The TV MegaSite's Thursday 12/9/04 Short Recaps



AMC by Jenn

Erica confronts Kendall and asks if she is the one that gave Greenlee the drugs. Kendall never gives her a clear cut answer. Tad pleads with Jamie and Babe not to take off with baby James. They convince Tad that they are doing the right thing, and after good byes are all said, they take off. J.R. and Bianca argue over Bess/Miranda. Bianca ends up falling off of a two story balcony, knocking her unconscious. Paramedics arrive and take her to the hospital. Tad stops J.R. from leaving with the baby. Greenlee offers an exchange of her life for Ryan’s when she thinks she is talking to death. Ryan convinces Maria to let him see his wife.

ATWT by Linda

Lucy and Rafi are left handcuffed to a plane when Dom and the pilot bail out. They manage to get free but the plane begins its dive, Rafi covering Lucy to protect her. Craig has visions of Bryant, Lucy and Sierra and just when he’s at the breaking point, he picks up a chair to hurl it at the wall when something catches his eye. He realizes that it’s a small camera built into the decorative trim. Sierra accepts a dinner date with Jordan. Dusty and Lily go through clues she found outside her house, discovering black prayer beads. When perusing the neighbors responses to what they saw the afternoon that Craig disappeared, one neighbor said she saw a monk and when she asked what order he was from he told her. They look it up on the internet and find major contributors, hoping Dom’s name would be there. But low and behold they find Sierra’s name. Roseanna tries to convince Carly to not give the signed divorce papers to Jack, but Carly does anyway, crying at her loss. Jack receives them after talking with Julia and runs back to Carly telling her he’s made his decision and it’s her, tearing up the papers. Julia finds a piece of the divorce decree with the signatures and her and Lisa celebrate her “victory.” Roseanna comes back to Fairwinds finding it in the dark (Paul blew a fuse putting in too many Christmas lights) and when they blink on, she finds she placed her purse next to a figurine of baby Jesus. When Will asks her what’s wrong, she accuses him of torturing her, Paul breaking it up and explaining Will’s plan and what happened to the lights. When she turns to apologize, Will is gone.

B&B by Leigh

Brooke and Ridge made up after the arguing over the CEO vote. Nick went to the clinic and found Massimo had left. He called and told Ridge, then surmised Massimo was heading home.

Massimo had the taxi drop him off at home. He managed to get inside to his office. He heard Jacqueline and Deacon in the next room. Jackie was telling Deacon, "stop" and "no." Massimo found his gun and was heading toward their voices saying, "no ... stop ... stop."

Days by Danielle

Doug and Julie stop by Hope’s house rather than try and travel all the way back to Alice’s house. Doug works on the furnace. Hope insists that she and Bo will still be in love once Georgia is found but Julie calls her a fool for believing that. Billie insists that she doesn’t want to go after Bo and admits that it was Kate who put that idea into her head. Bo vows to always be with Hope. Kate is the help that Lucas called from the gas station. Upon hearing that Sami and Brandon are alone together, Kate tries to drive home instead of back to them. Sami and Brandon pass the time by talking about how Sami’s life revolves around her current beau and Celeste’s prediction that led to their current predicament. Brandon admits that he still loves Sami.

Jan returns to the love cage with a loaded syringe but is surprised to find that Mimi not only used the keys that Jan forgot to take back to get out of the cage but is now in possession of Jan’s gun. Mimi makes Jan crush the syringe and they struggle for the gun. Belle’s car crashed into the guardrail and subsequently fell into the river. Shawn pulls Belle out of the river and gives her CPR to revive her. They decide to head for a field to seek out shelter.

GH by Lisa

Luke refuses to believe that Laura was killed in a fire and unearths her casket. Luke is devastated to find Laura's charred remains and removes the wedding ring from her finger. Unbeknownst to Luke, Laura is still alive. Nikolas is sentenced and pushes an emotional Emily away when she tries to see him before he's sent away. Nikolas explains his harshness to Lucky, saying he is doing what is best for Emily. Chaos ensues when Nikolas attempts to flee while being transferred to prison.

Sam tells Jason how she feels about him but he shuts down and suggests she move out. Jason later stops Sam from leaving. Jane takes an instant dislike to Courtney as she senses Courtney is still in love with Jason. Jax later tells Courtney that he loves her and is hurt when she can't return the sentiment.

GL by Elizabeth

Sandy shows up to stop Jonathan and Reva from leaving. Lizzie averts a crisis at Company with help from Alexandra. Buzz hires Gus as his lawyer. Ruth tries to get out of the study while Beth & Rick inform her that they've called the police. While trapped in the study Ruth talks to a 'vision' of Harley. Buzz confesses to Gus that he did not kill Phillip. Reva tells Sandy that she can take care of herself and heads off to San Jamal with Jonathan. Ruth attacks Frank in order to get free. Rick confesses to Beth that he wants to take off in order to 'truly live' and get away. Coop and Marina come up with a plan to get Lizzie to turn Company back over to the Cooper's. Lizzie comes up with a plan to get the Cooper's to accept her as their boss. Frank decides that finding Ruth has become personal. Buzz runs into Ruth outside of Company and collapses.

OLTL by Janice

Viki goes to the jail to tell Dorian that she’s been fired as Chief of Staff at Llanview Hospital. Dorian blames Viki for every bad thing that has happened to her. Kevin is upset that Adriana spent the night in a guest room at Buchanan Mansion. He and Duke exchange words. Duke gets even more upset with his father when he finds out that he’s been having Kelly followed. Duke seems annoyed that Kevin is more attached to a child that he’s not even biologically related to than he is to his own flesh and blood, Duke. Viki comes in and tries to make Kevin understand that Duke needs attention as well. Starr is upset that she has gotten braces; she’s going to look awful for the wedding pictures. Matthew has a plan to cheer her up. Blair goes to St Anne’s to tell her mother that she and Todd are getting married today. Meanwhile, Margaret is there to see her therapist and listens in on the details of the wedding. Margaret cradles a gun in her hand as Addie awaits a ride to Llanview for the wedding. Blair interrupts Paige and Bo at The Palace to see if Bo will allow Dorian to get out of jail for the night to attend the wedding. Bo tries to make Blair understand that Dorian is being charged with murder. After Blair leaves, Paige asks Bo if he was trying to make Nora jealous when he kissed her. Bo admits to it and asks her forgiveness. Meanwhile, Nora has invited Daniel back to her apartment. As they kiss, Nora flashes to images of Bo and Paige kissing and pulls away from Daniel. The phone rings and Daniel rushes off to a meeting. Nora is relieved, but when she calls to check on Daniel she finds that there wasn’t a meeting after all. Marcie’s agent arranges a makeover and a personal trainer for Marcie. Paige sees Michael at the restaurant and tells him that he needs to make out a formal statement regarding Tico’s death. Michael is sure that the hospital is looking for a scapegoat to take responsibility for Tico’s death. He is so engrossed in what he has to do, that he doesn’t even notice Marcie’s makeover.

Passions by Shirley

Each of the guests invited to Alistair's party has a reason to want the man dead, and each manages to find some alone time before going to the party. At the mansion, Alistair takes a drink from his glass before going out to greet his arriving guests, and someone takes the opportunity to pour poison into it while he's out of the room. The guests start to gather at Alistair's estate one by one, each wondering why he called them all together. All except Martin and Katherine, both of whom have vowed to stop him anyway they can. Once they are all assembled, some uninvited guests crash the party, causing a scene, but they are soon quieted as they all watch Alistair start to take a sip from his poisoned glass.

Edna is anticipating that Beth will murder Alistair, get caught, go to the electric chair, and bury her secrets with her, leaving Little Martin free to be with his real mommy and daddy. Tabitha, well aware of what is in store, watches it all on her magic TV, giving her daughter her first taste of murder and filling her in on the "family business."

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Daniel vented to Malcolm about Phyllis being in jail. Malcolm blamed Damon, and told Daniel to have faith in Phyllis. Christine & Michael broke Damon and Phyllis up as they blamed each other for their situation at the police station. The lawyers agreed they had difficult clients on their hands, but believed they could win. Dt. Weber refused to release Damon, telling Christine he was too much of a flight risk. Daniel chastised Phyllis for putting herself in danger and putting him in a position to have no one in his life. Phyllis assured him things were going to work out. Paul told Christine about his lead. She phoned Warden Paulson and threatened to go public with his secret surveillance unless she got a transcript of Phyllis' conversation with Dominic in prison. When the fax came through, she was stunned by what she read. Lily was devastated to learn Malcolm was leaving town for good. Drucilla chastised Neil for quitting his job and ordered him to make it right, worried about her own future with NE. Neil begged Malcolm to stay so they could rebuild. Malcolm said he was giving up a lot for Neil, who didn't even know it. Dru went to Victor and told him Neil had quit because of Nicholas. Victor refused Ashley's request to let Jack return to Jabot, told her they were all selfish, and said she had nothing to offer him in negotiations except full custody of Abby.

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