The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/26/04 Short Recaps


All soaps are pre-empted today except for Days, Passions and Y&R-Canada, due to Thanksgiving!

AMC by Jenn

ATWT by Linda

B&B by Lee

Days by Danielle

It is Thanksgiving Day. Jan forces Mimi to make a Thanksgiving dinner with her for Rex and Shawn. Shawn would rather drink off his hangover. Philip and Belle announce to the group their plans for getting married before Philip has to ship out. Shawn is so angry at the news that he smashes a glass. Kate runs into Lexie at the hospital and Lexie invites her and anyone sheíd like to join her family for dinner. When Sami accidentally turns the oven knob to broil instead of off and burns the turkey, Kate suggests that they all go to Lexieís house for dinner. Lexie confronts Kate about her plan to bring Brandon and Sami back together. Bo & Hopeís family joins Jenniferís family along with Billie, Patrick, and Chelsea for dinner. Bo accesses hidden files on the disk and confirms that Georgia really is alive.

The mystery person injects another drug into Johnís IV. John sees a blurred image of someone in white doing the injecting and thinks it was a doctor or nurse. Johnís supposedly bad reaction to the pain meds has subsided. John sees a vision of Marlena telling him to let the pain go. Tony has brought Marlena, Roman, and Jack to a castle. Roman and Marlena wake up to find that their ankles are shackled to each other. Roman lunges at Tony but Bart uses the stun gun on him and knocks him out cold. Marlena tells Tony that she is sick of this situation and punches Tony in the face. Tony brings in a Thanksgiving feast for Roman and Marlena and watches them eat it, after Roman comes to, via a video screen and he promises that this will be their last Thanksgiving.

GH by Amanda

GL by Sarah

OLTL by Janice

Passions by Shirley

Tabitha's Thanksgiving from Hell seems like just that most of the time. Between rounds, her guests actually manage to eat, and the entertainment includes live turkeys running wild. One keeps growing and growing, thanks to Endora. Beth is determined to find out about Mrs. Wheeler and use that information to tear Luis and Sheridan apart. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Theresa manages to have Thanksgiving dinner with Ethan, much to Rebecca and Gwen's consternation.

Ivy is still determined to have Whitney tested to see whose the daddy of her baby, and Fox convinces Whitney she has to go along for now. She does so, but isn't happy about it, and once in the exam room tells her mother to forget it. She tells her the baby is hers with her half-brother, the son Mom kept secret all those years.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Bobby told Nikki the story of how he'd lost first his brother (who disappeared after a bday party), then his parents (who died in a crash in Cleveland), before living with a mean uncle whose name - Marsino - he'd claimed as his own. When Nikki asked, he admitted that as a child he'd been Charles Robert Cassen. Jill and Kay were stunned to find letters from Arthur insisting he was leaving them for good. Kay blamed Jill when she learned she'd met with Harrison again, and confronted Arthur with more accusations. She tried to stop Arthur from leaving, but he let her think Jill's suspicions had driven him away, then said good-bye. Kay dissolved in tears and cursed Jill's name. Malcolm told Dru he believed her marriage to Neil was shaky, and wondered how different life would have been if he and Dru had stayed together. She told him to drop it, and was bothered by his interest in Lily. Kevin advised Daniel to give up on Mac, then - against Daniel's wishes - went to talk to Lily. When Lily told him Devon was her foster brother now, Kevin said he hoped Devon knew how lucky he was. Dru rushed Lily and Devon out, not wanting her to spend time with Kevin. First, Lily introduced him to Malcolm as 'her friend'. Alone, Malcolm asked Trevor for a job application for Crimson Lights, indicating a desire to settle in GC. Mac and Daniel caught up. JT told Brittany to be careful about the amount of time Bobby and Nikki spent together. Brittany asked JT and Mac if she and Bobby could move into the loft. Daniel renewed JT's dislike when he called Brittany a bitch.

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