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AMC by Jenn

Babe has a plan which she's only revealing to Bianca, to get the goods on JR. But, at the end of their interaction, she reveals to Bianca, for the first time that Bess is not her child, she's Miranda. Tad tries to persuade David not to help Babe and Jamie run and tells him he needs to learn tough love as a parent. But David does not trust Tad, knowing Tad plans to tell JR that his baby boy is alive. Anita is seeing Aiden, while Bobbie is spying on them. And she discovers that her ex-husband has some secret dirty dealings which she is concerned about.

ATWT by Linda

In an effort to help Aaron with his recovery, Alison accidentally hires a hooker to give him a massage. Once they send her away, laughter is brought back into Aaron’s life and not long after he moves his right leg. Dusty, Lucy and Rafi all think Dom has something to do with Craig’s disappearance, each trying in their own way to bring him down. All any of it does is steel Dom’s resolve to make sure that Rafi and Lucy don’t live to testify against him. Just as Jennifer and Mike are getting much closer, Katie shows up at his doorstep.

B&B by Leigh

During the Forrester Board meeting Ridge took Brooke aside and tried to convince her to vote with him, to replace Eric as CEO. Meagan took the vote and all voted nay except for Ridge. Brooke apologized, saying that replacing Eric is a bigger mistake than allowing Thorne to use his name on the Spectra designs. Brooke told him the family needs peace not divisiveness.

Deacon went to see Nick and told him how much his mother misses him. Nick told him that if he really cared for Jackie he'd prove it to him and leave her. Nick told him that Massimo would never be the same because of their relationship. Later Deacon told Jackie that he tried to mend fences with Nick, and in time he'd come around.

Days by Danielle

Brady, at first, tells Nicole that he can’t be with her because he can’t commit to her totally. Nicole convinces him to let her be there for him and they make love. Chloe dreams of being reunited with Brady after her face and voice completely heal and witnessing Brady tell Nicole to get lost. Hope plans a romantic evening with Bo but it is cut short when Bo is forced to follow an adamant Billie to the DiMera castle tonight. Kate plots to bring Bo and Billie together. Jennifer mourns Jack and is surprised at who she sees when she opens the door.

Celeste continues to have visions of Brandon and Sami at the Justice of the Peace and warns Brandon. Brandon suffers only a cut to his face in the car accident and after finding that his car is the only one that works, offers to give Lucas and Sami a lift. Lucas and Sami, intent on keeping it a surprise, lead Brandon to the justice of the peace where he realizes that Celeste’s prediction is coming true. The justice of the peace walks in and assumes that Brandon and Sami are the couple and Lucas is the witness.

GH by Amanda

Skye's ruse of pretending to be Heather fails. On the stand, Sonny reneges, stating he wants Christina to live with him, prompting Alexis to take over his questioning. During a recess, Sonny offers to agree to joint custody, in trade for the file. His lawyer tells Ric it's the only way to keep Alexis from losing her child. Brooke defies her grounding to meet Diego, saying she wants to help him, until Lois arrives with a lecture. After Sonny's accountant traps Durant into incriminating himself, Jason confronts John, then is arrested. Diego shows up and attempts to contribute information, but Jason tells him to stay out of it. Although Steve is willing to help if he can, he refuses to force Heather to submit to questioning. For once, Brooke is polite to Lorenzo. Sonny's arrest on Rico charges halts the trial. Luke tries to convince Lucky to help interrogate Heather. Jax offers Courtney a new home for her foundation. She refuses. Diego now fears Sonny killed his dad. Durant admits to stealing the file at the police station.

GL by Sarah

Jeffrey realizes that Dinah is up to something but it's too late to stop her. Meanwhile, Cassie and Edmund are still busy trying to make a baby. Sebastian finds Holly passed out in her jail cell. Sebastian decides that he needs to take care of Holly. Bill rushes to the airport to change Olivia's mind. After much discussion, Olivia and Bill head home.

OLTL by Janice

Viki is frantic when she finds that Jessica’s bed is empty. Viki finds Christian walking the hallway and asks him to help her find Jess. Tico dies after someone pulls the plug on his life support machine. Antonio finds Jessica outside of Tico’s room on the floor. Natalie worries about Christian after she finds out that he was tortured by his captors. Kevin has Kelly followed in the hopes that she will lead him to Ace. He gets upset with the private investigator when he sends Kevin pictures of Kelly getting undressed. Margaret rips apart, and then alters, the wedding dress that she stole from Blair’s closet. Jack has a bad dream that his mother is going to be taken away from him. John McBain fires the police officer that was supposed to be standing guard over Tico. John questions Antonio when he finds out that he was outside Tico’s room with Jessica. Antonio doesn’t want John to question Jessica due to her condition. John tells him that he has to figure out which one of Tico’s enemies pulled the plug. Duke invites Adriana to stay at Buchanan Mansion after Tico’s death so that she won’t be alone. In her mind, Jessica can see the arm of the person who killed Tico.

Passions by Shirley

Alistair is planning a party where he can reveal a secret that will tear Sheridan and Luis apart forever and cause a lot of pain for everyone else, too. Julian tries to get him to tell him what the secret is, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Luis tries to calm Sheridan's fears about her father doing something to keep them from having the wedding of her dreams. He tells her that there is no way they will elope, and Alistair won't be able to keep them from marrying, either.

Gwen and Theresa come to blows, almost, over who the real mother of the baby is and who will go in to sit with the baby who is fighting for her life. Eve tries to talk Theresa into letting Gwen go in, but finally admits that until the papers are filed with the court, Theresa is the mother and the only one allowed in with the baby. Gwen blows her stack over that. Meanwhile, at the other end of the hospital, it seems, Pilar lights into Katherine about stealing her man and finds out the woman knew her before she and Martin left town and she has children in town, too.

Y&R By Christopher

Neil begged Malcolm to stay in Genoa City, and wondered if Drucilla had something to do with his wanting to leave. Malcolm refused to make any promises, or give any answers. Damon refused to answer Malcolm's questions about Phyllis and the conspiracy charges. The two faced off, with Daniel forcing both men to calm down. Phyllis - undercover as a man - got herself thrown in the drunk tank, where she made small talk with Dominic Hughes, and tape-recorded his near confession. A guard began to believe the 'man' wasn't as drunk as he'd seemed earlier. Ash was thrilled when Brad dropped Abby off and agreed to let her spend the night with her Mother. Sharon couldn't visit Victor with Nick and the kids, because she was tied up at work. Nick told her to give serious thought to quitting the job at Jabot and coming to work for NE. Brad and Sharon bonded further, admitting each was impressed with the other. Paul told Christine not to drop Phyllis' case, and agreed to help find proof to clear Phyllis and Damon. When Victor chastised Nikki for her houseguests, she tearfully admitted that while she would always love him, she was no longer controlled by it. She seemed to be suggesting she no longer wanted to be together, but Noah interrupted the talk and hugged Victor, who broke down in tears.

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