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AMC by Jenn

Erica tells Adam Chandler that she will stop at nothing until Miranda is back where she belongs with Bianca and he needs to do a DNA test to prove that she is Miranda and not Bess. He protests that if he does that behind JR's back, he will lose both JR and "Bess", they are the only family he has and he cannot lose them. But to everybody's surprise, he appears in the hospital and agrees to authorize the DNA test. There is suspicion that Kendall might have drugged Greenlee, but Greenlee tells Ryan she does not beleive Kendall would do that when she observes Kendall with Bianca in Bianca's hospital room. Bianca is still unconscious and nobody knows for how long or when or if she will wake up.

ATWT by Linda

Julia and Carly get into to it after Carly insinuates that Julia needs to pack up and leave town. Holden separates them and then Jack shows up not too long after. Carly tells Jack he can’t have it both ways as Holden tells Julia to hang in there. Hal comes over and can’t find any sign of the break in that Will claims happened or the mysterious woman who handed him the doll. Roseanna suggests to Paul that Will go to a really private therapist in Switzerland and Paul tells her they’re not going to do anything until they know for sure that Will is behind all of this. Hal tells Will that he thinks it’s a good idea to see the psychiatrists at the hospital again and Will is incredibly disheartened that his dad doesn’t believe him either and that it was his wife that he stopped at Fairwinds. Deciding that since no one else will believe him, it’s up to him to figure out what is going on with Emily and Roseanna’s haunting. Mike is surprised when Simon (actually Henry) asks him to keep Katie company over the holidays and then doubly surprised when Jennifer tells him he should do it – provided she’s there as well. Katie is confident when she talks to Henry that Mike will be back with her and woe to poor Jennifer.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke pressed Bridget to tell her what's wrong. She tells Brooke that she "can't feel," it's like something is broken inside her that cannot be fixed. Brooke tries to take responsibility because of her involvement with Deacon and the pain it caused Bridget. Bridget tells Brooke that she wants what she and Ridge have, and realizes it's not going to happen.

Deacon is helping Paige with her stuck zipper. Paige tells him that her husband died last year, and he owned a lucrative oil business. She asks Deacon if he has plans for tonight. Deacon takes the bait and invites her to have dinner with him tonight. Paige tells Dominic that Deacon indeed fell for their plan. Stephanie tells Jackie that Deacon will dump her when someone younger comes along. Stephanie runs the gambit of Deacon's previous love affairs. Deacon comes home and tells Jackie that something's come up for tonight. Jackie calls Dominic and invites him to have dinner with her, he agreed. Paige and Dominic realize that they both have dinner reservations at the same place and time.

Days by Danielle

Jennifer heads to Bonnie’s tree lot to buy a Christmas tree but finds out that Patrick has not only done that already but has surprised her by decorating the entire house. Mimi opens the door to the bedroom at Jan’s house, only to find that Jan has gotten rid of the love cage and replaced it with a Christmas tree and a complete snow village. Mimi lies to the group for fear of Jan telling Rex about her abortion but the tables turn when Shawn begins to remember being locked up in this room. Bonnie agrees to Julie’s proposal of donating all the tree lot funds to the Horton foundation only if Julie dresses up as a Texas Christmas chili and sells trees. A cop finds Bonnie’s bag of “property of the US forestry service” tags that she dropped on the ground and since Julie was left in charge while Bonnie had to leave, arrests Julie for destructions of government property.

Victor knocks over a bottle of Caroline’s perfume which Bo smells as he walks by their room. Bo is shocked when he tries to open their door. Despite Billie’s attempts to hide an unconscious Bo, she is knocked out and they are both thrown into a pit. Caroline senses that Bo was there but after the guards move her and Victor to another room and Bo and Billie are thrown into the pit, Caroline can no longer sense Bo’s presence.

GH by Amanda

Courtney and Jason remember old times during their entrapment while Sam and Jax share confidences. Luke panics over what might be happening to Skye, then notices that Bobbi is acting weird. Liz consoles Lucky. Brooke intercepts Diego on the way to Alcazar. Steve winds up stuck at Carly's. Michael warns Jordan that his dad does not need a girlfriend. Dillon and Georgie find Skye's sinking car and get her help. Max enters Kelley's, letting slip that Jason and Courtney are together to Jax and Sam.

GL by Sarah

Ruth takes a plunge as Frank and Gus race to stop her. Frank feels guilt as Gus is frantic. Dinah has a dream about four bundles of joy before getting negative test results. Edmund discovers that Jonathan burned his parents house and pays him a visit. They agree Jonathan won't be attending the wedding. Ruth is believed to be dead and Buzz is released while Billy is relieved. Harley thanks Gus for his help and invites him to celebrate. Gus declines the invitation.

OLTL by Janice

John goes to Llanfair to try to get Jessica remember who pulled Tico’s life support. She is close to remembering when the phone interrupts her train of thought. Jessica asks Antonio to leave because she can’t concentrate when he’s there. John then gets a phone call telling him of the exact time that Tico’s life support was unplugged. Jessica gets more frustrated and Natalie is upset with John because she’s afraid he’s pushing too hard and Jessica will have a breakdown. Jessica runs upstairs and Natalie asks Chris to follow her. Natalie yells at John to get out. John leaves but tells her that she’s not really mad at him – he’s just an excuse. Kevin goes to see Bo to get some “off the record” advice. Bo tells him that the custody battle over Ace left Kevin did no one any good. Kevin says that Kelly was a bad mother and Margaret kidnapped Ace under Kelly’s watch. Bo counters that Ace has now been stolen under Kevin’s watch. Bo tells Kevin that he should focus on the son that he’s got right now – Duke. Antonio goes to find Adriana at Rodi’s for an alibi. She refuses to give him an alibi because she remembers being with Duke at that exact time. She tells Antonio that she loves him, but she won’t lie for him. Kevin comes into Rodi’s and sees Duke. He confronts Duke about helping Kelly find Ace. Duke refuses to give him any information. Kelly, Babe, and Jamie race Ace (baby James) to the hospital because of a high fever. There’s a little confusion when both Babe and Kelly claim to be the mother. Kelly tells Babe that it wasn’t all Paul’s fault – he only did what she asked him to do. Kelly tearfully gives the baby to Babe. She tells Babe to take good care of him. Babe promises to be as good a mother as Kelly was. Blair goes to see Mrs. Bigelow. Mrs. Bigelow decides that Todd must be dead because he didn't leave her any instructions on how to run "The Sun". Blair believes that Mrs. B. really doesn't know where Todd is. At the cabin, Margaret is trying to convince Todd to impregnate her. Todd refuses telling her he is in too much pain to concentrate on that. Margaret offers to get him some pain medicine. She then decides to give him a taste of his own medicine - rape. Todd tells her that it's impossible for her to rape him. She goes off to get him some medicine. Todd manages to get himself untied from the bed. He can't stand on his legs, but realizes he needs to get to Blair.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa, Gwen, Rebecca, and Ivy are still tossing potshots at each other about who the baby's mommy is. Ethan tries to keep them calm, but hasn't a clue as to how to do it. The DNA tests have been done, now they only need to await the results. Luis and Sheridan are skating on the frozen pond when Edna gets an idea and takes Marty to join them. Beth is upset when she sees them all on her TV. She is still trying to find out what the word "mother" means and how to use it, but gets caught sitting on Alistair and shaking him silly as he flatlines. She manages to escape, of course.

Eve and Julian are also at the pond, but the night isn't so much fun for them. Eve watches her family have fun without her and her pain causes Julian to hurt, too. Tabitha is enjoying all the pain, however, but has no idea that some pain is coming her way special delivery, too. "Norma Claus is coming to town".

Y&R By Christopher

Adrienne told Damon that, despite wanting to hear it for years, she wasn't sure she could accept his apology yet. He admitted there was a woman in his life, but asked Adrienne to stay in town for awhile. Phyllis apologized for her fight with Damon, but he wouldn't tell her about his afternoon with Adrienne. JT refused to cover for Brittany when Bobby showed up at the boutique. Bobby discovered Brittany was working there and asked how she could lie to him. Sierra and JT discussed Colleen, and she suggested he phone her in New York. Michael told Paul he would soon want him to investigate Phyllis' case. Paul invited Christine to spend Christmas with him and Mary, like old times. Christine was suddenly inspired by a plan that could save Phyllis and Damon; a miracle if it worked. Michael promised to do everything he could to give Phyllis the Christmas miracle she desperately needs. Daniel and Phyllis decorated a tree together and shared a touching conversation about their reunion. Malcolm told Drucilla that he wanted to know - for certain - if he was Lily's Father, then insisted he had no plans to leave GC, regardless of how she felt about it. Lily was thrilled to learn Malcolm was staying in town, and asked him if he would help her surprise Neil with the news on Christmas Eve.

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