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AMC by Jenn

Adam grudgingly agrees to authorize the DNA which will prove that the baby he's believed was Bess is really Miranda. JR knows nothing about his father's plans. Nasty girls are tormenting Lily with their red clothes, until Aiden and Anita intervene and try to help her. Jonathan is preventing Maggie from knowing what's happened to Bianca and doesn't want her to be there for her friend nor to know that Reggie's been trying to contact her. Babe and Jamie spend their first Christmas together with baby James, reliving memories of special Christmases during their childhoods.

ATWT by Linda

Craig convinces Brother Francis to take the letter he’s written to his captor. In the meantime, Margo and Lily contact the good brother and when he meets with them, they are concerned that Craig is in fact at the Sacred Way monastery. Lucinda tries to persuade Sierra into letting Craig go so he can help with the search for Lucy but even after they talk with Brother Francis and Sierra reads Craig’s letter, she refuses. Craig, awaiting Brother Francis’ return, is shocked and heartened to see a hooded Lily enter his room. Curtis tells Ben that he thinks that it’s bull that he resigned because he didn’t want anyone to find out about the drug test, which causes Ben to seriously reflect on his situation. Jess tries to press Chris for the incident reports, even insinuating that he gave them to Alison, Chris informing her that she can get her hands on the reports with authorization from Ben. As she leaves, Ben calls and when they meet, he tells her he wants to rescind his resignation and fight. Aaron asks Alison to leave the apartment because her help isn’t helping him and after much talk, she decides to grant him his wish. When Aaron runs into Chris at Al’s and tells him about it, Chris tells him he’s an idiot. Will confronts Emily about Fairwinds, Barbara interrupting them and sending Emily away. When she finds that it’s Will that’s taking the blame she offers to hide him, Will refusing and leaving when she won’t talk to Emily and find out why she’s doing what she’s doing. Barbara almost dumps out the drug she’s been giving Emily, but instead recaps the bottle, saying she knows a way to make this all work out. Just as Alison leaves a small present for Aaron under the tree she brought, a frantic Will finds her and begs for her help.

B&B by Leigh

At Cafe Rouse, Dominick's plan to have Jackie see Paige and Deacon is unfolding. When Paige tries to hold his hand Deacon tells Paige that he's taken. Dominick drags Jackie to Deacon's table; Deacon tells her it's not what she thinks. Jackie tells Dominick that they brought Paige there to meet him! Deacon surmises that Dominick already knew that. He also figures out that it's been a setup. Jackie and Deacon leave Paige and Dominick alone.

Brooke tells Ridge that Bridget is home, and she's having problems with Oscar. Later Ridge welcomes Bridget home. Ridge tells Bridget that he feels responsible for her problems with relationships. Bridget tells Ridge that she's broken off her engagement with Oscar, and asked him not to tell anyone. He reminisces about his previous wives. Brooke walks in and stares as Ridge and Bridget hug.

Days by Danielle

Nicole has had the entire mansion decorated for Christmas and greets Brady in a barely there Mrs. Claus outfit. Brady takes one look at the decorations and can only think of Chloe. Nicole refuses to compete with Chloe’s ghost. Nancy and Chloe fly back to Salem. Chloe decides to show her scars after an imaginary pep talk from Brady until a young girl’s horrified reaction leaves her hiding in the airplane bathroom. Nancy drags Chloe out of the bathroom and makes her call Brady. Bonnie returns to the tree lot, having remembered the bag of tree tags. Julie points Bonnie out to the cop and to Hope who has come to help. Bonnie tries to blame Julie, accusing Julie of trying to set her up. Both Bonnie and Julie are cleared when the cop gets word that the original tree seller has been caught. Shawn remembers being locked in the cage and seeing Jan in a negligee but Jan convinces Shawn that he enjoyed being locked up. Jan insists that the group stay so she can hand out presents such as a wedding album and camera to Belle and Philip and a new motorcycle to Shawn. Belle fears that Shawn will hurt himself again if he accepts the gift but Philip advises Belle to let Shawn go. Rex finds a bolt from the cage and Mimi uses it as proof against Jan.

The guards bring Cassie to Jack’s room and together they search the room for hidden exits. Jack recruits Cassie’s help in attracting the attention of their rescuers. Billie wakes Bo up and alerts him to his surroundings in the snake pit. Bo climbs up the wall to reach Billie’s level but is bit by a snake and collapses at the top. Billie is able to revive Bo by encouraging him to think of Georgia and his family back in Salem. Together they head through a hidden door that Billie was able to find in the wall. Meanwhile, Bo continues to lose a lot of blood.

GH by Lisa

Lucky and Connor enlist Elizabeth's help to keep their plan alive. Mac later realizes that it is really Connor in Nikolas' hospital bed. Meanwhile, a police officer seeks refuge at Nikolas and Emily's cabin. Emily panics when she hears that a search is on for Nikolas. At Kelly's, Sam helps Alcazar tend to Bridget, the young woman in labor. Jax is impressed by Sam and realizes helping Erin could also help Sam get past the pain of losing her own baby. Steven and Carly are in a close moment just as Durant arrives. Durant warns Steven not to get involved with Carly. Carly, Steven and Durant are in danger when the roof suddenly caves in from the snow.

Luke confronts Bobbie, who admits that Laura is alive as she tries to explain her reasons for lying. Luke accuses Skye of keeping the truth from him. Luke finds Laura and wishes her a happy birthday. Jason is forced to spend the night at Courtney's due to the blizzard. Ric and Alexis become lost in the forest as they search for the perfect Christmas tree.

GL by Elizabeth

Danny enlists the help of others in trying to find Michelle, only to find out he's not the only one concerned. Bill finds Olivia in an unlikely place. Tammy runs into Jonathan. Reva finds out where Tammy has been 'hiding' out and that Jonathan has plans to attend his aunt's wedding. Tammy asks Sandy to be her date for her mother's wedding.

Holly comforts Sebastian. Michelle and Tony agree that they need to escape at all cost and that they should use Sebastian’s illness to their advantage. Holly stops Sebastian from receiving an injection that could free her. Alex wonders if Alan had anything to do with Olivia’s disappearance.

OLTL by Janice

Marcie is about to be released from the hospital and she and Michael are unable to talk without getting angry.. Jen is talking to Riley at Rodi’s about Paul’s I.D. bracelet. Neither couple is able to talk to each other without feeling threatened. Jen goes to the hospital and ends up talking to Michael, and Riley ends up talking to Marcie. Both couples decide that they really need to talk to their partners if their relationships are going to succeed. Marcie’s agent talks to someone on the phone saying that he will make sure Marcie is in shape for her press junket. Michael is put on 3 months probation after the Board investigated Tico’s death. At the police station, Bo comes in to work after hours. Daniel makes a comment about Bo’s hours and Bo snaps. Then Nora comes in and the air is extremely tense. They fight around Daniel. Finally Daniel tells them to take it into Bo’s office. Neither Bo nor Nora are willing to back down. They decide that they need to be strictly professional for everyone to succeed. They wonder if they ever really had good times together with Matthew or if it was all just pretend. Bo leaves and goes to find Paige and invites her to spend the night at his place. Nora goes to find Daniel at the diner and tells him she wants to focus on him. A photographer sees them kissing and takes a photo for the society pages. Blair goes to Rodi’s and finds Kevin. They both commiserate over the horrible holidays that they will both be celebrating. Margaret coems in and sees them both together. Blair tells Margaret what happened with the wedding and Margaret pretends to be surprised that Todd didn’t show up. Blair warns her to stay away from her family or she will kill her. Margaret goes over to Kevin and tells him that she has a boyfriend and that they are planning on starting a family. Kevin looks at her like she’s crazy – again. While Margaret is out of the cabin, Todd manages to get across the room and finds the door locked. He moves over to a closet and finds a pair of skis. He decides he can use the skis to get away from the cabin. In trying to get across the room, Todd pulls a chest of drawers down on top of him. He thinks of Blair and manages to get the bureau off of him. Todd gets back into bed and shoves all of the things he’s collected for his escape under the bed.

Passions by Shirley

As the community gathers to light the town Christmas tree, there are a lot of un-Christmasy feelings in the air. Gwen and Rebecca literally throw Pilar and Theresa out of the Crane mansion, then keep Theresa from taking her son to the celebration. Martin and Katherine show up at Paloma's urging, since she has been picked to light the tree, and Luis isn't happy to see them there. Pilar is even less happy at seeing them kissing in public, giving them both early presents - although not the good kind. Tabitha is stirring up trouble right and left, and Sam has to come to the rescue. All's well that ends well, however.

Meanwhile, Julian takes Eve on a shopping trip, clear across the country to Rodeo Drive. He buys her everything she sees and likes, and more. At the end of the day, they are on their merry way home on the Crane jet.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Lily told Drucilla that she'd convinced Malcolm to surprise Neil for Christmas. Olivia invited Malcolm to stay with her now that he was staying in town. They shared a passionate kiss. Dru demanded Malcolm not come to Christmas Dinner, angering both Malcolm and Olivia, who accused her of being selfish. Malcolm agreed to sit out the holiday, but warned he wasn't leaving town. Olivia met Adrienne. Malcolm learned about the murder of Adrienne's son, and she admitted she'd come to town to see her ex-husband, the boy's Father, and that - while she'd seen him and he'd apologized - she was not ready to accept it and forgive. Brittany convinced Bobby that her job at the boutique was for the best. Nikki wanted to give Bobby money for Christmas, while Victor told her to tell him the truth about his dead brother. When Bobby told Nikki he planned to sell his club, she said she might be interested in buying. After hearing Brittany's sob story about having no money for Christmas, Victor gave her a card with a wad of cash inside. Michael insisted that Paul find out what was said when Phyllis met with Dominic at the prison. Paul stalled, but agreed to do so once Michael threatened to investigate the matter himself. Glenn Richards saw through Christine's bluff about having proof to clear Damon, and insisted he would not drop the charges against the man.

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