The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/19/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

After the MRI shows there's nothing physically wrong with Greenlee, she goes to see a shrink. She talks about her two unfit parents, her marriage to Leo, her previous friendship and now her enemyship with Kendall and belief that Kendall wanted to kill Ryan, and her marriage. The psychiatrist puts her on anti-anxiety meds.

Bobbie and Anita continue to have problems and distrust each other and neither Palmer nor Opal offer Bobbie any support. Babe calls her mother and asks about Krystal's relationship with Tad. Krystal reveals to her daughter that Tad will never forgive her for what happened but she cannot reveal what happened in regard to Bianca finding out about Miranda. Babe, then decides she will call Bianca direct. David urges Krystal not to tie up the phone with Babe because the longer they talk, the more risk there could be in getting the call traced. Both Krystal and David are afraid of never seeing their daughter again and don't know what to do, they end up kissing.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara and Will talk, Will stating that he’s old enough to make his own choices and he chooses to live with Paul and Roseanna. When he leaves for their wedding, Barbara tricks the guard and crawls out the window. As we leave her, she’s desperately trying to get the ankle guard off. Jordan and Jennifer make amends and Jennifer finally admits that she and Mike are an item. Carly is distraught over the divorce papers and Emily and Roseanna reassure her that everything will be fine. When they get to the barn, Carly has to step outside for a moment because it reminded her of her and Jack’s wedding in Montana. Jack shows up with Julia and when he sees it, he remembers it also. Despite that, he still proposes to Julia at Java. Lucy confronts Craig with Rafi and Rafi is also upset with Craig when he finds out that he knew about the weighted gloves. Upset, Craig goes to talk with Lily, but she is on her way to the hospital. He leaves before her and is accosted by two hooded gentlemen. As Lily finally leaves, she finds Craig’s cell phone on the ground. Sierra is talking with Dusty about how he shouldn’t abandon Lucy and asks him point blank if he loves her. Lucy comes in and asks him the same thing.

B&B by Lee

Eric told Ridge that he was sorry for hurting his feelings by referring to Thorne as their only son. Thorne told Ridge that the board disagrees with his decision to hold Jackie M. to their contract. Ridge was feeling confident that Brooke would support him. Thorne called for an immediate vote, and asked Brooke to do the right thing.

Deacon discovered that Jackie is the sole owner of the Jackie M. boutiques. He took her to see the new boutique, where she began to help the employees get ready for the grand opening.

Days by Danielle

As part of Kate’s plan, she announces to the crowd at Alice’s Bar that Basic Black will host Sami and Lucas’ wedding reception and she personally will cover the additional costs including funding a honeymoon destination of their choice. Sami decides to invite the entire crowd to the wedding, including Brandon. Maggie tries to get Shawn and Belle back together by asking them to indulge her by dancing together but they end up arguing and return to their current partners. Philip leads Belle outside and proposes to her. Bo tries to talk to Shawn about Belle and Jan but Shawn doesn’t want to hear any of it.

Billie admits to Hope that she still loves Bo but is leaving because she has too much respect for their family to intrude. Kate tries to convince Billie to stay and fight for Bo. Hope gets a bad feeling that Billie should leave town immediately. A police officer opens a hidden file on the disk containing DiMera’s files and finds some huge news for Bo and Billie. John dreams that Marlena has returned to him and that they make love in his hospital bed. John then dreams that the grim reaper wearing the phoenix ring comes and kills Marlena with a promise that he is next. A mysterious person injects something into John’s IV.

GH by Amanda

Connor makes a pass at Emily, but she slaps him. Then his explanation turns into an attempt to win Em's affections. Ric arrests Sonny in the hospital, upsetting Alexis. Carly tries to stop Sonny's arrest, but fails. Edward walks into the Haunted Star and informs Heather that her run of luck is over. Jason urges Sam to forget the idea of making a new baby to replace the old one- with him. A doctor then informs her that she can not have another child immediately if she wants to stay healthy and have a healthy child. Luke advises Edward that divorce could be deadly, explaining about Laura. Carly begins to plan how to free Sonny, including enlisting Steve's help. Rebuffing Mike's grandfatherly attention, Alexis informs him his son is in jail. Connor fails to show up at the airport and returns to Spoon Island. Disguised as Ric's mistress, Carly searches his apartment for the files. Sam leaves the hospital, fainting in the snow. Carly gets trapped in Ric's apartment when she sets a fire.

GL by Sarah

Ross plays a tape that Phillip had brought him the day before he was shot. In the tape he outlines his will. Leaving Stock to Alex if she works in the mail room at Spaulding, two boats and the gym to Rick, trust funds and stocks for all his children, and enough money to take care of Beth and her mother to Beth. Ross also reveals that Phillip bought Company from Buzz before he died and he is leaving Company to Lizzie. Harley finds a gun in a bag of sugar at Company. She sees Ruth as she is trying to clean up. Ruth convinces her that she is the one that killed Phillip. Michelle and Tony kiss and Tony proclaims his love to Michelle. Buzz becomes a suspect.

OLTL by Janice

John visits Natalie at Llanfair to see how she's doing. He can see that she's hiding something from him. He notices that she's wearing her wedding ring for the first time in months. She doesn't tell him that Christian is still alive. She gets him to leave and discusses with Jessica that John is finally being warm and caring to her - just like she has always wanted. She is torn because she knows she'll never love anyone like she does Chrisitan. Jessica wonders if she and Antonio will ever get back together again because of all the hurt they have caused each other with Tico and Sonja. Dorian gets a visit from Lindsay at La Boulee. Lindsay tells Dorian that she can count on her for an alibi if needed because they have always been such great friends. Dorian wonders what Lindsay might be hiding because if she gives Dorian an alibi that means that Lindsay has one too. Dorian throws Lindsay out of LaBoulee in front of Adriana and Duke. After Dorian turns off the answering machine as David leaves a message, Duke wonders if Dorian might have been involved in Paul's murder. Adriana is upset that Duke could even think such a thing. David and Kelly go to Pine Valley. They see Krystal talking to Bianca. After Krystal leaves Kelly talks to Bianca and learns that Babe is a Chandler and has a baby girl. Back in the car, David and Kelly look up information on Bianca and Babe on the internet. They find the article on the helicopter crash. Kelly starts to put the pieces together - that Babe might really be Ace's mother. She insists that they continue to search for Babe to learn the truth about Ace. After many hours of traveling, David and Kelly find a single room at a motel to spend the night. John goes to Capricorn for a drink. RJ asks him how many people he is going to arrest for Paul's murder. John gets a call and phones Bo to meet him at the police station. Tico comes face to face with Christian at Lion's Heart. He thinks that Christian is Jose Alvarez, an associate from Puerto Rico. Christian goes along with the ploy and pretends to find Antonio in the mansion. After he throws Antonio out, he goes back in to speak with Tico. Tico tells him that he needs to move into Lion's Heart while he's in town. He also tells him that he will give him the final details of the plan as the time nears. As Christian goes back to Llanfair to retrieve his belongings, Antonio tells Jessica what is happening. She vows that she will be safe because Tico loves her and doesn't know what she's up to. She tells Antonio that she'll watch out for Christian. Christian tells Natalie that he's moving into Lion's Heart. Natalie is upset to think that she might lose Chris again. Chris promises that he'll be okay and that he'll take care of Jessica. Back at Lion's Heart, Tico has a newspaper article with a wedding picture of Chris and Natalie. He promises that "Cousin" Christian will die for good this time.

Passions by Shirley

Pilar is still depressed and feels like she is worthless, thanks to Martin and Katherine. Luis tries to cheer her up, get her moving, but she refuses. He finally leaves her alone and runs into Sheridan who apologizes and makes up for defending Katherine last night. Meanwhile, she has come from telling Katherine she needs to find her children and let them know what's happened to her. Martin and Katherine are still saying they're leaving soon.

Whitney, Fox, and Ivy have a nice chat at breakfast, and the result is Whitney decides having Chad's baby and passing it off as Fox's isn't the best solution, but that taking off for parts unknown to have the baby and give it up for adoption is, since no one will ever know the child is the product of incest. Meanwhile, Fox, after a run-in with Tabitha's cat Fluffy, finds the evidence that Whitney is pregnant.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

With Dt. Weber as referee, Damon and Dominic faced off about their differing accounts of what happened in the motel room. Christine told Phyllis that, because of Daniel's plea, she would be representing her. Christine interrupted Weber's interrogation, told him she would be representing Phyllis and Damon, and ended the meeting. Damon agreed to keep Christine as his lawyer, and she warned them not to talk to the cops. Damon told Phyllis they had nothing to worry about, while she insisted being innocent wasn't always enough. Bobby and Nikki prepared for the first Cabaret Night at the club, and he teased her about having fun while Victor was away. Nikki admitted she'd been having bad dreams, then called Paul and asked him to meet with her. Arthur denied the insurance policy forms were his, and said it wasn't his handwriting. He told Jill she - or Harrison - had tried to set him up, then he ran off after telling her it was obvious she'd never stop suspecting him. When Devon spilled milk over dinner, Lily did the same to make him feel better. Neil and Dru assured Devon they would never get rid of him, and that he was a 'real' part of the family. Lily asked Dru if she and Malcolm had ever been involved. Dru said she'd had a small crush on him once. Olivia fainted after coming face to face with Malcolm. When she awoke, she pleaded with him to stay away from Nate until his school semester was finished. Malcolm agreed, then passionately kissed Olivia when she told him she was thrilled he was alive.

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