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AMC by Jenn

Bianca is still unconscious. Erica is still putting on her "nice act" to JR. Adam gets a hold of his son and expresses his worries about the fact that Bianca fell off the railing after having a confrontation with JR. Adam attempts to get Aiden Devane to help him find Liza and Colby. Aiden not only refuses but reveals that he's helping Tad keep them away from Adam. Tad goes to inform Jamie and Babe that he will not spill any secrets to JR about the baby boy and believes that he belongs with them and not with JR. David and Krystal know they are not very popular with most people for their role in lying to Bianca. But David says he must be there for Bianca regardless and Krystal promises to be there for him.

ATWT by Linda

Lucy becomes despondent as she an Rafi realize the mine shaft they’ve stumbled into hasn’t been visited in over fifty years. Rafi endeavors to keep Lucy warm and her spirits up as he tries to figure a way out. Craig hands over a detailed account of all his sins in a hefty ten pound document. When brother Francis still refuses to let him go, he appeals to the camera with a very heart felt prayer. Carly and Jack struggle over what to do about JJ, but begin to enjoy a dinner at Holden and Lily’s. Julia tells Lisa she can’t afford to stay at the Lakeview anymore and is going to go over to Holden’s to ask for help in finding an apartment. She of course interrupts the dinner. Sierra confesses to Dusty that she’s the one behind Craig’s disappearance and begs him to either let Lucy back into his life or let her be. When Dusty arrives back at Metro, he’s electrocuted by the light switch that’s been tampered with by one of Dom’s thugs.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge tells Brooke that he has a bad feeling about Spectra using the Forrester name. He imagines people lining up to buy Thorne's designs. Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn't feel like he fits in anywhere ... not with the Forrester's and not with the Marone's. Brooke tells him that to her, he's everything she's ever wanted in a man.

Sally asked Deacon if he'd talk to Jackie about carrying the Spectra designs at Jackie M. since she knows that's he's having an affair with her. Dominic goes to see Jackie, with a message from Massimo. He wants a divorce, and he wants her to have Jackie M., he wants to relinquish all claim to it. Jackie tells Nick that she hopes one day he'll be able to forgive her. Nick hugs his mother. Deacon returns home (after Nick left), and Jackie tells him that Massimo is giving her Jackie M. and she wants him to be vice president.

Days by Danielle

Bo and Billie enter Georgia’s room at the DiMera castle but realize that Georgia hasn’t been there for years because it is decorated for a young girl. Billie ignores Bo’s warnings not to touch a file cabinet and it explodes on them. Kate gives Marguerite a script on what to say the next time Sami calls. Brandon decides to step back and let Sami and Lucas be together. Lucas plans a romantic night for him and Sami but Sami can’t stop thinking about Brandon.

Belle tells Philip that she was dreaming about him. Mimi tells Belle that she was actually making love to Shawn tonight. Shawn wonders whether he was dreaming or not. He decides to take Hope’s advice and talk to Belle about it but finds her kissing Philip. Later, Belle decides to talk to Shawn about what he remembers. Hope overhears Brandon telling Lexie that Bo and Billie will grow closer once they find Georgia.

GH by  Amanda

Diego's sister goes to see Lorenzo and they clarify their pasts and present. He promises to not hurt Diego. Lucky is not. Connor reveals his plan to become Nik, ala A Tale of Two Cities, to Emily. She is resistant. After Sonny's sincere testimony, Alexis fears for her custody issues. Jax and Courtney stop Diego from going to kill Lorenzo, at least for a while, then Jax baby-sits while Courtney goes to see Alcazar, but really sees Jason. When Lois shows up at Lorenzo's, she is able to tell a leaving Maria where to find her brother. Lorenzo is suspicious of Maria's motives. Alexis agrees to a compromise with Sonny; half of Kristina's time will be with each of them, but Sonny changes it to Alexis full custody, himself unlimited visitation. Lady Jane's doubts infect Jax. Diego suspects he is Lorenzo's son.

GL by Elizabeth

Josh and Reva walk in on a party at their home thrown by Jonathan. Danny is confused by Michelle's call. Zach wants to protect his grandfather, which prompts Harley to protect her father by all means necessary. Marina and Danny kiss again. Reva hangs out with Jonathan's friends. Sebastian realizes that Michelle was lying to him about calling her father and threatens to kill Tony. Josh meets Ruth at J. Farley's and is surprised to hear her take on the killer in Phillip's murder. A police officer overhears Ruth also and places her under arrest for suspicion of murder. Holly and Michelle hope that Danny will realize something is wrong. Michelle tells Sebastian that she remembers her research with her father and she might be able to help him. Tony, Michelle and Holly hope that this bluff will buy them some time.

OLTL by Janice

Daniel plants doubts in Riley’s mind about Jen’s role in Paul’s murder. Jen is upset to find that Riley believes that she could have murdered Paul. Marcie is exercising and dieting to lose weight quickly. She goes to visit Michael at the hospital. He has just been before the hospital board regarding the Santi murder. She and Michael have an argument because he’s acting like a jerk and Marcie stands up to leave and faints. Natalie brings Christian to the hospital for a follow-up visit to his knife wound. Dr. Miller suggests that his headaches are due to stress and a counselor might be helpful. John witnesses Christian speak angrily to Natalie that he doesn’t need a shrink. Chris goes to get some medicine and John tells Natalie that he’s there if she ever needs to talk. Bo brings Mathew back to Nora’s house. Daniel stops by and sees them together. After Bo leaves, Nora tries to give him a big hug. Daniel accuses her of just trying to keep her love life even with Bo’s. He tells her that she’s still waiting for Bo to come back and that by now she should realize it’s over. Matthew overhears the conversation. Kevin tries to intimidate Adriana into telling him where Duke is. Adriana refuses. She overhears Kevin talking to another private investigator about locating Duke and Kelly. She calls Duke on his cell phone and warns him. She also asks him not to call her because she’s afraid she’ll accidentally tell his father his whereabouts.

Passions by Shirley

Gwen and Theresa are still arguing over who's the mommy, but Gwen and Rebecca feel they've won at last once Ethan returns to the NICU with a court order. Hold the phone, though. Woody Stumper to Theresa's rescue, and, as he said, "When maternity's in doubt, the Woodster will sort it out." Looks like the cat may have been let out of the bag. Julian offers Fox his job back but doesn't seem able to grant his son's only wish - to treat him and Chad equally. For an enlightened man, Julian sure seems blind to his propensity to hurt his eldest son with his words.

Luis and Sheridan are happily going about the business of getting ready to get married while Beth is about the business of getting that one little word out of the comatose Alistair's mouth that will break them up forever. However, all the shaking, poking, hitting and choking only manages to get and "Mmmmmm" from him, and once the phone rings and Luis asks her to help plan the wedding they are having the day after Christmas, she goes to see how she can mess up their plans instead.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Bobby assured Victor that Nikki was just his friend, then suggested Victor not neglect her since her love for him was strong, but not infallible. Victor thanked him for his advice and agreed to let him and Brittany stay on at the ranch. Alone, Nikki thanked Victor. He suggested she tell Bobby the truth about his dead brother, but she said she wanted to wait. Victor admitted he'd seen a side of Bobby he liked. Brittany convinced Lauren to hire her at the boutique for the holidays and not tell Bobby about it. Bobby then told her that they would be staying at the ranch, and admitted to seeing a side of Victor he liked. Gloria and Kevin's talk of Christmas annoyed Michael. Gloria noticed that Michael and Kevin were getting along much better. She and Kevin decided to decorate the condo in the hopes of getting Michael into the holiday mood. Lauren and Michael shared a romantic evening together, and she insisted he'd enjoy Christmas with the right person. Malcolm had dinner at the lodging of his mystery woman. He opened up to her about Africa, and about his time in GC. He admitted to feeling a connection with Lily that he couldn't explain. The woman recommended he not leave town, and invited him to spend the night on her sofa. Phyllis visited Damon and wanted to fix their relationship. Damon said the trust between them was gone forever, and admitted they had a very questionable future together. Phyllis, devastated, kissed him good-bye and left.

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