The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/30/04 Short Recaps



AMC by Jenn

Greenlee is losing it. Ryan takes her to the hospital. Kendall reveals to Ethan that she blames herself of what may be happening to Greenlee. Ethan assures Kendall that she has done nothing wrong and need not blame herself for anything. Bianca reveals to Lena that she must stay nearby to be there for Babe and for Bess. Anita finalizes her divorce with Bobbie. Erica proposes to Jack and he says yes. Maggie and Jonathan are ready to be a couple.

ATWT by Linda

Roseanna covers being scared and doesn’t tell Paul she heard a baby. After he replaces the wedding box, he takes Will and Roseanna discovers the baby noises were made by a doll. Jack tells Julia that his heart lies with Carly and they return to Oakdale to try and sort everything out. Lucy becomes suspicious about her father’s disappearance and Rafi offers to help her find him. Dom tells Dusty that he has nothing to do with Craig’s disappearance and threatens him to keep his mouth shut. Craig begs to be released and when the brother leaves, he climbs out the window.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge told Stephanie of his plans to replace Eric as CEO of Forrester Creations. She begged him not to do this, and told him that this will kill Eric.

Hector told Samantha that there's no way he'll uproot the kids and move to Beverly Hills. He told her to find a home in the area they're in ... he told her he was born there and will die there. Later, she confided in Eric about the situation. Eric assigned Caitlin and Thomas to work on a special marketing project. Thomas agreed after Eric said it was not to test his loyalties to Amber. Caitlin apologized to Thomas for the way he found out about her and Rick.

Days by Danielle

The mystery person injects another drug into John’s IV after spraying him in the face with something to knock him unconscious. John begins to see hallucinations of evil looking masks and almost assaults Brady when he imagines seeing Brady wearing such a mask. John warns Brady to be careful with Nicole. Shawn is let out on bail. Mimi convinces Belle to follow her heart, which leads Belle to admit to Shawn that she still has feelings for him. Mimi sets Jan up to believe that Shawn wanted to meet her for blood tests for the marriage license and gets Philip to help her move a bookcase so Belle and Shawn can have time to talk. Jan threatens Nicole with losing Brady if she tells Shawn about being held captive. Sami decides that she wants to elope.

Bo and Billie are able to determine that the coordinates are for a DiMera safe house near the Canadian border that burned down years ago. Bo gets the judge to grant them access to adoption records. Billie tells Kate about Georgia but Kate sees this as an opportunity for Billie to get back with Bo. Bo returns home and is shocked to hear about Shawn’s arrest. When Bo suggests that Shawn should have stayed in jail and faced the consequences on his own, Hope accuses him of being too busy with not being able to keep his hands off of Billie.

GH by Lisa

After speaking with Jason and Sonny, Carly is forced to accept the fact that Durant stole the file to use it against Sonny. Carly is hurt when she believes Durant got close to her in order to further his quest against Sonny and prepares to beat him at his own game. Carly tries to draw a confession from Durant but he discovers Jason's hidden listening device. Alexis tells a disagreeing Ric that she is going to stick with her plan and expose the evidence against Sonny after he gives her full custody of Kristina.

Emily and Nikolas anticipate their wedding. Alan and Monica are opposed to Emily marrying Nikolas, who they fear will be sent to prison. A hidden Connor lurks at the church. Elizabeth tries to play matchmaker with Steven and Angela, a nurse at the hospital. Heather, who now believes she's Laura, holds a drugged Skye at Wyndemere. Luke refuses to allow Edward to call the police and sets out to rescue Skye. Luke finds Heather waiting for him in a wedding dress at the spot where he and Laura were married.

GL by Elizabeth

Sebastian faints and is rushed to the hospital. Both Edmund and Sebastian are led to believe that Dinah helped Sebastian. Mel attacks Phillip and Rick considers it insensitive. Sandy warns Jonathan to stay away from Reva. Cassie confronts Reva about 'running away' to Paris. Cassie finds out that Jonathan is living in the Beacon. Beth goes to the hospital to check on Rick. Edmund admits to Dinah that he wants to have a baby and that he blames himself for the way Jonathan turned out. Sandy holds Jonathan over the edge of the balcony. Reva tells Sandy that he will always be in her heart. Cassie kicks Jonathan out of the Beacon. Jonathan asks Reva if he can move in with her and Josh. Rick finds out about Sebastian's condition. Sebastian loses his only mode of communication with Holly.

OLTL by Janice

David is worried that Dorian hasn’t returned his calls. Kelly sends David out for ice cream. She calls Kevin and finds out that Dorian has been charged with murder. When David comes back, they both leave the motel. David heads home to Dorian and Kelly heads off to find Ace afraid that Kevin might have traced her phone call. At the TV station, Governor Brooks accuses Kevin of being in on the assassination attempt on his life. Meanwhile, Todd is listening outside the door. Outside the TV station, calm is settling in as everyone realizes what has happened and that Christian is alive. Bo takes Jessica and Antonio inside to get their statements. Tico is seriously hurt. He asks for the EMT to get his wife. Jessica goes with the EMT to Tico’s side. Tico tells her how disappointed he is in her as he whispers to get her closer to him. Jessica tells him that she hates him for all he has done. As she loses control, Tico reaches over, grabs scissors from the EMT tray, and stabs Jessica in the abdomen. Antonio, realizing that Jessica has left the TV station, goes after her. When he sees what Tico has done to her he starts to choke him. The police men have to pull him off. Everyone goes to the hospital – Christian, Tico, and Jessica. At the hospital, Christian and Jessica appear to be fine, but Tico is in a coma. Natalie calls Viki to get to the hospital. Viki is ecstatic to see that Christian is alive, but is distraught when she sees that Jess has been hurt. Antonio tries to get into Tico’s room, but the guard is under strict orders that no one is to be allowed in. At the police station, John dictates his report of the shooting. He pulls out old files of Christian and Natalie and can’t forget that Natalie declared her love for him. Evangeline thinks that all will be great now that Christian is alive – Natalie is no longer free for John. She plans a romantic date for the next evening. John goes to the hospital and observes Natalie and Christian together. At the Buchanan mansion, Kevin packs his bags and leaves to go after Kelly. Todd films Kevin leaving the house. He plans a headline – Buchanan flees Llanview after assassination attempt on Governor Brooks.

Passions by Shirley

Beth has figured out that the key to tearing Luis and Sheridan apart lies with Mrs. Wheeler, but she can't find out anything about her. She goes to Alistair, who tells her she is on the right track but she needs to have patience. Meanwhile, the two lovers are frantically searching for a way to get Antonio declared legally dead so they can marry. Sam has bad news for them, but Luis has a plan. Will it work?

Pilar visits Theresa in the hospital and tells her about their Thanksgiving dinner at Tabitha's. She leaves out the part about her long-lost father being there, too, but little sister Paloma is more than willing to fill her in. Pilar warns her not to, but Theresa hears them talking and learns the truth, sending her into more cramping, just as Pilar feared would happen. Martin and Katherine are leaving Harmony (again) but he decides this time he will leave some money for Pilar. They are hoping once they are gone Alistair will leave their families alone.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kay offered Jack the job as CEO of Chancellor Industries, and he agreed to give it some thought. Kay later told Jill she'd made the offer, and insisted she could trust Jack, while she could not say the same about Jill. Gloria worried that Jabot was in financial trouble, and told John to put Ashley to work to keep her occupied. Jack told John about Kay's offer, and got his Father's blessing to take the job and begin his career anew. Jill demanded to know if Jack was going to accept Kay's offer. Nikki was abrupt with Victor when he phoned to check in. He chastised her for working at 'Marilyn's', and she ended their call, insisting she was busy. JT and Bobby argued, but after an impassioned plea from Brittany, JT agreed to let them move in, annoying Mac who stormed out. Daniel blasted Kevin for telling Lily and Mac about the rec center, and for not helping him win Mac over. Kevin comforted Mac about her roommate issues, and was stunned when she playfully asked if he wanted to get a place together. Nikki offered Bobby a room at the ranch for him and Brittany, hoping to ease her guilt. Bobby accepted the invite and later told a stunned - and unimpressed - Brittany.

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