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AMC by Jenn

Bianca. Kendall and JR have agreed to go to Disney World to meet up with Babe, Jamie and the baby. But Tad sneaks upon their jet and comes along. He does not divulge to Bianca the truth about Bess being Miranda.

The doctor tells Greenlee's family and friends that she's a very sick woman and has been poisoned. Ethan admits to everybody that he has complete faith in Kendall trying to help Greenlee and helps Kendall believe in herself.

ATWT by Linda

Aaron’s euphoria over feeling his right leg and standing briefly is dashed when he overhears Bob tell Alison that he may not get any better. Concerned about what she heard between Bob and Dr. Ramirez, she asks Chris to get her the incident reports on Ben. He does. Curtis confronts his dad about the drug test and asks if he was on drugs when he operated on Aaron. Ben tells him he wasn’t and had him take the test for him because the painkillers will still resident in his system and would have prevented him from being reinstated. After Ben leaves, Curtis calls Jessica and asks for her help. Lucy invites Dom over to try and bribe him into telling her where Craig is, but Dom tells her he doesn’t know – yet he also leads her to believe that he did have something to do with her father’s disappearance. Dusty also confronts Dom and when he tells him he had nothing to do with it, he also threatens Dusty. Craig almost freezes to death after his escape and tries to schmooze Brother Francis that he’s repented, but the good brother doesn’t believe him. We know why, when we see someone watching Craig from a hidden camera in his room. Jack and Carly are interrupted by Holden telling Jack that Julia is very upset. When he leaves, Jack reaffirms his love to Carly but goes to the Lakeview to apologize to Julia. Julia begs for his affection and Jack tells her he’s sorry, he never intended for it to turn out this way. He leaves before JJ comes back from breakfast, but JJ hears him talking to Lisa in the hallway and misunderstands Jack, believing that the reason he’s not coming back to his mother is because of him. Julia then discovers that JJ is gone and has left his school books behind. Carly confronts Holden at the hospital and tells him if he doesn’t stand behind her, then he should get his nose out of the situation.

B&B by Leigh

Eric told Samantha that Hector probably feels his house is his castle, and it's hard to walk away from something that you've built. He tells her that when Brooke took the company from him it almost killed him. Brooke told Stephanie that she agrees with Ridge, and the company needs new leadership now! Stephanie told her that she is the only one that can save their family, and if she can't make Ridge understand she needs to vote against him.

Ridge and Dominick went to see Massimo. Although aided, he was standing. Massimo, with a tear in his eye, told them he wants out of the wheelchair. The three of them hold hands, all wearing the Marroni rings.

Days by Danielle

Brady vows to find out what Jan has been up to since she came back to Salem. Nicole refuses to wait to find out where she and Brady stand and comes on to Brady in the shower. Abe takes Lexie, Celeste, and Brandon out to dinner at the Penthouse Grill to celebrate being with his family. Celeste has a vision of Brandon and Sami getting married at a justice of the peace. Lucas talks Sami out of eloping and suggests they go out to dinner at the Penthouse Grill. Belle and Shawn talk about their feelings and agree to meet later on the roof once Shawn has had time to think. Jan drugs Shawn and sets it up so he hears Belle and Philip professing their love over and over. Philip insists that Belle meet with Shawn and find out once and for all whether there is still a chance for their relationship.

GH by  Amanda

The teens are returned to the PC police station. Dillon is sure that his romance with Georgie has been destroyed. Ned and Lois decide that Brooke will be moving back to their home, and be grounded. Emily and Liz relive past, happier times as they prepare for the wedding. Sam gives Emily her "borrowed" item. As Carly fights with John over his using her, Jason comes to the rescue, then tells John to stay away from Carly. Sonny orders his attorney to make sure Michael is not harassed on the stand. Heather, claiming to be Laura, asks Luke to retake their vows, then gives Luke their or her version of the story. Luke assures her that he could never love anyone the way he does Laura, so Skye can be let go. Wherever Skye is locked away, she hallucinates that Jax, Courtney, and Luke are tormenting her with cruel words. Brooke is angered that Alcazar is Lois' wedding date. Sam tells Sonny she will testify for him. When Tracy makes snide remarks at the wedding, Dillon stands up to her. Sonny introduces Christina to his sons and Carly. Mac agrees to unchain Nikolas for the wedding. Just as Emily starts towards the aisle, Connor shows up.

GL by Sarah

Both Josh and Reva welcome Jonathan and his snake into their home. Cassie finds the present Edmund bought for her. Billy shows Bill and Olivia the paper that names Olivia as the prime suspect in Phillip's murder. Sandy tries getting Tammy to leave Farley's. Tammy hits on Sandy. Reva lays the rules down for Jonathan. Edmund tells Cassie that he wants to have a baby with her. Cassie tells Edmund that she would love to have a baby, but that she didn't want to put him through the mess of trying to conceive. Cassie tells Reva that she can conceive and that she and Edmund may try to have a baby. Cassie finds out that Jonathan is staying with Josh & Reva. Bill warns his father not to pass judgment on his wife. Josh tells Edmund that Jonathan moved in his house. Reva compares Jonathan and Edmund. Jonathan warns Cassie that her child with Edmund may turn out like him. Jonathan runs into Tammy at Farley’s and he tells her about Cassie wanting to have another child. Olivia gets a call from Frank asking her to come to the police station. Cassie tells Dinah that she and Edmund are going to try and have a baby.

OLTL by Janice

Margaret breaks into Todd and Blair’s penthouse. She comes downstairs with one of Blair’s dresses in her hand. Blair is upset that Todd is focusing on getting revenge on Kevin instead of their wedding. She and Starr kidnap Todd in the park and force him to go back to the penthouse to try on a tuxedo. Margaret just misses getting caught. She hides behind the couch and sneaks out of the house when the Manning family goes upstairs. She has plans for Blair that include the dress, duct tape, and the remote cabin. In the hospital, Marcie visits Jessica. It dawns on Marcie that Michael has been trying to ask her to marry him. She goes off in search of Michael. When she finds him, Michael tells her that he’s been selfish to think of marrying her at such a time. She’s got her book and school and they just need to sit back for a little while. Marcie pretends to be happy with Michael’s decision. Jessica starts to run a fever. John comes to get a statement from Christian. Christian tells him he wants nothing to do with him. Natalie comes in and reminds Chris that John saved his life. John leaves without getting a statement. He watches from the doorway as Natalie and Chris kiss. Michael tells John that the problem is that John is in love with two women – Natalie and Evangeline. John refuses to talk about it. Evangeline comes along and the two of them leave together for a bite to eat. Sonja visits Tico. She leaves the room and runs into Antonio. She tells him that she’s being transferred to Miami. She’s taken the assignment because she knows that she has no future with Antonio and she’s upset that the brother she has loved has turned into such a monster.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa escapes her pains for a while, but they soon start up again in earnest after she refuses to stop talking about her father and arguing with Paloma about Mrs. Wheeler. Eve finally tells all that the father of Whitney's baby is Fox. Problem is, that's not true.

Luis figures out how he can marry his true love sooner, and Julian agrees to follow his plan. There was a really nice moment when Julian and Sheridan said they love each other. Beth is upset that Alistair won't give her the information she needs to tear the two apart, but then, she upsets him, too. Not a smart move. Katherine and Martin are getting ready to leave town again.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Jill told Jack that Kay was using him to bother her. Kay told Nikki what had happened with Arthur and insisted she'd never forgive Jill. Nikki admitted she'd invited Bobby and Brittany to move in; Kay disapproved. Bobby told Brittany they'd be living at the ranch, regardless of how she felt. Nikki welcomed them to her home. Kevin didn't seriously answer Mac's question about living together, and tried to convince her to give Daniel another chance. Mac was too preoccupied to worry about Daniel. Damon and Daniel talked things out at the hospital, where Malcolm ran into them and accused Damon of getting Phyllis into trouble. Christine was unable to get Phyllis to keep quiet when Weber questioned her. He told her to confess, and revealed there was new evidence in the case that would incriminate her. Drucilla told Neil she didn't want Malcolm coming to dinner. Nick axed the beauty pageant, angering Neil, who stormed out. Victor returned, prompting Nick to believe his time as CEO was over. Ashley and Paul shared coffee, and talked about being single during the holidays.

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