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AMC by Jenn

Bianca and all the people who were with her in the Florida hospital return to Pine Valley. Erica informs Jack for the first time that Miranda is alive. She's the baby who they all believed was Bess Chandler. He tells her it may be difficult to get DNA to prove that. Bianca is still unconscious. They are worried she might die or fail to remember anything when she wakes up. Secretly, Adam and JR are hoping that happens. Erica goes to confront Adam Chandler, telling him that she knows her granddaughter, Bianca's child is living in his house.

ATWT by Linda

When Julia tells Jack she’s sorry and then talks to Holden, between Holden and Jack they go to Emma’s to see if they can’t find a place for Julia and JJ. Carly is angry that Jack flies off at Julia’s beckon call and confesses to Lily she wishes they’d just pack up and move away. Jessica tries to talk Ben into rescinding his resignation, but he won’t hear of it. Curtis comes into work and finds Dusty unconscious and gives him CPR, saving his life. He calls Ben and tells him to meet him at Al’s to celebrate. Ali and Aaron are having a good day at work when and are talking to Curtis when Ben and Jessica come in. Ali jumps down Ben’s throat about Aaron’s paralysis, Aaron in shock about her accusations. Curtis leaves and Ben chases him down, Aaron asking Ali if there’s anything else she hasn’t told him. When their boss tells them to get to work and that he gave him the job as a favor to Ali, Aaron is mad. Sierra is upset that she can’t get a hold of Lucy or find her anywhere, even with Jordan’s help. When Dusty tells her that he believes that Dominic orchestrated his electrocution, they start to think the worst. Lucy and Rafi find some posts and Rafi cuts the chain of the handcuffs their bound together with. They think about Montega as they try to keep warm.

B&B by Leigh

Eric tells Caitlin and Thomas that he has to take them both off their marketing project because of Ridge's absence. He tells Caitlin that she's going to need to jump right in as a junior designer. To Thomas, Eric assigns some of Thorne's old responsibilities.

Sally unveiled the new Spectra logo. The Forrester name is equal in size to the Spectra Couture name. Sally plans a marketing blitz with Clark. Sally and Clark go to the Jackie M. boutique to push their designs; Deacon and Sally arrange a better profit margin in exchange for prime store space. Jackie issues a press release stating that Deacon is the new VP of Jackie M. Nick tells Paige that he needs a favor. He asks her help him prove that Deacon is no committed to Jackie by seducing him.

Days by Danielle

Shawn and Belle talk about making love but Belle claims that she had been dreaming about making love to Philip. Bonnie advises Mimi against telling the truth about Jan but Mimi insists on showing Belle, Philip, Shawn, and Rex the proof. John sees visions of Marlena calling out to him and then morphing into the grim reaper. John steals Lexie’s keys so that he can help himself to more pain medication. Hope seeks Celeste’s psychic help in checking in on Bo and Billie. Celeste sees a vision of two former lovers kissing and Hope assumes that it is Bo and Billie.

Bo and Billie are able to escape the room unscathed before Bart and the guards arrive. They travel along the ledge toward Marlena and Roman’s room and Marlena spots their reflection. Bo and Billie are unable to tell who was in the room. Bo and Billie dress as guards and knock out another guard before stealing his keys. They begin to search every room of the castle for Georgia. Marlena tells Roman about seeing Bo and Billie. Marlena cries at the thought of John and Kate moving on without them and in Roman’s attempt to comfort her, they kiss.

GH by Lisa

Lucky and Connor work together as they prepare to have Connor switch places with Nikolas. Lucky drugs Nikolas, who falls asleep, allowing Connor to take his place in the hospital before being transferred back to prison. Nikolas later wakes up in a mountain cabin, where Lucky explains he is on his way to freedom. Skye becomes suspicious when Bobbie is reluctant to tell Luke's family that Laura is dead. Luke comes to grips with Laura's death after a chance encounter with a peaceful dove. Skye overhears Bobbie's phone conversation to P. Connolly and realizes that Laura is still alive.

Steven and Carly grow closer as they take Michael and Morgan to pick out a Christmas tree. Steven warns Durant to leave Carly alone when she makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him. Later, Durant threatens to sabotage Steven's relationship with Carly if he doesn't convince Carly to reconcile with him. Jax and Courtney make up and celebrate at a holiday party for foster children.

GL by Elizabeth

Alan warns Bill to be careful when it comes to Olivia. Billy visits Buzz and tells him that he knows Buzz didn’t kill Phillip. Gus questions the man who let Alexandra leave prison on the night of Phillip’s murder. Ruth is handcuffed and cons the police officer into letting her go to the bathroom. Buzz writes his will. Ruth escapes from the bathroom. Harley visits with her father in the hospital as he prepares to leave. Olivia gets a phone call and rushes to Ravenwood. Billy and Alexandra talk about how prison changes a person. Bill accuses his father of working against him and Olivia. Olivia becomes locked in Phillip’s old room at Ravenwood. Bill tells his father that he needs his help. Harley tells Gus that someone may have to die in order to protect her father.

OLTL by Janice

Kelly tells Duke everything about Ace. Duke gets information about Babe’s whereabouts but is reluctant to give Kelly the information after finding out the truth about Ace’s parentage. She finally convinces him that she needs to see for herself what kind of a mother Babe is to Ace. Blair is convinced that Todd did not write the letter that was left for her. She gets David to have it checked by a forgery expert. Before David can come back to tell her that it is really Todd’s handwriting, Blair receives a package that Todd had sent. In the box was a ring with 5 diamonds, one for each of their marriages. The card he enclosed said that this time it was forever. Blair asks Dorian to take Starr and jack so that she can have some time to herself. She starts to destroy the living room, slashing through Todd’s face in the portrait over the mantel. Margaret has Todd tied up to a bed in the cottage. She releases one hand for him to eat and he proceeds to grab her by the neck. She manages to get free and ties Todd back up again. He tries to convince her to let him talk to Starr to let her know that he is ok. Margaret refuses. She tells him that he is going to be a prisoner until he loves her. Todd assures her that that will never happen. She tells him that she will go to Plan B then if that’s the case. Nora interrupts Bo and Paige evening after they’ve had sex. Nora is embarrassed and Paige leaves to go to the hospital. Bo and Nora fight and Bo tells her that he’s never forgiven her for sleeping with Sam. Riley and Jen make up. As they are about to go upstairs to make love, Jen gets a phone call. As Jen is on the phone, Riley sees an I.D. bracelet fall out of Jen’s pocketbook with the initial P.C. on it. At the hospital, Michael runs some tests on Marcie and finds that she’s dehydrated. Marcie calls Jen to come get her from the hospital, but instead Jen tells Michael that Marcie has been over exercising and under eating. Michael is upset that Marcie is in the hospital now because of her “stupid” book. Paige comes in and hears them fighting. She kicks Michael out of the room, telling him to leave if he values his job.

Passions by Shirley

Eve worries about how Fox will be able to support Whitney and the baby without a job, and is afraid they will have to move away, taking her chance to reconcile with her daughter with them. Julian comes to the rescue, giving both Fox and Chad the old jobs back. Fox and Whitney go out for a celebratory lunch on the boss, and after Chad meets his beautiful new assistant, he takes her to the same restaurant. Whitney sees them and is not pleased. Eve worries about her daughter's reaction to seeing Chad move on because the quiet little lady is a tiger when she is losing something she wants to keep.

Woody let's slip the news that the baby Gwen thinks is hers is really Theresa's. Gwen and Rebecca are ready to tear the woman limb from limb to find out who the daddy of Theresa's baby is. Once they find out, they aren't happy with the knowledge, however. Luis and Sheridan are planning their wedding at the church, with Beth in tow, when Edna shows up with Marty, trying to get him some time with his real mommy. Beth gets him back and then has a statue come to life and snatch him from her arms. Or...did it?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Daniel told Phyllis to find a way to make things work with Damon. Malcolm told the mystery woman that he was considering staying in town, while she admitted her unfinished business involved and infuriating ex husband. Christine begged Damon not to tell Phyllis about the evidence. He made no promises. Phyllis tried making amends with Damon, who insisted too much had happened. Malcolm interrupted their chat, exchanged harsh words with Damon, then stayed with Phyllis when Damon stormed out. To help Devon learn about Christmas, Dru and Neil gave him $200 to spend on gifts. Lily took him to the mall. Nick offered Neil his job back, but Neil did not accept since he disagreed with Nick's handling of the company and its employees. When Dru heard that Neil wouldn't be returning, she burst into Nick's office and demanded a conversation. Michael and Lauren joked about living together, then agreed to give it some serious thought. Kevin and Gloria decorated the condo (using Abbott family decorations) to surprise Michael. When he arrived with Lauren, he blasted them for doing so and demanded they get rid of everything. They were devastated, and Lauren blasted Michael for his attitude, before storming out. Malcolm admitted to Phyllis that he was considering staying in GC because of a woman he'd met. The woman, Adrienne, showed up at Damon's door and he greeted her, admitting it had been a long time.

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