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AMC by Jenn

Tad goes to Florida to find Jamie and Babe and asks his son if he killed Paul Kramer. Jamie denies it. But Tad warns them both that even if they did not kill him, they are suspects and will be in big trouble for kidnapping the baby who is legally the child of Kevin Buchanan. JR, Bianca and Kendall are with Bess/Miranda and still not certain about Babe's and Jamie's plan.

There's a big mystery about how Greenlee got drugged. Ryan refuses to believe his wife drugged herself. They discover the drugs in her system were not the ones prescribed by her regular doctor. Jack and Erica suspect maybe David gave her the drugs and go to inquire about that.

ATWT by Linda

JJ runs away but is found outside the schoolyard and nearly gets run over when he tries to run again. When he’s asked why he left, he said it was because he thought if he was gone, it would be easier for Jack to choose his mom. Aaron tells Alison that he wants to go home to his apartment and when she volunteers to help him, he tells her he doesn’t want her help. Ben confesses all to Jessica and she advises him to keep his mouth shut about the drug test, but isn’t sure if he’ll be able to do it. When he comes back to the hospital and finds Holden (who’s read the incident reports that Alison gave him) telling Bob he’s getting his lawyer, Ben tells Bob there’s something he should know. Will takes all of Cabot’s toys out, but when he leaves, Roseanna hears the baby’s voice again and a ball that was in the box Will had rolls to her feet. She asks Will if he was responsible and he denies it, but not before his feelings are hurt and Paul hears the tail end of the conversation. Will leaves and Roseanna assures Paul that everything is fine. Barbara has Emily all fogged out with the drug she stole from her therapist and is beginning to hypnotize her into believing that Barbara should be in charge of the house instead of Emily.

B&B by Leigh

Stephanie told Brooke that if she'll convince Ridge not to replace Eric as CEO of Forrester that she'll be indebted to her for the rest of her life. Eric received a memo from Ridge calling for a board meeting.

Massimo asked Dominick and Ridge where Jackie is. Dominick wants Massimo to remember on his own, hoping not to shock him into relapse. Deacon brought Jackie a gift and had her model it for him. It was sexy lingerie; Jackie told Deacon that she never dreamed she'd have someone like him in her life.

Days by Danielle

Philip and Rex discuss Belle possibly going back to Shawn as they work out at the gym. Shawn goes into a sort of trance from hearing Jan’s self made audio of Belle and Philip and almost chokes Jan. Jan is able to defend herself and break free but once Shawn comes back to reality, she lies to him about what just happened. Belle heads up to the roof and just as she believes that Shawn isn’t coming, opens the door and comes face to face with him. Mimi decides to find out exactly what Jan did to get Shawn to be with her, which leads to Jan slapping Mimi for calling her crazy and a subsequent physical fight between them.

Lexie and Celeste try to warn Brandon that he will end up with Sami but Brandon refuses to believe them. Abe dances with Sami but before the dance is through, he loses his vision again and stumbles to the floor. Bo and Hope argue about Bo putting Georgia before Shawn. Hope decides that Bo was right about waiting until tomorrow to talk to Shawn and they decide to spend the night together instead. Kate tries to urge Billie to make Bo spend time with her looking for Georgia as a way to get Bo away from Hope but Billie refuses.

GH by Lisa

Nikolas orders Connor to leave but Connor later sneaks back in to the church and watches as Nikolas and Emily recite their vows and are married. Emily and Nikolas begin their all too brief honeymoon. Ric promises to support Alexis, who is worried about the custody hearing. Courtney is touched when Jax reveals he is rebuilding the Port Charles Hotel and naming it after her.

Luke asks Heather, who believes that she's Laura, to marry him. Luke takes Heather to Nikolas and Emily's wedding reception at the Quartermaine mansion and makes her believe the celebration is for them. Luke tricks Heather into revealing Skye's whereabouts. Skye is plagued by a hallucination of a young girl who claims she is the child Skye can never have. The girl encourages Skye to jump to her death from the parapet. Luke races to the parapet but fears he may be too late to save Skye.

GL by Elizabeth

Lizzie makes some changes at Company. Tony becomes more and more sick. Rick and Beth commiserate about missing Phillip. Danny helps Marina and Coop figure out a way to get under Lizzie's skin. Gus sneaks into Buzz's apartment and finds a bloody shirt. Rick and Mel are at odds over photos of Phillip. Olivia is interviewed by Frank and arouses more suspicion after an argument with Beth in the police station. Lizzie frightens Olivia enough to have her want to leave town. Frank finds out that Buzz was the only person with access to the alarm code at Company. Someone grabs Olivia. Harley vows to protect her family at all costs.

OLTL by Boo

Kelly continues to elude Kevin's attempts to find her until she finds out about the attempted assassination on the governor. She decides to ask Kevin about this herself. Dorian tries to get Daniel to turn his
attentions on Lindsay for Paul's murder. David's attempts to ride in on a white horse and rescue Dorian fail miserably. When he admits to killing Paul and then flubs during questioning, he ends up in jail right beside Dorian for being an accessory to murder. Dorian isn't happy that he left Kelly alone either. Rex says some pretty suspicious stuff while drunk when he mistakes Shannon for Jen. Jen breaks off her relationship with Riley. Natalie and John reluctantly say good-bye to each other after Nat asks him not to tell Christian that they got so close over the last year.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa and Eve try to stop the labor pains, but aren't successful and the labor begins in earnest. Everyone is at the hospital waiting, including Luis and Martin, who of course start fighting. Pilar saves the day. Martin and Katherine are in a hurry to get their business taken care of and get out of town, while Sheridan and Luis await word from Julian on his success at getting Antonio declared dead so they can marry.

Rebecca tries to use her womanly charms to turn Julian away from divorcing her, but it doesn't work, so she may resort to murder. Alistair and Julian fight about the blossoming black side of the Crane family, and the Old Man seems to have an ace up his sleeve. Julian is determined to be with his one true love, however.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Drucilla accused Malcolm of wanting to stay in Genoa City for one reason only - to get close to Lily. Malcolm saw nothing wrong with that. Over dinner, Lily asked Malcolm to take her to Africa someday, and inquired about why he'd stayed away so long. Neil and the kids left for dessert, and Dru warned Malcolm not to hurt Lily or Olivia, or her own marriage. Malcolm told her to decide whether he should stay in town, or leave. Victor assured Nick that he was merely back in town to see Nikki, and had no intention of taking NE away from him. Kay told Bobby not to take advantage of Nikki's kindness, and not to judge Victor harshly. Brittany thanked Nikki for showing Bobby kindness, and told her he'd had a very difficult childhood. Bobby told Nikki to open up to him about what she was going through, or to let it go and put it in the past. Nikki was shocked when Victor showed up. He noted her odd move and demanded to know what was wrong. She told him she'd made a decision, he asked what, then Bobby came into the room from upstairs. Phyllis ignored Christine, and answered Weber's questions about the call she'd made to Damon before entering Dominic's motel room. Weber said it made her look guilty. Alone with Phyllis, Christine told her she should find another attorney. Phyllis went to Damon and told him things were more serious than they'd thought. Damon told her not to worry, while she insisted they find a way to clear their names. They saw Dominic leaving, and he gestured shooting them, with a smirk on his face. He taunted them, and Phyllis told Damon it was time to do something drastic. Ashley and Paul shared coffee and conversation, both admitting things had happened in their past they regretted. She asked about Nikki, and he asked about Brad. They agreed to meet again sometime, and Paul promised if there was ever anything she should know about Brad, he'd tell her.

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