The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/3/04 Short Recaps



AMC by Jenn

Everybody is wondering how Greenlee got drugged. Ethan reveals that he has drugs in his motel room that he is hiding. Maria tells Edmund she refuses to divorce him and wants to be his physical therapist.

Bianca, JR and Kendall go to the fundraiser. Tad meets up with Babe and Jamie and threatens to tell JR about their plans to keep his son from him. At that point, Jamie knocks his father out and ties him to the bed so he cannot carry out this threat. Nobody helps Tad out of the room. Least of all David, who's not about to help him or JR. Bianca and JR go to the stage of the fundraiser. SHe speaks. He plays guitar with a rock band. Bianca runs into Babe. At that point, Babe sounds like she's ready to tell Bianca the truth.

ATWT by Linda

Jack tells JJ he’ll tuck him in and after he does, he and Julia get frisky. When they wind up on the bed, Jack tells her he can’t do this, Julia becoming insistent that he does. He finally leaves. Carly had called Jack but when he said it wasn’t a good time for him to come over, she set off to find him. Julia, after Jack leaves, decides that she needs to find him too and leaves Lisa there to watch JJ. Carly shows up, Lisa telling her that Jack and Julia were out on a date and leaving Carly flustered. Julia knocks on Carly’s door, the babysitter informing her that Jack and Carly weren’t there. She turns around and Carly shows up, both of them wondering where Jack is. Jack is at the Lakeview Lounge having a drink and doing his best to decide exactly what it is he’s going to do. Jennifer and Mike show up at Walsh’s estate for an impromptu meeting about Street Jeans. After Lucinda offers toast to the continued success of the clothing line, Mike and Jennifer leave, Sierra noting that Jordan was tense. He tells her that he’s over Jennifer and they proceed to empty two bottles of champagne, finding that they share a lot in common. Margo walks into the Lakeview and finds Katie there. When Margo asks why Katie came back, she tells her that she was concerned about Craig and missed her friends as Margo holds up the Street Jeans ad. Katie confesses that she does miss Mike and when Margo confronts her about the lie she told when she left, Katie resolves to make things right. Tom shows up, Katie admonishing both Margo and Tom about letting their marriage go and encouraging them to patch things up. Mike and Jennifer went to the park after the meeting at Lucinda’s and when Jennifer leaves for a moment, Katie sees Mike sitting on the bench alone. When she decides to go talk to him, Jennifer returns and a miffed Katie witnesses them share a tender kiss. In a stubborn mood, Aaron insists on checking himself out of the hospital and reaffirms to Alison that he doesn’t want her to baby sit him or pity him, her pleas to the opposite falling on deaf ears. He leaves and as Alison sits on his bed and cries, Lucy comes in. Lucy tells Alison that Aaron is only acting out because he feels helpless and encourages Alison to not take no for an answer. Curtis drops Aaron of at his apartment and offers to help get him settled in, Aaron rebuffing his kind gesture. After Curtis leaves, Aaron endeavors to get himself something to eat and no matter what he tries, he’s met with failure. A knock comes to the door and he tells whomever it is to go away, but it persists. When he answers it, Alison comes in and drops her suitcase on the couch, announcing that she’s moving in and there’s nothing he can do about it.

B&B by Leigh

Felicia told Dominick she's going to Paris to promote the Spectra line. She bid an emotional goodbye to him, telling him that she hopes he finds the woman of his dreams. She is sure it is not her.

Ridge told Eric that he intends to honor him by having him be the CEO Emeritus. Eric was furious and insulted that Ridge wants to run him out of his own company. Eric called Ridge the enemy, made reference to the Marone blood running through his veins, and promised a fight. Stephanie again begged Brooke to help, telling her that it is all up to her to safe the family.

Days by Danielle

Caroline and Victor, alive and well, are sharing a room at the DiMera castle. Tony brings them a present of two lovebirds that he names Nicole and Brady. Brady invites Nicole out to dinner at the Penthouse Grill. Brady shows Nicole a star that he named after Chloe’s death and Nicole decides to hold an exorcism with Brady to rid them of Victor and Chloe’s ghosts. One of Tony’s men films Brady and Nicole and Tony shows Victor the video feed. Chloe is still horribly scarred, despite numerous treatments and surgeries. After Nancy pleads, Chloe agrees to go back to Salem and see Brady but only after the doctors put her back together.

Hope and Bo decide to spend the night at home and start to make love by the fireplace. Billie calls, believing to have found Georgia and breaks up Bo and Hope’s romantic evening. Shawn tells Belle that he can’t forget about her sleeping with Philip and turns back to Jan. Belle feels free to marry Philip now. Mimi physically fights with Jan until she stumbles upon Jan’s video feed of Belle and Philip. Jan claims that Shawn was spying on his own but Mimi doesn’t believe her. Mimi accidentally takes Jan’s keys on her way out but decides to use them to her advantage. Abe is feeling fine again after falling. Tek arrives with a date and Sami tries to get him to talk about dating Lexie in front of Abe because Lexie accused Sami of causing Abe to fall. Lucas surprises Sami with a trip to the justice of the peace and Brandon decides to drive away from Sami as fast as he can. The snow and fog cause them to crash into each other.

GH by Amanda

Nik and Emily have their wedding night that ends too soon, forcing him to go back to his cell. Luke finds Skye before she can take a header. Alexis refuses to consider shared custody with Sonny. Jason's kiss makes Sam dizzy. Steve attempts to analyze Heather, but gives up; so Luke tries to trick her into telling him where the real Laura is by saying he wants to switch the real Laura, who he calls Heather with the fake Laura, aka, Heather. Sonny seems to agree to Alexis' blackmail; yet the hearing proceeds, with several character witnesses vouching that Sonny is a good father. Heather is committed to Ferncliff. Liz comforts Emily's tears. Skye gets Heather's cell phone before the police can take it. Jason gets proof that Alexis' file is not usable in court. Despite his earlier caving in to Alexis demand, on the stand, Sonny avers that Kristina belongs with himself.

GL by Sarah

Bill has a nice surprise planned for Olivia but Olivia is making plans of her own that don't include Bill. Meanwhile, Michelle nurses Tony while Tony mind plays tricks on him. Sandy and Tammy make household arrangements including who's sleeping where.

Diana works on seducing Jeffrey while Cassie and Edmund try to do things the right way. It's a very romantic day in Springfield!

OLTL by Boo

Antonio, Christian, Adriana and Sonia all have reason to hate Tico. They all try to come to terms with their feelings. Adriana talks to Antonio, Antonio talks to a priest. It is determined that Jessica has a bad infection and she takes a turn for the worse. Once they figure out what is wrong with her though, they give her the right drugs and she improves. After she gets to feeling better she decides to walk around the hospital for a bit. On her walk, she sees someone pull the plug on Tico's life support system. John tells Evangeline that he and Nat have decided to keep their distance from each other. Kelly stands her ground with Kevin and tells him that she is determined that Ace will be returned to his real mother if that is what is best for him.

Passions by Shirley

As Eve and the neo-natal doctor work on the baby, Gwen, Ethan and Theresa pray she will survive. Once the baby is ready to be visited by her mother, however, a showdown occurs between the two "mothers" as to who will be the one allowed in. Luis and Martin manage to contain themselves with Pilar's help, and they all worry about Theresa and the baby. Katherine tries to convince Sheridan to take Luis and run away to get married without letting Alistair know so he won't find a way to tear them apart. Sheridan isn't sure that's a good idea and tells Luis, who wonders why the woman thinks it's her business.

Alistair intercepts a message for Julian from the judge who is working to get Antonio declared legally dead so Sheridan and Luis can get married right away. He let's Julian know he won't allow that and has a plan to scuttle it tonight. Luis and Sheridan skip merrily along toward their Christmas nuptial, completely unaware that they may never get there. However, Martin and Katherine are on the job and he has plans to shut Alistair down.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Drucilla insisted Malcolm leave town and said it was the only way she'd have peace. He agreed to go, but said he'd see Lily again first. Olivia invited him to live with her, begged him to stay put, and insisted he not listen to selfish Dru. Her caring attitude made Malcolm remember why he'd married her in the first place. Neil suspected Dru and Malcolm had argued, prompting his brother to leave without dessert. When Dru told him Malcolm was set to leave town, Neil stormed off, intent on finding and stopping his brother. Phyllis refused to tell Daniel or Damon what she was up to, as she left them at the hospital to get Damon checked out. She went to a tattoo shop and had the man there, Worm, disguise her as a man. That accomplished, she told him she was about to try to save her life. Paul learned about Sharon's new job at Jabot, and admitted to Nick that his own refusal to let Christine explore a career had cost him a relationship he still missed. Nick told him to believe in miracles, and suggested he and Christine could someday reunite. Brad was impressed by Sharon at work, admitted to missing his life, and told her to always protect her marriage to Nick. Jack refused to help out at Jabot when Ash told him about a burned down distribution center. He told her about his job offer from Kay, and admitted he'd likely take it. A distraught and frustrated Ash was cheered by a call from Abby - who missed her - and Brad - who said he'd be stopping by so she could see their little girl. Victor and Bobby spoke one on one, agreed Nikki was a special woman, and agreed the housing arrangement would work, temporarily. Nikki told Brittany she had a lot to learn about marriage.

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