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AMC by Jenn

While Bianca is in the hospital, nobody knows when or if she'll be conscious or what will happen. Tad convinces Erica that Bess is Miranda. She looks at the baby and is convinced and determined to prove it with DNA but Tad tells her if she messes with the Chandlers, she and Bianca could lose Miranda forever. Kendall seems to believe JR that Babe lied to Bianca about Bess being Miranda. David and Krystal know they have made many enemies by keeping the secret about Miranda. He tries to convince her to get over Tad and realize she'll never get him back and that maybe she should consider him instead of Tad. But she tells him she doesn't have feelings for him and has not completely gotten over Tad.

ATWT by Linda

Holden gets a great Christmas surprise when Aaron walks into Al’s – with Ali’s help of course. When Ali’s boss tells her Anita, the cashier, has quit, she has him give Aaron a chance. Roseanna and Paul talk about Will and Roseanna confesses that she was a bit scared of Will, but they decided to make a real go of it. Until when they went to pack for Roseanna’s trip and came back downstairs to Cabot’s stocking hanging off the mantle as Will walked back in from breakfast with his Dad. Emily told Hal she was going to the Doctor, but Barbara reminded her she had other plans, mainly going to Fairwinds and hanging up Cabot’s stocking. JJ comes over to Jack and Carly’s, Jack telling him once Julia got there that even though he wasn’t going to be with them, he would be there no matter what for JJ. Julia told Jack not to lie, but retracted it, saying that perhaps she and JJ should stay in Oakdale. Carly left so that Jack and Julia could talk with JJ, going over to Holden’s and planning a welcome back party for Jack. Holden cautions her that Julia may very well still be in their life, Carly reluctantly agreeing. Katie is at Lucinda’s when Mike comes over to deliver something for Street Jeans. They talk and he asks where her wedding ring is, Katie lying and saying it fell into the garbage disposal. When Jennifer shows up to also talk with Lucinda, it gets uncomfortable – Mike and Katie talking again and making Mike decide that he wants to keep modeling for Jennifer. Jennifer asks him if the reason he wants to is because Katie is back. Katie calls Henry on the phone and makes a date to meet him.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge and Dominick wrestle the gun away from Massimo. The shots fired were blanks. Massimo tells Jackie that Deacon drugged her and mocked and tormented him while he was stuck in his chair. Ridge and Dominick make Jackie and Deacon leave. Massimo refused to go back to the clinic. While in the car, Deacon admits to Jackie that he said things to Massimo while he thought he was in a coma. Jackie ran back into the house to be with Massimo. Massimo told Jackie that he doesn't blame her that Deacon took advantage of her and now he's out of her life forever.

Stephanie told Eric about Jackie and Deacon's affair. Eric said he knows that Massimo is controlling but that Deacon is not a good alternative. Eric went to see Deacon to tell him to stay away from Jackie and not ruin her life the way he did to Bridget.

Days by Danielle

Hope tries to reach Bo but he turned his satellite phone off. Brandon stops by to check in on Hope and they talk about their respective relationships. Bo and Billie knock out a couple guards and steal their uniforms. They sneak to the gate and Billie uses the faded keys on the keypad to open the gate. Billie ignores Bo’s warning to be careful and runs through the gate, which triggers an alarm. Marlena and Roman pretend to be hurt so that they can steal a guard’s cell phone but Tony catches them. Tony plays them a video of Kate comforting John in his hospital room so that Marlena and Roman will think that everyone has given up on them. Maggie gives John a cross from his time as a priest that Marlena had asked her to give him if she didn’t make it back. Marlena sees this in the tape and considers it definite proof that John and Kate have moved on without them. Kate offers to move into the penthouse so that John can go home to recuperate. The mystery person takes a picture of John’s chart so he can duplicate it, minus the notation that John was already given pain medication. The nurse reads the duplicate chart and administers an extra dose of medication. The mystery person checks in with Tony for more orders.

Philip and Rex arrive at a barn but find that it’s not the same barn as the one Belle and Shawn are in. Belle and Shawn make love and are sleeping on the hay-covered floor when a spark from the stove shoots out onto the hay. Shawn wakes up to find them surrounded by a raging fire. Shawn tries to carry Belle out of the fire but falling beams trap them. The paramedics wheel them both, unconscious, to the ambulance just as Rex and Philip spot the fire and reach the barn. Philip finds Belle’s scarf on the ground and calls out to Belle as the ambulance drives away.

GH by Amanda

Jason slugs Coleman. Carly is understanding when Steve gets paged to go to work. Ric urges Sonny not to do anything rash in re Alexis' stunt with Kristina. His plea buys an hour to find the two. Emily's vision of Nik is not of Nik but Connor in the flesh. She sends him away and begins praying again while Nik is taken to emergency surgery. Alexis runs to Jax's apartment with her baby. Connor runs into Lucky at a bar and tells him about Nik. Emily's spirit calls Nik back from the beyond. Alexis asks Ric to either come with her or not stand in the way. He, however, convinces her to come back. Connor sees a plastic surgeon about his scar.

GL by Sarah

Josh and Billy discuss Reva's disappearance and Billy's conversation with Harley. Ross informs Olivia that Alan intends to sue for grandfathers' rights. At Cedars, Edmund and Cassie discuss having a baby while Jeffrey pumps Lillian for information. Jeffrey informs Buzz and Harley that charges will be pressed soon. Buzz tells Harley that he wants to meet with Ruth Karloff. Dinah tells Ross she may be pregnant while Edmund overhears the conversation. Jeffrey meets with Dinah to discuss the future.

OLTL by Janice

Antonio sleeps outside of Jessica’s hospital room. She’s afraid he just wants to be there in case she remembers that it was Antonio who pulled the plug. Antonio tells her he’s there to protect her because she is the only eye-witness to the killing. He swears to her that he did not kill Tico. Kevin observes Duke talking to Kelly on the phone. Kelly asks Duke to help her find a private investigator to help her find Ace. Duke decides he has to go to Florida himself and join in Kelly’s search. Kevin calls his private investigator and berates him for not finding Ace yet. Christian does not recognize Adriana at the reception hall. He also does not remember his and Natalie’s favorite song. He leaves the reception early and heads home and studies his black book of things to remember. Natalie sticks around. John asks her how she’s doing. She tells him that it’s no longer his concern and puts a flower in his lapel. Evangeline comments on the flower as she and John proceed to make out in the elevator after the wedding is called off. Margaret shoots Todd in his other leg when he attempts to run away from her. She drags him back into the room and places tourniquets on both of his legs. She forces him to write a good-bye letter to Blair by threatening to have Starr hurt by an accomplice if he doesn’t do as told. Margaret holds a chemical over Todd’s nose causing him to pass out and takes him to a cabin. There she prepares to remove the bullets from Todd’s legs with a butcher knife. Blair is devastated by Todd’s note. She can’t believe that Todd would walk away from their family. Starr thinks that Todd must be in trouble.

Passions by Shirley

Alistair is taken to the hospital after Eve revives him at his aide's request. He dies again, but Tabitha has Endora cast a spell on him to bring him back so he will have a chance to say the one word that will destroy Harmony. It's touch and go. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Sam is trying to find out who done it, and tells the suspects that if the old man dies, someone there will be charged with first degree murder and could be put to death.

Gwen, Ivy and Rebecca face off against Theresa, telling her she will never have the baby and now she won't get Little Ethan back, either. Theresa comes up with some backup, however, when the doctor tells them all to shut up or she'll throw them out, then took Theresa in to sit with the baby while Gwen fumed and yelled. Ethan is in a pickle, not knowing which way to turn.

Y&R By Christopher

Victor heard Nick's side of things with Neil, and agreed not to interfere in how he ran NE. He did, however, suggest that Nick consider whether or not losing Neil was worth it. Jack and Phyllis shared coffee, and he told her to save herself even if it meant watching Damon go down for what had happened with Dominic. Jack insisted he'd always love Phyllis. Christine refused to answer Michael's questions and left him alone with Paul, who was also tight-lipped. Michael suspected they were hiding something. Alone with Phyllis, he suggested they had evidence clearing Phyllis but incriminating Damon. Phyllis said it was time to put herself first, like Jack had said. Christine told Damon about the evidence, but insisted they not come forward just yet. Damon was reluctant to go along with it. Dru and Neil chastised Devon about skipping a class. He got defensive and stormed away from a family dinner, followed closely by Lily who was still upset about Malcolm. Dru was hopeful when Nick phoned and asked Neil to meet with him the following morning at NE. Bobby accused Nikki of trying to make herself feel better about something when she insisted she'd pay for the renovations to his condo. She broke down in tears and he took her in his arms. Victor walked in and found them this way.

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