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AMC by Jenn

Bianca expresses her anger toward Babe for keeping her baby from her, tells her she'll never forgive her and never wants to see her again. JR does not want to believe that Bess is not his nor that his baby boy died and tries to kill Jamie with a lethal weapon when Jamie keeps telling him the truth about Miranda. Tad, David and Krystal attempt to help their kids. JR meets up with Bianca, telling her he either does not believe Bess is Miranda, or that she could not love a baby that she had from being raped by Michael Cambias. She keeps telling him he needs to give her her baby but he refuses.

ATWT by Linda

Rafi and Lucy fall into Dom’s trap. When JJ makes a tearful plea to Jack posing as Santa to bring Jack back forever, Carly overhears him and decides to sign the divorce papers. Roseanna tells Paul about what happened with Will and when Will and Paul talk, Will decides that they need to make this Christmas the most merry one ever so she can replace the sad memories in Fairwinds with happy ones. Craig is confronted with his past behavior toward his children and Sierra, striking him heavily. As he weeps in his cell, Sierra watches him on a close circuit TV.

B&B by Leigh

After telling Eric he needs a break, Ridge told Eric that he doesn't like all the pressure they put on Brooke and that he feels resentful, and Brooke will have to suffer the consequences of what she's done. Dr. Ying phoned Ridge and told him to come right away that Massimo is asking for him. When Ridge got there he found a very agitated Massimo who kept mumbling, "get him, get him." Ridge told him to get some rest and when he's able to tell him what he wants he'll make it happen. The doctor told Massimo a nurse would bring him a sedative. Massimo grabbed his watch and ring and made his way out of the clinic and was taking a taxicab home.

Deacon asked Jackie to move in with him for good. Jackie told him she can't say goodbye to all of it because she'll have failed Dominick. Ridge came home and found Dominick talking with Brooke. He filled him in on Massimo's condition. Ridge then told Brooke he wanted to talk about their marriage.

Days by Danielle

Mimi calls Belle and Shawn to come see Jan’s love cage for themselves. Jan finds Mimi at her house and they struggle. Jan pretends to be hurt so Mimi will let her guard down. Jan pushes Mimi into the love cage and locks her in. Belle and Shawn run into each other in the hall and decide to go to Jan’s house together. They drive onto the bridge but start to slide and crash, as the bridge is a solid sheet of ice.

The heat goes off at Hope’s house and so does the power when Hope is trying to call for a technician to come fix the heat. Hope tries to reach Bo but he has his phone turned off. Someone knocks on Hope’s door that Hope is surprised to see. Bo and Billie fall asleep during the plane ride. They both dream of their past romantic life together and end up kissing while still half asleep. Brandon is so busy arguing with Sami that he almost drives into a tree. He swerves to miss it and the car ends up trapped in a snow bank. Brandon and Lucas try to push the car back onto the road to no avail. Since Brandon reopened his previous head wound by hitting his head on the steering wheel, Lucas insists on going to a gas station for help. While alone in the car, Brandon accuses Sami of not signing the annulment papers because she still wants to be with him. At the gas station, Lucas is unable to get a tow truck but thinks of another way to help when the gas station clerk jokes about needing a tank to come out in this blizzard.

GH by  Amanda

Thanks to a switch in judges at Nik's sentencing, Ric's attempts to be merciful fall on deaf ears and the judge deems Nik arrogant, callous, and worthy of the death penalty. Alcazar interrupts Dillon and Georgi's Bobbsey twin routine as they try to help Brooke help Diego. Their story is bought, so they go free. Courtney is terrified and unwilling to meet Lady Jane. Skye and Luke are forced to sing when they go undercover to try and find Laura in a blues club. They are booed off stage, as both are truly awful, despite the fact that Skye's character originated on AMC as a singer. Alexis and Ric attempt to use Helena's history to help Nik but the judge is obstinate and refuses. Jason catches Brooke and Diego snooping at Sonny's apartment, and his call delays Courtney's big meeting. Even Tracy comes through for Emily when it comes to character witnessing for Nik. Sam and Courtney have a heart to heart about Jason. Lady Jane has doubts about Courtney, who on overhearing, reassures her. Luke finds Laura's paid companion.

GL by Sarah

Mel and Rick fight about Phillip again. Frank question Buzz and finds out that his father was not only at Company the night Phillip was murdered, but that he threatened him as well. Tony becomes more and more sick. Alexandra comes to Buzz's defense. Marina and Danny have some fun time with one another. Michelle looks for help for Tony and trusts the wrong person. Ruth returns to the Spaulding Mansion. Holly gets away and then returns after feeling guilty. Rick and Beth trap Ruth in the Spaulding Mansion study. Michelle and Holly become roommates.

OLTL by Janice

Jessica continues to have nightmares about Tico choking her if she doesn’t tell who killed him. Jessica is upset that she can’t remember. She refuses to see anyone but Viki. Christian does not remember things that he should – favorite breakfasts, mother in law, that he doesn’t like The Palace. He also refuses to see his mother, even after Antonio tells him that he really needs to go to her. Daniel is upset that Bo planted a story on the news without consulting him. Bo concludes that RJ and Rex are innocent because they took all of the shovels because they didn’t know which was the real one. Bo and Daniel contemplate letting Dorian and David out of jail. Nora sees Paige and Bo kissing at lunch. She pretends to be at The Palace to get take-out for her and Daniel for a romantic lunch. She goes back to the station and asks Daniel back to her place for a picnic lunch. John is at the hospital investigating Tico’s murder. The doctors refuse to let Jessica be questioned. Natalie bumps into Evangeline and asks her to return John’s gloves to him. Evangeline seems a little perturbed that John met Natalie in Angel Square. Todd and Blair prepare to get married. Blair gets upset when she overhears Todd invite Viki, gloating that the Cramer family won’t be there. Starr gets braces. Margaret goes to Blair and Todd’s apartment. She hears them talk about the wedding – today. She goes back home and calls the cabin rental agency and asks to rent the cabin immediately.

Passions by Shirley

Eve manages to get Theresa to see she is wrong by tricking her, but once the jig is up, Theresa is more determined than ever to keep her child and Gwen be damned. Rebecca is still cursing Theresa, while Ethan heads to the courthouse to try to get the paperwork moving. He ends up in NICU, however, watching Theresa and wondering if she is the mother of his daughter. Sam hears him asking himself that question and wants an explanation.

Luis, Sheridan, Pilar, Eve, Julian, Martin, and Katherine all receive their invitations for Alistair's party and orders to dress nice and show up on time. After thinking they won't go, all decided they have to and each wonders if he/she can kill the Old Man. Katherine sneaks off early to try to accomplish it. Meanwhile, Beth is still researching Mrs. Wheeler, then decides killing Alistair is her best chance to split Luis and Sheridan up. Add Tabitha to the mix, and it looks like Alistair has a huge bullseye right in the big middle of him.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brad and Jack learned that Victor was back in town, and figured he'd likely try to bury Jabot while they were in trouble. When Neil told Drucilla that Nick had cut the beauty pageant, she insisted he find a way to get it back on track. Ashley went to Nick to find out how to contact Victor. Nick blasted her for hurting his family. Victor interrupted them and agreed to speak with Ash alone. They discussed Abby, befor she told him about the fire and begged him to let Jack come back to work at Jabot so he could help save the family. Dru stopped by Jabot to see if there was any chance of getting her old job back, and was shocked to find Sharon working there as spokeswoman. Sharon took pleasure in rubbing in it Dru's face, and threatened to tell Nick she was looking for other work. Neil and Nick argued again about the project. When Nick insisted he was Neil's boss and therefore had the final say in everything, Neil quit his job. Later, he told Dru what he'd done. Daniel begged Christine to help get Phyllis out of jail. Christine told Damon what Phyllis had done. Damon had to turn himself in, since Weber couldn't arrest just half of a conspiracy group. Michael reluctantly helped get Phyllis out of jail, and agreed to take her case. Damon lashed out at Phyllis for getting them in deeper. Paul learned that Warden Paulson in Georgia had lied about having security tapes of the visitors lounge.

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