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AMC by Jenn

Bianca is still unconscious. Erica goes to persuade Adam to give up Miranda, informing him that she knows that he knows she is not his real grandchild and that he has never wanted to keep any child who is not a real Chandler heir. He tells her that he cannot expect JR to realize Bess is really Miranda because if he believes his child actually died in the crash, it will devastate JR and Adam will lose his son. Brooke confronts JR about Bianca's accident. Babe and Jamie are unknowingly spied upon by Kelly Buchanan whom they kidnapped Ace/James from.

ATWT by Linda

Holden and Jack as Emma if Julia can move in and despite her reservations she say all right. They then convince a reluctant Julia that this is the best solution, Jack offering to take JJ for ice cream. Carly and lily are concerned that it’s taking their husbands so long to take care of this problem and discuss Craig and Lily’s deteriorating marriage. Carly tells her to keep hope and Lily thanks her and then asks her to drop off some wrapping paper at Emma’s on her way home. Carly is shocked to find Julia sitting at Emma’s kitchen table when she arrives. Rosanna is welcomed home by Paul and Will, but Will gets bad vibes from Roseanna and leaves. Paul and Roseanna talk about the stocking and no matter what scenario they come up with, all fingers point to Will. They discuss possibly having Will talk to a therapist. Will is clearly upset and when he goes to Al’s Alison cheers him up and he goes home. Barbara circumvents all of Hal’s questions about Emily, but he still decides she needs to get a second opinion on her illness. Barbara convinces Emily that she needs to be productive and sends Emily to Fairwinds with the baby doll dressed like Cabot. When Will comes in, he sees Emily and takes the doll from her, but she runs away just in time for Roseanna and Paul to find him sheepishly holding the doll and Roseanna is visibly upset. When Emily returns home, Barbara asks how it went and she replies perfectly. Katie rescues Mike from an overzealous reporter, both of them sitting and sharing memories about making the snow angels. When Jennifer comes in she is intercepted by Henry, but not for long. She goes to Mike and Katie excuses herself, telling Henry that she could see that Mike still loved her in his eyes and she has a plan. Jennifer asks Mike to at least give her notice before he picks up again with Katie and Mike tells her his feelings haven’t changed. Katie returns to Mike and Jennifer and tells them how much she misses Simon, just as her cell phone rings. Amazing, its Simon (actually Henry) and he wants to wish Mike a happy holiday.

B&B by Leigh

Bridget makes a surprise visit home to see Brooke, alone without Oscar. Brooke can tell that something is wrong, but Bridget tells her she doesn't want to ruin her Christmas, and refuses to tell what it is.

Deacon sent Jackie home from the boutique, promising to close up shop after their last customer (Paige) is finished. Paige struts her stuff in front of him and even asks Deacon to help with her stuck zipper. Stephanie went to see Jackie, who was dressed to kill ... waiting for Deacon to come home. Stephanie issued her a warning, that when Deacon is done with her she won't allow Jackie to go back to Massimo. Massimo is getting physical therapy at home, and getting stronger all the time. He tells Dominick that he wants his life back.

Days by Danielle

Mimi brings Shawn, Belle, Rex, and Philip to Jan’s house and leads them to the bedroom. Jan tries to prevent them from going into the bedroom until Shawn demands to see what is inside. John injects himself with a dose of pain medication from the vial he stole. Brady and Nicole come to visit John and Nicole figures out that John is on drugs, despite Lexie’s attempt to take John off of all pain medication since they aren’t working. Chloe decides to go back to Salem and undergo surgery in hopes that it will make her look and sound like she did before the accident. Celeste sees a vision of Billie sleeping on Bo’s shoulder but lies about it to Hope. Celeste confides in Lexie that Bo and Billie are destined to be together. Hope visits where she and Bo carved their initials into the pier. Bo hears her plea to come home that she wishes on their star. Nicole doesn’t want Brandon to leave before the holidays are over. Nicole confides in Brandon that the only way Brady is with her is because Chloe is dead. Brandon assures Nicole that she shouldn’t feel that way because, as far as he knows, Nicole didn’t try to keep Chloe and Brady apart.

Marlena pulls away from the kiss with Roman, insisting that they’ll be rescued soon. Marlena fears that Bo and Billie were captured when their next visitor is a guard instead. Roman questions whether Bo and Billie were ever really there. Marlena reinstalls the faith of being rescued in Roman as they reminisce about past Christmases together. Bo and Billie enter the first room but find it empty. They duck into a second bedroom to avoid being seen by a guard and Billie sleeps while Bo keeps watch.

GH by Amanda

Lucky switches Connor and Nik; however, both Emily and Nik have severe doubts about the wisdom of this scam. Skye follows Bobbi when she visits Laura. Sonny works to gather all his children together for a visit. Liz tells Sam she wants for Jason to be happy, and that means Sam should let him know how she feels. While Emily, Connor, and Lucky argue, Nik tries to make his way out in the snow. Emily finds him in time and gets him indoors. Sonny's lawyer gets trapped with him and the kids when the power goes out due to snow. Jax and Sam get trapped together, as do Liz and Lucky. She breaks the news about Laura's "death". While driving and talking to Luke on her cell, Skye runs off the road.

GL by Sarah

Harley devises a plan to get rid of Ruth and help Buzz. Buzz is arrested for Phillip's murder while Billy reveals his guilty feelings to Josh. Jonathon rubs Cassie the wrong way and Cassie asks Reva for a favor. Cassie trashes Jonathan's wedding gift. Alan holds Olivia against her will at Ravenwood to convince her to see things his way.

OLTL by Janice

Evangeline comes into Rodi’s to find John playing pool. Evangeline tells John that if he ever needs a friend, she’s there for him. Natalie and Jessica talk about how messed up their live have become. They decide that they need to start over with the men in their lives. Natalie and Christian go on a “first” date to Rodi’s. Christian sees the pool table and doesn’t remember that it was at Crossroads that he and Natalie played. He decides to go out for some fresh air – alone. Out there he discovers that he left his black book of memories back at Llanfair. He demands that they go back home right away. Natalie and Chris go back to find John trying to get Jessica to remember the night of Tico’s death. She is close to remembering, but just can’t see the face of the person. Blair decides to go out for a night on the town. She goes to Rodi’s. Evangeline goes over to her to express her sympathy for Todd leaving her. Blair throws a drink at Evangeline and tells her that she wished she had put Todd in jail when she had the chance. Then Nora comes in and Blair picks a fight with her. Nora tells her that she’s all fought out because she and Bo just had a knockdown fight where they each accused the other of not letting go. Blair and Nora decide they really aren’t much different from each other – they’ve even dated the same men. Nora finds Evangeline to tell her about the fight with Bo. Evangeline is distressed to find that Nora actually stayed at Bo’s apartment after walking in on him and Paige. Nora is so upset that she blurts out that Bo cheated on her with Paige. Nora then decides that if Bo can sleep with Paige, she can go sleep with Daniel. She leaves Evangeline to go get her “some Daniel.” At the cabin, Margaret tells Todd that she wants to have his baby. He is such a good father. Todd tells her that he wants no part of her baby and that he is only a good father to Blair’s children. She tells him that if he impregnates her, she will let him go.

Passions by Shirley

Ethan is whining like a baby, telling Gwen Theresa tricked him, he didn't really know who she was, etc. Theresa, after another throttling at the Gwen's hands, lets it be known he couldn't have been as drunk and drugged as he says or he couldn't have performed so well...three times. By the end of the episode, Gwen and Theresa were arguing over who the real mommy is. Meanwhile, Luis gets Antonio's death certificate and the family holds a memorial service which ends with arguing, as usual. Katherine talks to her dead sister who turns out to be Alistair's one true love, and Sheridan finds herself wondering once again just who this woman is.

Beth is pawed by two men as she tries to get Alistair to tell her his magic word. Once he does, she still doesn't understand what it all means, but she knows the medicine she gave him gets more than his mouth working.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Dru blasted Nick for letting Neil walk away from NE. Neil stopped her and later warned her that they couldn't afford to have her lose her job as well. Phyllis brought Malcolm home to sleep on her couch, and said she was glad to have him alive and back in town. Adrienne, Damon's ex-wife, blasted him for not going to the parole board and letting Dominic Hughes go free, and for never being there when she'd needed him. Damon revealed that Dominic had shot him, that he'd cut him with a sword, and could face time in prison. Breaking down in tears, he told Adrienne that he was sorry for everything. Devon was frustrated by the expensive prices at Fenmore's and stormed out while Lily shopped. Later, back at the condo, he told her things had gone fine for him at the store, but seemed troubled. JT went too far in making fun of Bobby's financial status. Brittany told him he was mean and stormed away from him. Phyllis gleefully told Dru that Malcolm had stayed in town. Sharon suggested to Nick that keeping Neil on at NE would benefit everyone. Malcolm was rehired to work at the coffeehouse, and asked to consider running the place for Nick and Sharon. Nick asked Dru if he could speak with her and Neil again at their earliest convenience. Malcolm told Dru he would not be leaving town, regardless of how she felt.

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