $100,000.00 for the club. Nikki cried, refused to answer his questions, and ran out. Victor surprised Nikki with a white mink coat like the one he'd given her years before, and said he wanted to spend every Christmas with her forever.

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