The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/23/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Boo

With Kendall's help, Bianca convinces J.R. to bring Bess and join her in Florida for a fund raiser for Miranda. Maria and Edmund argue again when she finds out that he has had some feeling in his legs for a little over a month. He orders her to leave when she tells him that she wants to work things out. Ethan threatens Zach before telling Jonathan that it was Zach who shot Ryan. Jamie and Babe discuss her plan for getting Miranda back with Bess. Edmund confides in Brooke that he wants Maria to move on with her life. He doesn't want her saddled with him in this condition. After Edmund's rejection, Maria tries to come onto Zach, but he won't have her that way.

ATWT by Linda

Jack and Julia are suspicious of the call from Montana, but Holden and Carly ease those fears and Carly almost doesn’t carry out the plan, but decides to see it through. Barbara gets he doctor to see her and convinces him that she’s had a major breakthrough. When he goes to retrieve her some water, she sneaks into his medicine cabinet and steals a vial. Paul and Roseanna have a wonderful evening despite finding Cabot’s shoe, but once Paul is asleep, she comes back down and ponders it. Emily tells Hal about Carly’s plan and even though he thinks it’s unwise, he tells her he won’t say anything about it. Lily is concerned about Craig’s disappearance, but she is the only one in Oakdale who is.

B&B by Lee

Sally, dressed as Massimo, orchestrates the Spectra Couture inventory into the Jackie M. boutique. Clark opens the doors for a moonlight sale. People start swarming into the boutique, and swoon over the Spectra designs. Amber told a customer that the Forrester designs were made in a sweat shop.

Thorne tells Darla that he misses Ridge, and the way things used to be between them. Brooke convinces Ridge that family needs to come before business. Ridge surrenders to her wishes, and calls Thorne. Ridge told Thorne to meet him at the office, there's one condition but he'll allow Jackie M. to carry Spectra. Ridge told Thorne that he loves him and Thorne said he loves him too.

Days by Danielle

Abby lashes out at Jennifer, blaming her for Jack’s death. Hope and Bo rush to find Billie, telling Jennifer and Patrick the news as they search. Patrick decides he’d like to be there for Billie when she hears the news so he joins Bo in the search. Billie boards the plane to London and it takes off before Bo or Hope can find her. Rex offers best wishes to Philip and Belle, which prompts Philip to ask Rex to be his best man. Mimi tries to get Shawn to get back with Belle, despite Jan’s wishes. Philip gets a call that makes him declare to Belle that this now changes their plans. John’s vision of the grim reaper makes him fall out of bed as he tries to get away. Lexie uses the crash cart to shock him and then tries to convince him he was dreaming. Kate stays with John until he falls asleep again. Lexie warns Kate that they now have to discontinue John’s effective pain medication because of the bad reaction, substituting it for something less effective. The mystery person injects another drug into John’s IV.

GH by Lisa

Jason and Sonny ponder who set the fire at Ric's and also wonder if the evidence against Sonny was destroyed. Meanwhile, Ric accuses Carly of setting the fire. Ric is forced to release Sonny but is determined to prove Carly guilty of arson. Durant gives Carly an alibi. Sonny is certain Carly set the fire. Alexis arrives at the penthouse and presents Sonny with the file, threatening to use it against him unless he gives her full custody of Kristina. Diego, Brook Lynn, Dillon and Georgie arrive at a house in Mexico looking for Diego's sister Maria.

Diego finds Maria, who is happy to see him but warns he shouldn't have come there. Maria denies knowing Diego in front of her fiancé Eduardo. Diego, Brook Lynn, Georgie and Dillon are placed in a jail cell. Diego is curious as to why Maria is so desperate to get him to leave Port Charles. Dillon steals a necklace from Maria, certain he's seen it before. Luke, Skye, Tracy and Edward scheme against Heather. To that end, Luke makes Heather believe he will help her kill Edward. Skye can't help but be jealous of Luke spending time with Heather. Although worried, Courtney refuses to allow Jax to mount a search for Diego. Alcazar and Lois are honest about their feelings.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie dismisses the idea of having children without really talking to Edmund. Alex and Buzz accuse one another of killing Phillip. The two then strike a deal to be one another's alibis for the night Phillip was murdered. Holly and Sebastian discuss their vices and then kiss one another. Alan gets a pardon from the governor for Alex. Lizzie breaks the news to Marina and Buzz that she now owns Company. Buzz agrees to work for Lizzie in order to try and 'keep peace between the families.' Edmund promises Cassie that he will make sure Tammy is home for Thanksgiving. Sebastian looses his temper with Holly and tells her that he needs to leave for a few days. Holly debates having a drink from a bottle of wine that is within her reach.

OLTL by Janice

Bo asks Kevin where he was the night Paul was murdered. Nora and Evangeline talk about John’s relationship with Natalie. Nora tells Evangeline that she and Daniel are going to try to go away for a weekend again. Dorian is identified by an eyewitness who saw her in the cemetery with Paul Cramer. Dorian has her bail revoked. John tells her that if she comes clean she may be able to go home. She finally tells John that she met Paul in the cemetery and gave him her necklace to get him out of town. John still doesn’t understand how the murder weapon got in the ceiling tiles in Dorian’s office if she wasn’t the murderer. Dorian’s lawyer works to get Dorian out of jail. David and Kelly are in a hotel on their way to North Carolina. Both are suffering from food poisoning. They agree that David and Dorian are meant to be together. David gets a call from Dorian and worries that all is not well in Llanview. Sonja comes to Llanfair to get information from Todd about Tico. Jessica is upset when Sonja tells her that she and Antonio had fun together. Antonio tells Sonja that Christian is alive. She is furious that he withheld that information from her. Antonio assures Sonja that Christian can take care of himself. At Lion’s Heart Tico pulls a gun on Christian. They fight over the weapon, but Christian is overpowered and knocked unconscious. Tico has him locked up in a room where he’ll stay until he gets the information he needs from him. Then he will kill him. Natalie has a dream that she is about to make love to Christian and John’s face appears in her mind. Natalie is frantic at Llanfair that Christian has not returned. Tico goes to Llanfair to pick up Jessica for an appearance at the television station with Governor Brooks. Antonio goes to Lion’s Heart to look for him and gets a call from Tico telling him that he has Christian.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa is having a heck of a time convincing Gwen she and the baby are in trouble, thanks to Rebecca. Ethan knows something's wrong but he's still a wuss and allows Gwen to lead him by the nose. Katherine and Martin check into the B&B only to find Alistair in their room. Now, how did he know which room Ivy would take them to, I wonder?

Speaking of Ivy, she is bound and determined to find out who the father is of the baby Whitney is carrying. Fox says it's his, but once Chad finds out, he wonders of he's the daddy. Whitney just wants a hole to jump into at this point. Beth has figured out how to get Luis away from Sheridan again, thanks to Paloma's willingness to tell everyone about how her father is really Mr. Wheeler and Mrs. Wheeler is causing problems for the two lovers. Beth begins working on Sheridan's last nerve.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brad thanked Nikki for not opening the envelope about his past, and assured her they'd always be friends. She later confided to Bobby that she'd killed her best friend as a child. Bobby confided back that he'd suffered a tragedy of his own while young; his older brother went missing after a birthday party! Michael told John he'd stopped by to offer advice on his estate now that he was newly married. He advised John to protect his money from sticky fingers. John kicked him out, but agreed the advice was good. Gloria silently seethed and vowed revenge on her meddling son. Brad cooked an early thanksgiving dinner for Abby and Ashley to share together with him as a family, and offered Ash advice on how to deal with Gloria, while making sure she knew she was not welcome to move back home. Olivia accused Drucilla of wanting Malcolm gone because he served as a reminder that they'd slept together and that the possibility existed that Lily was really his daughter. Malcolm told Devon and Lily about his stay in Africa. He and Dru sat down alone, and she told him the last thing Lily needed in her life was turmoil. Malcolm wondered what she meant. Harrison admitted to Jill that he'd planted the insurance papers in Arthur's room to make her see how serious things were. Jill told him she now believed Arthur was innocent. Arthur told Kay how much he loved her, and she left him alone to make arrangements to fly to Vegas to elope. When she returned, however, she found a shaken Jill, alone, reading a letter from Arthur.

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