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AMC by Jenn

After the accident, while Bianca is in the hospital, Erica puts her plan into motion to return Miranda to Bianca, while playing nice to JR all the while so he suspects nothing. She reveals her anger toward David and Krystal. Tad also will never forgive those two for what they did to Bianca. She is not ready to tell Jack, however, about the discovery that the baby known as Bess is really Miranda.

ATWT by Linda

Aaron takes the job and then goes to help with decorating his Dad’s tree. After an old friend of Ali’s drops off the tree, he asks to shake Aaron’s hand but since he was holding up the tree, he told him that he had a bum arm and couldn’t. After he left, Alison told him she saw that he was getting his spark back and Aaron promised her that he would work as hard as he could to get back what he’s lost. After John met with Ben regarding Aaron’s surgery, Ben gave him his resignation much to Jessica’s horror. He explained to her that he couldn’t let Bob put himself on the line by not disclosing what Ben had told him about faking the drug test. Katie tells Henry that she divorced Simon and still loves Mike, but lied to Mike about it. After trying to cajole her into telling the truth, Henry is helping her reluctantly with the deception. After Paul accuses Will of hanging up Cabot’s stocking, he realizes it couldn’t be Will and when they put their heads together they come up with Barbara. Barbara is thanking Emily for the good work at Fairwinds when Paul and Will show up, Emily defending her against them. When Kim gives Paul and Will proof that Barbara was with her that morning, they leave. Kim shakes her head at Barbara and tells her she’ll see her on Christmas, Emily coming downstairs and Barbara telling her she has another job for her and if she’s lucky, Will will be home for Christmas. When Paul and Will get home, they go over everything and wonder if maybe it isn’t Roseanna doing it to herself.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge can't believe that Nick still wants Jackie and Massimo to be together. Massimo tells Jackie that he doesn't blame her he blames Deacon. He tells her how Deacon tormented him while he couldn't talk, he saw Deacon's advances towards her and she resisted. She begged Massimo not to seek revenge on Deacon, telling him he won't lose anything ... including his wife. Massimo starts yelling, No, not one more word! This is your idea of faithfulness! Stay with me to protect him! Massimo tells her to leave, Ridge and Nick make her go.

Eric tells Deacon that he only wants women who are off limits, and he's not going to let Deacon do this to Jackie. Jackie goes to Deacon and tells him that Massimo made her leave, because the feelings she has for Deacon are clear, and he could see it.

Days by Danielle

Kate bribes Marguerite to make Sami think she belongs with Brandon instead of Lucas. Bo and Billie discover a room full of items from Georgia’s childhood including a drawing that leads them to Georgia’s room on the top floor of the turret. Belle and Shawn are rushed to the hospital and are treated for smoke inhalation. Shawn and Belle both dream of being above their bodies in a heaven like atmosphere. Hope continues to be discouraged that she can’t reach Bo and seeks advice from Brandon and Lexie. Lucas overhears Brandon telling Sami that he still loves her and Sami telling Brandon not to go. Belle flashes back to being with Shawn and tells Philip that she must tell him something. Rex wants to know where Mimi was tonight but Mimi refuses to tell anyone until she tells Belle and Shawn first.

GH by Lisa

Ric encourages Alexis not to give up hope as the custody hearing resumes. Alexis loses her composure under Jordan's questioning and fears the worst. Sonny surprises everyone when he says that he and Alexis should share custody of Kristina. Nikolas pushes Emily away but she refuses to give up on him. Nikolas admits to Emily that he felt her presence while he was unconscious. Connor has his facial scar removed and undergoes other transformations to make himself look exactly like Nikolas.

Courtney agrees to spend Christmas with Jax and they decorate a tree. Dillon, Georgie, Brook Lynn and Diego encounter Maria. Meanwhile, Alcazar tells Lois about his past with Maria and explains she was a drug addict and he suffered a gunshot wound while trying to protect her. Maria admits to Diego that Alcazar is the man she wants him to avoid. Dillon and Georgie alert Courtney and Jax to the fact that Diego is going to confront Alcazar. Courtney and Jax intercept Diego and realize he's armed with a gun.

GL by Elizabeth

Rick takes off from his responsibilities at the hospital to spend time with Beth on the basketball court. Michelle arranges a deal with Sebastian to help Tony. Marina helps Robbie deal with his mother not being around. Blake looks for Rick so she can find out what is wrong with her brother. JB interrupts Sandy & Tammy at Company. JB tries to turn Tammy against Sandy. Marina and Danny sell Christmas trees with one another. Michelle helps Tony and they are both taken back to the villa. Mel and Rick get into a fight about his idea for the sailing trip and acting like adults. Mel wonders where Beth fits into her husband’s life. Sebastian demands that Michelle call her father. Marina and Danny kiss and are interrupted by a phone call.

OLTL by Janice

John and Evangeline go to the Diner and talk about their views on marriage. They decide they are a perfect couple – John is afraid after losing Caitlin to have that commitment to someone and Evangeline has seen so many divorces that she is unwilling to commit to a marriage because she’s sure it will end in divorce. Duke flies to Florida in Asa’s jet to meet Kelly. He has a buddy who tracks down Babe and Ace. Meanwhile, Kevin tries to pump Adriana for information on Duke’s whereabouts. She does a good job of standing up to him, but asks Kevin what is wrong with his relationship with Duke if he’s willing to help his step-mother. Dorian tries to comfort Blair by keeping Viki away from her. Starr and Blair both insist that Viki is family. Dorian is incensed. Starr is insistent that something is wrong with her Dad – “He would never leave us!” Viki returns to Llanfair to find Christian flinging a hot pan off of the stove. Christian goes upstairs to take care of his burn and Natalie comes down. Viki asks if something is wrong. Natalie isn’t sure what to say, but she has noticed the change in Christian. Christian won’t tell her that he is not remembering things. At the remote cabin, Todd is being held by Margaret. She gets out a butcher knife and cuts the bullets out of his legs. Todd pretends to be sleeping and Margaret leaves the room to clean up. Todd drags himself over to the window, breaks the window, but is unable to escape before Margaret comes back. She ties him to the bed. She gets a glass of champagne for each of them to toast to their wedding night. Todd spits in her face. In retribution, Margaret pulls on the tourniquet on his leg leaving him screaming. She then lies down on his chest telling him not to ruin their wedding night.

Passions by Shirley

Gwen continues to whine and yell about Theresa being recognized as the baby's mother. She doesn't understand why Theresa is so inhuman, how she can keep her away from her baby who needs her. Theresa tells her she would never keep her from her baby like she kept Theresa from her son when he was crying for her. We are left wondering which is more inhuman. Sheridan is upset at Theresa, also, but the girl confides the truth of the matter to Luis, and he eventually tells Sheridan so she can understand the real problem. They both feel bad for Gwen when she finds out what that truth is. Meanwhile, Ethan is working on getting the custody papers filed.

Beth figures out a way to get to Alistair and hopes he will tell her the magic word that will get Luis for her. Edna continues to warn her all will not go as planned and sooner or later the true mother of Little Martin will be revealed.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Ash and Brad spent time with Abby planning to decorate the Abbott Estate. When Gloria and John joined them, Abby asked why she wore so much makeup. Gloria admitted it was to look younger than she was. Alone with John and Gloria, Ash delighted in making Gloria uncomfortable by talking about inviting her two sons to Christmas Dinner, while Gloria annoyed Ash by admitting she planned to decorate the house herself. Sharon and Nick were disappointed to learn Malcolm - who was great with Cassie and Noah - planned to leave GC. They agreed they needed to find someone to run the coffeehouse full time now that they were both working. Damon got released on bail, and Christine begged him to keep quiet about the evidence until more time had passed. Malcolm again harassed Damon about getting Phyllis into trouble. Phyllis interrupted them and took Damon aside to speak privately. She demanded to know if he and Christine were hiding something. Damon refused to answer, said he could no longer trust her, and insisted she'd forced them to opposite sides of the same battle. Nikki told Victor that Bobby was really Charlie Cassen and she wanted to help him. Victor wanted to get things back on track with their marriage, but Nikki walked away. Bobby and Victor agreed they needed to talk, man to man. Wandering in the park, Malcolm encountered a mysterious woman who'd also spent years in Africa. They talked, then agreed to have dinner together. She admitted she was in town on unpleasant business.

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