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AMC by Jenn

Tad is ready to tell Bianca that Bess is Miranda, but again hesitates when he knows she's in contact with Babe. She still seems to have no clue about her baby. Adam ane JR are both aware that it's possible that Bess is Miranda but neither wants to believe it. Babe is worried that JR may have hurt Bianca or something went wrong to prevent her from having Miranda. One of the "hot girls" falsely accuses Reggie of stealing her father's car until Danielle motivates her to come clean and admit that she did it.

Greenlee is losing it and swinging on a trapeze. Ryan cannot find her. Kendall gets to her first and tries to help her. But they are both injured.

ATWT by Linda

Paul and Roseanna walk into Jennifer asleep on Mike’s chest. Mike and Jennifer reiterate that they’re just friends, but Roseanna tells Mike that Jennifer is a very special person and he agreed. Katie calls Margo looking for information about Mike and finds out that Craig is missing. She boards a plane the same day, home to Oakdale. Sierra and Lily show up at the police department and Margo assures Lily that it isn’t unlike Craig to up and disappear, Sierra agreeing. Lily fills out the missing persons report. Craig wakes up in a monastic cell and is told by Brother Francis that he’s there to ponder his redemption. When Craig asks how long that will take, the brother replies it could be an instant or an eternity. Jack remembers everything and professes his undying love for Carly. When Julia walks in, Carly informs her that Jack remembers everything, Julia saying she’s happy and now her and Jack can move forward. She and Carly get into an argument, but Jack stops them and tells Julia there’s something she should know.

B&B by Leigh

Ridge threatens to hire lawyers to stop Thorne from using the Forrester name. Eric says that as the CEO he will allow Thorne to use the name. Later, Ridge tells Brooke that Eric's days are numbered, and he will be CEO of Forrester Creations.

Jackie told Deacon that she's fallen in love with him. Dominick went to see Massimo after the risky procedure was completed. While Dominick was talking to him Massimo squeezed his name and said ring. Dominick put the ring on his finger.

Days by Danielle

Abe returns to the hospital to see an eye surgeon but receives the same news; his regained sight is only temporary and once the blindness returns, it may be permanent. The mystery person continues their attempts to sneak drugs into John’s IV. He comes close to being spotted by Abe. Belle and Philip decide to have their wedding on the same day that Sami and Lucas have picked for their wedding in order for Belle and Philip to get married before Philip has to ship out. Sami overhears this news and is completely against the idea, feeling that Belle is now solely out to ruin her wedding.

Shawn was arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest, resulting in having to spend the night in the county jail. Hope is the one who gets the call and after arguing with Shawn, insists that Shawn call Bo to tell him about being arrested and dropping out of school. Shawn tries to call but Bo brushes both him and Hope off after she also attempts to call, opting instead to concentrate on decoding the information on the disk with Billie to locate Georgia. Bo and Billie are able to use lines of information from the disk to decode latitude and longitude coordinates.

GH by Amanda

As Heather is telling the comatose Edward how much she regrets all this, Luke stops her, hitting her with all the accusations he has against her. She admits it all, adding that he will never see Laura again if he is not nice. Steve admits that John's motives began badly, then changed, but Carly is too mad to believe the last half. On her way to ream him out, a cop arrives to take her for questioning. Nik wants to escape jail, but Emily is afraid that it is too risky, so they ask Mac to help at least let them marry. When Edward and Luke threaten Heather, she takes Skye hostage. Thanks to Mac, the wedding will be Wednesday. They can have some alone time afterwards, but it will be guarded all the way. Sam gives away the baby stuff. Sonny tries to track down the file in question. Carly and her father's stories match, so Ric's case is a wash. During a diatribe against Laura, Heather has a flip out and claims to be Laura. Alexis tells Ric she has the file, but wants it for blackmail, then betrayal.

GL by Sarah

Sebastian visits Danny inquiring about Michelle's whereabouts. Danny is not receptive to the visit and Sebastian is upset that Danny doesn't share information. Harley and Gus remember old times as Harley comes to terms with her doubts about Gus, Buzz, and herself. Tony and Michelle have a heart to heart talk following their night of passion as Danny and Marina talk about what-ifs and wasting their lives. Marina thinks it's time to have some fun.

OLTL by Janice

As Margaret Cochran stands outside their penthouse door, Blair and Todd make plans for a Christmas wedding. Margaret makes reservations for a remote isolated cabin during the Christmas time period, mumbling to herself that Blair is in for a big surprise. Antonio’s shot hits Tico, not Governor Brooks. Chaos ensues. Tico manages to find Jessica and hold her hostage as Antonio is being held by the police. Antonio manages to convince Bo that Tico is the bad guy and they go off in search of Tico and Jessica. Governor Brooks is suspicious that Kevin was involved in his assassination attempt when he finds out that Tico was behind the whole thing. Kevin and Viki are outraged at the Governor’s thoughts, but Duke isn’t quite sure. Meanwhile Natalie finds bloodied ropes at Lion’s Heart and frantically calls John for help. While talking to Natalie, John is interrupted by a policeman who tells him what is going on at the TV station. Natalie overhears this and drops her phone and heads to the TV station, positive that Christian is probably there. At the TV station, Tico brings Jessica outside into a back alley holding a gun to her back. Christian manages to find them. Christian has a gun and Jessica tells him to shoot Tico, but Christian is too afraid of hitting Jessica instead so he puts his gun down as Tico asks. Tico looks to get out of the area, but decides to shoot Chris to keep him from following them. As the gunshots are heard on the street outside, John races into the alley where he manages to wrestle the gun away from Tico, but Tico ends up getting shot again in the chest. As Natalie hears the last gunshot, she races into the alley and finds Christian down on the ground bleeding. John is amazed to see that Christian is there. Antonio races in and Jessica runs into his arms.

Passions by Shirley

The Thanksgiving from Hell finally ended and everyone went their own way. Pilar stayed to help clean up and touched Tabitha's heart - for a second or two. Then it was back to the business of causing misery for all. Kay, Simone, and Paloma took Maria to get some coffee, and Paloma swore she would never fall in love, get married, or have kids. Meanwhile, Whitney confessed the truth of the parentage of her baby to her mother Eve, who told her either she tells everyone else or Mommy will.

Sheridan and Luis hung out on the pier, as did Martin and Katherine, although the younger couple didn't know they were there. Luis wants to marry Sheridan, but she is afraid to hope it will happen. Katherine is glad the two are so happy together, and Martin tells her they will stay that way since only three people know who she really is and none of them will ever tell. However, Beth is researching Mrs. Wheeler on the Internet and may come up with the information she needs to rip Luis and Sheridan apart.

Y&R By Christopher

Lily told Neil to convince Malcolm not to leave town. Neil invited Malcolm to dinner, and harassed him about his new job at the coffeehouse. Phyllis taunted Drucilla about her romantic past with Malcolm. Nikki told Paul that Bobby Marsino was really Charles Cassen. Paul warned her not to tell him the truth about what she'd done just yet. Nikki agreed, but insisted she had to do something to make up for all she'd cost him. Brittany convinced Bobby to at least talk with Mac and JT about livign at the loft. Mac told JT that Brittany's request was a bad idea because of JT's feelings for her. Brittany and Bobby arrived to talk things out with Mac and JT. Jill learned that Harrison had also left town. Kay blamed her for driving Arthur away. Kay told Jill she had nothing to say to her, but asked Jack - who'd stopped by to comfort Jill - if he was interested in a proposition she had for him. Nikki was annoyed that Victor was gone and not there to help her while she was going through such a tough emotional crisis. PS > Jill's shirt was awful.

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