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AMC by Boo

Ryan has a rough go at getting through to Greenlee. Maria tries to get him to leave, but he doesnít give up. Greenlee finally comes around and pulls out of it. She worries that she is losing her mind, but Ryan assures her that she will be okay now. They lay on the hospital bed and happily make plans for their future. Reggie and Lily bring Jack a few things from home. Jack tells them that he and Erica will be married. Reggie and Lily are both happy to hear it.

 David and Krystal discuss what their future holds now and wonder how much trouble they are in with the law. David tries to convince Krystal to run away with him. He admits that he wants her. J.R. and Kendall argue about what happened to Bianca. J.R. insists that it was an accident and blames it all on Babe. Bianca wakes up and tries to tell Kendall and Erica to get Miranda, but they donít understand. Erica tells Kendall that she is going to marry Jack. They share a happy moment. Tad and J.R. discuss all that has happened and J.R. seems to realizing that he hasnít done some things right.  Tad tells Erica that Miranda is alive.

ATWT by Linda

Roseanna apologizes and talks Will into moving back to Fairwinds, but not before Barbara catches wind of Roseanna’s haunting and begins to scheme. Lucy and Rafi survive the crash and begin to make plans on how to survive. Dusty and Lily confront Sierra with the evidence, Sierra explaining she made the donation to the monastery on Alan’s behalf. When Dusty talks to her alone, she convinces him that Lucy is on a ski trip to Aspen and he believes her, telling Lily that as long as Lucy is safe, he’s fine. Lily tells her sister that she doesn’t buy it, promising to continue looking into Craig’s disappearance. Julia mistakenly believes that she’s won Jack’s heart and is devastated when he tells her he’s chosen Carly. Carly promises Jack that she will stand behind anything he decides when it comes to Julia and JJ.

B&B by Leigh

Eric told Stephanie that Ridge will be taking some time off to concentrate on his family. Eric can't believe that Stephanie was actually hoping this would break Ridge and Brooke apart. Stephanie went to see Brooke, who told her Ridge and she are better than ever. Wondering where Ridge is, Brooke told her that he and Nick went to Massimo's. She also filled Stephanie in on the facts about Deacon and Jackie's relationship.

Massimo walks in on Deacon and Jackie lying on the sofa kissing. "Jacqueline, I'm back." Jackie is elated; she can't believe that he's there and that he's talking. Deacon tries to leave, then Massimo stops him. Massimo tells Jackie that Deacon has been using her, and that he drugged her. He tells Deacon that he remembers everything he said to him while he was unable to talk. He points the gun at Deacon and demands that Deacon tell Jackie the truth. Nick enters the house, comes up behind him, and 2 shots are fired.

Days by Danielle

John sees the mystery person as Tek. Tek tells Lexie that he wasn’t the one she saw coming out of John’s room right before John had a reaction. Mimi and Jan struggle over the gun and fire the last bullet but it misses them both. Mimi uses the gun to knock Jan out and is able to escape after more struggling once Jan woke up. Kate is able to drive through the storm to reach Sami and Brandon. Brandon and Sami come close to kissing and are almost caught by Lucas. Sami and Lucas arrive home and make love yet Sami realizes that she loves both Lucas and Brandon. Kate brings Brandon to the hospital where he calls her on bringing him to Salem to break up Sami and Lucas and vows to leave Salem for good once the storm is over.

Belle and Shawn make their way to an empty barn and strip down before building a fire in the wood-burning stove to get warm. They snuggle together under the blankets so Shawn can share his body heat to keep Belle warm and end up rekindling their feelings and make love. Mimi calls Philip for help since Belle and Shawn haven’t shown up to Jan’s house yet so Philip and Rex use skis to make their way to the barn.

GH by Amanda

Sonny is less than thrilled with Carly's date, Steve; nor is she thrilled with him buying the kids too many gifts. While Steve waits for Carly to finish getting ready, Sonny and Michael both warn him off. Ric fights with Mac over the fact that one of Mac's cops shot Nikolas. Nik responds to Emily's presence. Carly wonders why Steve wants to date her. Alexis uses the incident to argue with Sonny about guns. After moving out Sam meets Coleman . Emily's prayers help Nik fight back for a while, then he goes into defib. She has a vision of him in the chapel. Sonny and Ric discover that Kristina is missing.

GL by Sarah

Olivia and Alan talk about Emma's future. Alan wants her to be raised with the Spauldings and threatens Olivia with legal action. Gus allows Ruth to escape as Frank tends Buzz. Later at the hospital, Buzz and Alex talk as Alan assures Gus that Alex isn't guilty. Reva and Jonathon revisit the past only to find that it's dead and buried. Bill promises Olivia that he will be with her and Emma and her problems will go away by Christmas.

OLTL by Boo

At the reception hall for Blair and Todd’s wedding. Natalie sees Christian with a little notebook. He refuses to let her see it. He doesn’t remember Kevin, the suit he wore for his wedding, or his wedding vows. Todd taunts Kevin and Viki has to stop the fight. She tells Todd to go get ready so he won’t be late for his wedding. Bo and Nora question Dorian and David. They get basically the same story from them and decide that they weren’t Paul’s killers, so they decide to drop the charges. Nora is unable to find Daniel to discuss it with him and takes the responsibility for it. Adriana tries to convince Antonio to go to Tico’s funeral. Antonio refuses. At the hospital, Dr. Miller tells Michael that the board has more questions for him about Mr. Santi’s death. Marcie asks Jessica to tell Michael that it wasn’t his fault that Tico died. Michael is thrilled when Jess talks to him, but is really upset to find that Marcie asked her to. John tries to question Jess about Tico’s death, but she insists she can’t remember the details. Dr. Miller asks John to leave when Jessica gets upset. Antonio tells her that once she gets out of the hospital everything will be ok. Starr is upset about her braces and refuses to have any pictures taken where she is smiling. Matthew surprises her by taking a picture and editing out the braces. She is happy to find that she’ll be able to be in her parents wedding pictures without the “metal mouth” showing and gives Matt a big hug. Natalie and John share some tense moments while waiting for their partners to go into the wedding. Evangeline and John go around the corner and kiss. Natalie looks on and John looks over at her after he kisses Evangeline. As Blair, Addie, Adriana, and Starr get ready for the wedding they are ecstatic to see Dorian on the doorstep. Addie is convinced that Todd was the one that convinced Bo to let Dorian come to the wedding. As they finish their final preparations, Todd is surprised to see Margaret on his doorstep all decked out in a wedding gown. As he tries to tell her that Blair won’t be too happy, Margaret pulls a gun out of her bridal bouquet and shoots Todd in the leg.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa talks to the baby and the nurse notes some improvement in her. Gwen is still sedated, while Rebecca and Ivy team up to stop Theresa from causing any more pain for their kids. Ethan and his father talk about the choice Ethan may have to make, and Ethan wonders if he's up to the job.

Alistair's party is off to a rocky start, with him wanting to gloat over all of them and the guests simply wanting to get it over with and leave. He lets it be known he is aware one of them poisoned his cognac, but he didn't reckon on a Plan B. A couple of puffs from his cigar and the old man lies dead on the floor.....apparently. No one lifted a finger to help him except his aide, until Eve decided to pronounce him dead. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Endora are watching with great interest and do a happy dance when the deed seems to be done.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kevin wasn't bothered by Michael and Lauren's kissing, prompting Michael to wonder if it was time Kevin get back on his own two feet and get a place of his own. Lauren wished Michael luck when he told her he and Christine were now on separate sides of the same case. Neil begged Malcolm not to leave town, and wondered again what was really going on with him and Drucilla. Dru begged Victor to intervene where Neil's job at NE was concerned. Victor summoned Neil, who admitted he'd quit and insisted it was for the best. Reluctantly, Neil told Victor that Nick was making bad business decisions that were counter-productive to NE. Kevin comforted Lily about Malcolm's departure, but she freaked out when he touched her hand, and ran out. Malcolm warned Kevin not to ever harm Lily in any way. JT flirted with yet another girl from school. When Kevin admitted to JT that he had feelings for Mac, JT warned him to stay away from her. When Christine realized the transcript proved Phyllis' innocence, while damning Damon, she wondered what she should do with it. While Paul told her to worry only about Damon, not Phyllis, Michael arrived and asked what was going on. Malcolm and Olivia kissed passionately. Dru interrupted them and again forced Malcolm to believe that leaving town was best. He said his good-byes. Olivia blasted Dru for forcing Malcolm away, then threw her out. Victor asked Nick if it was true Neil had quit. Nick said it was, and wondered if he - or Victor - was really running NE.

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