The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/24/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Boo

Erica and Jack learn that Greenlee tried to run Kendall down and that she is having psychiatric problems. Bianca convinces Kendall to trust her and stick with her on this thing with J.R. and Bess. Babe tries to call Bianca, but J.R. answers the phone instead sending Babe into a panic. David is able to get a hold of Bianca’s phone and calls Babe and Jamie back. He tries to convince them not to do what they are planning. He has a plan of his own. Tad catches David and Krystal talking to Babe and Jamie and demands to talk to Jamie himself. When David hangs the phone up, an angry Tad heads back to the house to tell Bianca the whole truth.

ATWT by Linda

The Snyder’s bring Thanksgiving to Aaron at the hospital, but he is so depressed he chases everyone away except Ali. She tells him to quit feeling sorry for himself because they love each other and will find a way to get through this hard time together. Hannah warns Carly that he may be pushing to hard, Carly praying that this will be what Jack needs to bring everything back. When Jack arrives, he’s stunned to find Carly instead of his brother and mother and is resistant. Holden finds out from Emma that Delores and Brad aren’t in Montana and he goes to Julia. They go into Carly’s house and find that she’s gone to Montana, Julia deciding to go there as well. Mike and Jen share a Thanksgiving meatloaf, working at becoming closer. Katie is stunned to open a fashion magazine and find Mike in one of the print ads.

B&B by Lee

Sally and Clarke meet with Dominick and hand him a check from the moonlight sale. Nick (Dominick) is trying to figure out what he should do to them for pulling the stunt. He's called to the clinic where doctors are about to perform a experimental and risky procedure. Deacon serves Jackie breakfast in bed, and gives her a day planner which has "Dinner with Deacon," written in each day.

Ridge tells Thorne that the one condition for allowing Jackie M. to carry Spectra Couture is that the logo be changed and Thorne's name be removed. Thorne throws a fit and refuses. Stephanie takes all responsibility for the problems between the two and begs them both to stop.

Days by Danielle

It is the night before Thanksgiving. Celeste warns that Brandon will end up with Sami. Lexie forgets about it being Thanksgiving but Brandon arrives prepared to cook dinner for them all. Alice pays a visit to Sami to offer her some Horton family recipes to use while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Lucas invites Alice to join them but Alice says she is going to spend Thanksgiving dinner with Mickey, Bonnie, and Maggie. Sami starts to cook but has a hard time opening the jar of cranberries. Lucas tries to help open it and ends up spilling it everywhere. They decide that having to get out of these now dirty clothes is a perfect excuse to make love. Kate and Will walk in on them as they are kissing. Kate invites them to join her for Thanksgiving but Lucas invites her to join them instead and Kate accepts.

Philip gets word that he is being sent to the front lines. Jan convinces Belle that she should marry Philip before he ships out. Mimi convinces Shawn to talk to Belle but Shawn decides against it when he hears Belle tell Philip that she can’t wait to marry him. Billie decided not to board the plane to London in favor of saying one last goodbye to Georgia at her gravesite. Kate tries to convince Billie to stay in Salem but Billie refuses. Patrick remembers a prior conversation with Billie about Georgia’s grave and finds her at the cemetery. Patrick brings Billie back to Jennifer’s house where Bo and Hope tell Billie that Georgia is still alive.

GH by  Amanda

Nik refuses to let Justus represent him. After Alexis witnesses Steve refusing his monetary gift, Sonny agrees to do as she has asked for Kristina, until Ric comes along to lambast him. Despite his misstep, Alexis admits she has begun to like being married to Ric. A panicking Heather calls Luke for help in eliminating her soon to be ex husband. Jason takes Sam home where Emily turns to her for consolation. When Nik calls Liz to help dismember the wedding plans, she tells him off, informing him that Emily loves him and he's a jerk to make her choices for her. Ric questions Steve who has a good lie, but it's not believed. Alexis and Carly spat over the custody issues. Jason begins trying to find the missing files. Heather drugs Edward. Emily and Nik make up. Carly begins to suspect John's lies. When Ric comes to John's to ask for a copy of the file, Jason is hiding and overhears.

GL by Sarah

OLTL by Janice

Nora and Matthew bring Bo Thanksgiving dinner at the police station. They re-hash the old memories of their Thanksgivings together. Nora asks Bo to watch Matthew when she and Daniel go on their weekend trip together. Bo declares that he is busy that weekend – skiing with Paige. Nora gets a little annoyed that he’s only been dating Paige for a short time and already they are going away together. She denies being upset when Bo questions her. After Nora leaves, Bo makes a call to Paige inviting her. John and Evangeline go for drinks at the Palace. She is unsure of their relationship and Natalie’s part in it when she sees that John’s work includes Natalie’s police file. John assures her that when he’s with Evangeline that’s who he wants to be with and she is all that he is thinking about. Evangeline is happy to hear him profess those feelings. Natalie is upset that Christian has gone back to Tico’s. Adriana comes by Llanfair looking for Tico and Jessica to give her a ride to Governor Brooks speech. They’ve already left, but Viki offers to drive her. As Viki goes to get her things, Adriana tells Natalie that Tico is so interested in family that he’s been looking at old photographs. She actually just saw him with a picture of Christian. Natalie is distraught to know that Tico knows what Christian looks like. She frantically leaves the house and goes to Lion’s Heart. She sneaks in and searches the house. She finds a room with bloodied rope on the floor and breaks down, certain that it means Christian is dead – again. Antonio tries to get in touch with Jessica to tell her about Tico holding Christian captive. But, whenever Jessica tries to get her messages, Tico is at her side. At the TV station, Tico has Antonio get up onto the catwalk at the top of the station overlooking the stage. Antonio has a clear vantage point of Governor Brooks. Tico points him in the direction of a locker which holds a rifle. He phones Antonio, ordering him to shoot Governor Brooks or Christian will die. As the Governor is finishing up his speech, a shot rings out.

Passions by Shirley

Tabitha's Thanksgiving from Hell got off to a bang up start, with a fist fight breaking out in the first five minutes. She is thrilled, of course, but wonders what Endora has in the big, ugly turkey pinata in the foyer and how they are going to get all the live turkeys the little darling conjured up out of the kitchen.

Ivy finally got Whitney to the hospital for her prenatal checkup, only to go out of her way to let Eve know her daughter is pregnant and the father might be her son. Meanwhile, in another part of the hospital, Theresa seems to be ok even after Rebecca's stalling techniques cost a lot of time. She is still wondering what is going on between Ethan and the Chalupa.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Y&R is pre-empted today due to tomorrow being Thanksgiving in the U.S.

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