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AMC by Jenn

Babe urges Bianca to see that Bess is Miranda. But Bianca keeps denying that it could be true. Finally, at the end of their conversation, Bianca is able to piece things together and realize that Babe is telling the truth. And Babe urges her to get a DNA test to prove it before JR can prevent it.

While locked in a room together, JR tells Jamie he refuses to believe that Bess is not his child. He protests that Jamie and Babe have told a cruel lie to Bianca telling her that Miranda is still alive. But Jamie tells JR that he must wake up and see the truth and stop behaving like Adam Chandler.

ATWT by Linda

Dom makes a good show of his power to Rafi and when Rafi tells Lucy about it, she tries to encourage him to not help her. Rafi refuses, saying he’s doing it for her. Jordan finds Sierrra trying to drag an enormous Christmas tree home and helps her decorate. When he leaves, she tells him to try bumping into her again really soon. Embarrassed, Katie tells Mike that she and Simon are still married. Mike explains that he’s doing well and after Katie leaves he tells Jennifer that Katie showing up proved to him how much he’s moved on. Margo tells Lily that she suspects foul play in Craig’s disappearance and when she goes to see Lucy at Metro, Lily talks with Dusty instead. He tells her that Lucy and Rafi need to stay away from Dominic. Aaron tries not to be too excited about moving his leg but Alison encourages him and then talks him into letting her give him a sponge bath. When she’s finished, he thanks her and falls asleep, Alison getting in her pajamas and cuddling next to him for the night.

B&B by Leigh

Dominick told Sally he had not heard anything about the big meeting at Forrester. He said there's no way that Brooke will defy Ridge. Sally told him that stuff happens all the time in that family so be prepared. Nick daydreamed about the time he and Brooke spent together.

Ridge threw a fit because of losing the vote to become CEO of Forrester. He told Eric and Stephanie that the company wouldn't have gotten near as far without him. He asked them where this place would be without him? Adding "You're about to find out." Then stormed out of the office. Brooke followed him and tried to explain that she had voted against him for his own good. Ridge told her that now the family knows they can come between them. He left saying only he'll see her at home.

Days by Danielle

Belle sends an e-vite to everyone she wants to invite to her wedding since there is no time to print invitations. Mimi tries to convince Belle that she should be marrying Shawn but Belle insists that it is over. Belle finds a picture of Shawn and cuts it up. Mimi uses Jan’s keys to let herself in to Jan’s country house and finds the love cage, gun, and photos of Belle and Philip that Jan had been using to torment Shawn. The judge is unable to marry Sami and Lucas because Sami never signed the annulment papers from her marriage with Brandon. The three are forced to drive home together with plans to re-file tomorrow. Sami fears that this is a sign.

Jennifer believes that Chelsea is a good influence on Abby. Chelsea uses that to try and get away with her and Abby sneaking out to a co-ed sleepover. Hope is unable to convince Bo to stay home and Bo and Billie board their flight to the DiMera castle. Billie fantasizes about being able to find Georgia at the castle and bringing her home. Hope drowns her sorrows with Jennifer over ice cream before taking Zack home. Hope imagines seeing Billie and Bo in bed together. Jack tries to escape from the DiMera castle but Tony slashes his arm with his sword and promises that the next wound will be fatal. Tony enjoys telling Jack that Patrick also made it back to Salem and is now living with Jennifer.

GH by Lisa

Durant confesses to having obtained the file against Sonny illegally, thus making the evidence inadmissible in court. Carly thanks Durant for telling the truth about the file but severs all ties with him. The charges against Sonny are dismissed. Ric promises Alexis that he will win her custody of Kristina in court. Sonny warns Alexis that he will get full custody of Kristina. Sam finds comfort while playing with Kristina.

Edward wants Nikolas to have his marriage to Emily annulled. Emily and Nikolas vow to face the future together. Diego suspects that Sonny is responsible for his father's death. Alcazar warns Diego that he will have him killed if Diego hurts Brook Lynn or Lois in any way. Dillon realizes there is a connection between Diego and Alcazar but doesn't tell Diego. Luke is at a loss to answer Lucky, who questions what Luke will do if he finds Laura. Luke tells Skye that she brought him back from the depths of his despair after Laura's breakdown. Luke and Skye get a possible clue to Laura's whereabouts. Courtney explains to Jax why she doesn't want to lose her independence but accepts his gift of an office suite next to his.

GL by Elizabeth

Josh, Reva, Blake and Ross all have lunch together. Jonathan crashes their lunch and 'gets fresh' with Blake. Frank finds out that the prints on the gun that killed Phillip are his fathers. Harley begs Frank to bury the evidence against their father. Alan tells Gus that he needs to be loyal to his father, rather than the Cooper's. A nurse from the hospital gives Blake the radio that Sebastian left behind. Holly steals the remote from Sebastian and is given the choice between escaping and saving his life. Reva challenges Jonathan to confront Alfred with her.

OLTL by Janice

Blair is upset when Todd throws their wedding invitations into the fire. She thinks he wants to back out of the whole thing. Todd tells her he doesn’t want to wait for Christmas; he’s sure something will go wrong. Blair assures him that this time it’s for real and nothing is going to go wrong. Meanwhile, Margaret continues to alter the dress she stole from Blair. Margaret is thrilled to be marrying Todd on Christmas Day. Bo asks Evangeline for help in catching Paul’s killer. Bo just doesn’t believe that Dorian or David are the killers. He asks Evangeline to plant a story with a local TV station about new evidence being discovered. RJ and Rex rush to the police station to steal the evidence. There they find three shovels and, not knowing which one is the real evidence, they take all of them. Riley and Jen get back together. Riley reassures Jen that he will only have true problems if she leaves him. Jessica is frustrated that she can’t remember who the killer is. Natalie convinces John to wait until the next day to questions Jessica. John isn’t happy that he’ll have to charge someone with the murder of the ruthless Tico. Christian insists on going home from the hospital. Natalie takes him home even though she believe he should stay. At home she refuses to make love with him because he is obviously in pain when they touch. She is a little disturbed to find that he has forgotten a few obvious things – his favorite snack food and his favorite artists. When Natalie goes into the kitchen, Christian takes out a notebook and writes down those forgotten items.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa and Gwen continue to fight over who will be the one to go in with the baby, with each claiming to be the mother. Theresa wins since Ethan never filed the papers naming them the baby's parents, and Gwen goes berserk, trying to stab Theresa with a needle. Instead, she gets poked and knocked out like a light. Ethan takes her to a room to sleep it off, then has to keep shushing Rebecca. Theresa goes in and sits with her baby, singing to her and telling her of their make-believe future. Eve tries to talk her out of it, but she insists no one is going to take another of her children ever again.

Katherine tells Martin that Pilar slapped her after he noticed the mark on her cheek. Pilar had continued questioning her about who her husband and children were, but she never told her. Meanwhile, Alistair is planning to tell all at a hasty party he is throwing that same night and demanding everyone involved attend - or else. Luis isn't afraid to go, but Julian and Sheridan are scared silly. It seems Alistair's one word will destroy everyone in question, but no one knows what that mighty word might be. Care to guess?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Sharon refused to quit her job at Jabot, though Nick insisted family loyalty to NE was more important. Gloria demanded Michael keep quiet about their true connection. Ashley told John about the fire at the distribution company. John lamented losing the company, and Jack, and blamed Victor for all his problems. Ash helped Abby adjust to having two homes now. Gloria managed to say all the right things to make John feel better about his losses. JT was annoyed when Daniel and Kevin refused to tell him where to find Mac. Daniel wondered if Mac and JT had feelings for each other, and insisted Kevin help him find a way to eliminate JT. Mac asked to move back in with Kay, who openly suggested she was running from her feelings for JT. Mac reflected on past romantic moments with JT, then refused his request that she move back to the loft with him, opting instead to spend a unspecified amount of time with Kay. Dominic exposed Phyllis to Dt. Weber in prison. Weber immediately charged Phyllis with the attempted murder of Dominic, then had her hauled off to a women's cell.

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