The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/22/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

After talking to Zach, Kendall tells Ethan that he needs to leave Pine Valley since somebody is trying to frame him. She admits that she wanted him to stay for her own selfish purposes, but she believes it's in his best interest to leave. He tells her that since he is innocent of the charges, he will stay until he can laugh in the face of the person who is trying to get him in trouble for something he did not do.

Babe attempts to call Bianca and tell her the truth about Miranda. But Bianca still doesn't know what to believe. JR acts friendly toward Krystal and David, inviting them to Thanksgiving dinner. They are puzzled but know that he's only doing that in order to fish for information that only they would have about Babe and the baby. Adam, at first, tells JR he does not want the two of them at his house for Thanksgiving. But after JR explains his "plan" to his father, Adam is very proud of his son.

ATWT by Linda

Roseanna and Paul marry with no hitches, but when they return to Fairwinds and are relaxing on the couch, Roseanna finds one of Cabot’s shoes stuck in the cushions. Jennifer asks Mike if they could hold off on having sex until they have a stronger relationship and Mike reticently agrees. Kim catches Barbara before she can ruin the wedding and promises her that she’ll help her to find her old self, if she can prove that’s what she really wants. Barbara vows after Kim leaves that the road to the old Barbara runs right through Roseanna Cabot. Emily tells Carly that she needs to re-create their Montana wedding and Carly enlists Hannah her mid-wife there to help her. Hannah’s brother will pose as Jack’s brother Brad and call him, telling him there’s a family emergency in Montana. Julia and Jack celebrate their engagement, but Jack receives a strange phone call from his brother, Brad.

B&B by Lee

Brooke sends Ridge to relax and has the others go home. Eric tells Brooke that Ridge will listen to her, and Stephanie tells her that she's counting on her, and not to let her down. Later, Ridge tells Brooke that he wants to pretend his family never showed up ... and they do. He gives her a necklace with a symbol that means I love you more than yesterday, and less than tomorrow.

After Jackie and Deacon leave the boutique, Sally shows up with Clark and Gladys. Sally was dressed in a Massimo disguise. Their plan is to bring Spectra Designs into Jackie M. boutique.

Days by Danielle

Philip asks for John’s blessing and then returns to propose to Belle again. Belle sees Jan and Shawn kissing and decides to say yes to Philip. The mysterious person injects something into John’s IV. John imagines seeing the grim reaper as he flat lines. The police officers bring Bo the DiMera file they uncovered from the disk. Bo and Hope are shocked at what they read in the file. Celeste warns Billie that the person she loves most is here in Salem but Billie thinks that Celeste is talking about Bo. Billie says her goodbyes to her family and friends as she prepares to leave Salem. Brandon tells Sami that he can’t come to the wedding and while he still has feelings for her, she belongs with Lucas. Lucas still doesn’t trust that Kate doesn’t want to break up his impending marriage. An attempt to let Maggie take over the books for Alice’s Bar leads to a knife fight between her and Bonnie.

GH by Amanda

Steven follows Carly to Ric's, and falls unconscious in the smoke. She manages to escape right before the firemen show up and rescue him. Nik short circuits Connor's scheme by turning himself in for Helena's death. Alexis saves Sam from freezing to death. Connor hits Lucky, knocking him out, then announces he is leaving for Canada after pulling out the phones and stealing Em's cell. Emily manages to pull a fast one and has Connor arrested. Ric questions Carly and Steve.

GL by Sarah

Bill and Olivia learn that Phillip left Cross Creek to Olivia. They share the news with Josh and Reva. Michelle rescues Tony but both end up stuck. Harley and Gus realize that Buzz could be the killer. Buzz and Alex realize they have something in common. Gus and Zack bond while talking turkey.

OLTL by Janice

An eyewitness that saw Paul with a woman in the cemetery shows up at the police station. Bo arranges a line up with all of the chief women suspects – Lindsay, Jennifer, Natalie, and Dorian. The witness picks number 4 in the line-up. Adriana goes to Tico to enlist his support in clearing Dorian’s name. Tico wants Adriana to move in with him until the trial is over. Adriana refuses. As she hugs Tico, she notices a picture of Christian lying on the desk and wonders what he’s doing with it. Christian sneaks away from Lion’s Heart to go to Llanfair to see Natalie. They rendezvous up in the attic. Viki almost catches them, but Natalie makes up an excuse about looking for Thanksgiving decorations. Viki knows she’s covering something, but doesn’t press her for answers. Antonio comes to see Chris in the attic. He warns him about how dangerous Tico is. Christian assures him that he’s not the same little brother that he used to be. He knows that Tico has no clue as to his real identity so he’s sure he’s safe. Christian goes back to Lion’s Heart. He snoops around a little and comes across his own picture. He’s trying to decide what to do when Tico comes in holding a gun and calling him “Cousin Christian.” He promises that Chris will die this time. Nora invites Bo to Thanksgiving dinner at her house with Matthew. Bo accepts. Nora wonders if John is being honest about his feelings for Natalie. Michael again tries to propose to Marcie, but the timing is just not right. Marcie’s literary agent takes her to lunch and gets her to agree to go on a book tour.

Passions by Shirley

Rebecca tries to warn Gwen and Ethan that Theresa isn't to be trusted, but they don't want to hear it. Meanwhile, Theresa ends up doubled over in pain. At Sheridan's house, Luis and Sheridan tell the Wheelers to go live at the B&B, and Sheridan caps it off with the fact she never wants to see Katherine again.

Beth, Edna, Precious, and Little Martin meet Paloma, who can't quite figure out who the baby looks like, but knows it's not Luis or Beth. She tells the women about Martin's resurrection and the trouble his "wife" has caused between Luis and Sheridan. Beth acts like she's sorry, but really sees an advantage in the situation. Fox and Ivy realize Whitney is pregnant, although she denies it at first, but while Fox is thrilled, Ivy is suspicious and gets right to the point by asking the girl if the father is Fox or Chad.

Y&R By Christopher

Malcolm promised Olivia he'd keep his distance from Nate, apologized for kissing her, and left her to talk to Drucilla. Olivia was angry Dru didn't tell her about Malcolm. Dru couldn't stop trying to figure out why Malcolm was back in town, and urged Olivia not to invite him to stay. Lily told Devon that he was a true part of their family, even if he wasn't blood-related. Nikki admitted to Paul that she was haunted by the memory of the shooting. He gave her the sealed court documents from Brad's name change in Cleveland. Nikki brought the documents to Brad - who whined about Victor and Ashley - and told him the documents were his to do with as he pleased. Phyllis thanked Daniel for going to Christine on her behalf, but told him not to interfere in her life again. She and Malcolm shared a tearful reunion, Daniel was introduced, and they discussed Malcolm's life in Africa, then agreed to see one another again while he was in town. Devon learned Malcolm was Lily's uncle, and told her about their meeting at the rec center. Malcolm was surprised to learn Devon was now Lily's foster brother. Jack let it slip to Michael that John and Gloria were married, while Michael told Jack that Nick was running Newman Enterprises now. Ash told Gloria they could get along for John's sake, but warned her not to hurt him. Michael visited Gloria and demanded she come clean with John. As she ordered Michael out, John returned home and found them together.

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