The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/18/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Jack and Erica catch Reggie and Danielle in the act of getting ready to have sex. They each talk to the teenagers about waiting until they are ready and being responsible beforehand. Reggie and Danielle try to convince them they were not planning on sleeping together, but Lily rats them out with pictures.

Babe tells Jamie she wants Krystal and Tad to get married and hopes it's ready to happen. But he knows his father will not forgive her mother when he finds out Krystal switched the DNA tests and kept Bianca from Miranda. David is determined to stop at nothing to prevent Tad from finding Jamie and Babe. Tad protests that he cannot let them go away and never see them again. But David says if Tad cares about his son the way David cares about his daughter, he will let them stay on the run. Babe decides that she needs to call home and find out what is going on with her friends and family.

ATWT by Linda

Paul and Roseanna talk about where they’ll live after the wedding and after a heartrending plea from Roseanna, they decide to live at Fairwinds. Aaron is distressed because he can’t feel his right side, Dr. Hughes calling for more tests. Dr. Hughes warns Ali and Holden that Aaron shouldn’t get upset because it could trigger internal bleeding where he was operated at. Rafi show up and Ali tells him to leave, but he sneaks into Aaron’s room. Aaron becomes upset when Rafi tells him that the gloves were weighted and that he’s had brain surgery, begging Dr. Hughes to tell him what’s wrong with him. Although they tried to keep Paul’s wedding a secret, Barbara overhears Hal and Will talking and throws a fit. Mike tells Jen he can’t take her to the wedding until she finishes business with Jordan and when she agrees, he says he’ll pick her up. Lucy tries to get Dusty to take her back, but he’s insistent that he’s no good for her and refuses.

B&B by Boo

Thorne and Darla stop off at Brooke's to make sure she will back them with Ridge before heading to Spectra where they are surprised to find Stephanie waiting for them. Darla and Thorne are pretty sure that Brooke will stand up to Ridge. Stephanie isn't so sure. Thomas stops off at Caitlin's office to deliver something to eat and to offer his friendship in the aftermath of her break up with Rick. Amber overhears and after Thomas leaves, she also visits Caitlin to offer her friendship. Caitlin isn't sure if she should believe Amber or not. Ridge comes home from his trip. Brooke tells him that she thinks he is wrong in strong arming Nick into not carrying Spectra Couture.

Days by Danielle

Doug and Julie plan a special evening but end up getting into a food fight with Zack while baby-sitting so Hope and Bo can go to Alice’s and support Maggie. Bonnie and Mickey bring Maggie to Alice’s Bar so she can see what has been done to Tuscany. Maggie shrieks and falls to the floor when she sees Alice’s. Lexie warns Brandon against getting involved with Sami again. Brandon forgives Sami for her past misdeeds and keeps an eye on Kate who continues to plot against Sami and Lucas’ relationship. Sami and Lucas each apologize for their past sins against each other. Eugenia vows to get revenge on Sami for making her lose her job. Kate tries to convince Billie that she should stay in Salem and fight for Bo. Bonnie is reunited with Patrick. Bonnie organizes a line dance under the theory that the one you’re dancing with at the end is your soul mate and plots to end up dancing with Mickey. Billie ends up dancing with Bo but Hope vows that Billie will never break up her and Bo.

GH by Lisa

Durant secretly arranges for Ric to get a copy of the file with evidence to use against Sonny. Alexis urges a reluctant Ric to prosecute Sonny immediately. Sonny asks Carly and Michael to testify on his behalf at the custody hearing. Carly calms Michael when he accuses Sonny of wanting Kristina to live with him but doesn't want Michael to. Carly overhears Ric telling Durant he has the evidence to send Sonny to prison. Aware of Carly's presence, Durant tells Ric not to go after Sonny. Ric has Sonny arrested for RICO violations. Jason finds Sam staring down at Kristina. Alexis reacts badly when she finds Sam and Jason with Kristina. Sam tells Jason she wants to have another baby.

Skye is steamed as she watches Luke flirt with Heather to try and get information out of her. Skye enlists Tracy's help to get Edward released from Shadybrook. Skye sees Heather and Luke kissing. Connor tries to ingratiate himself to Emily. Emily slaps Connor when he pulls her into a kiss. After Diego tricks Dillon, Brook Lynn and Georgie into breaking into his social worker's home, Diego finds letters from sister who had been deported back to Mexico. Diego asks Brook Lynn to go to Mexico with him.

GL by Elizabeth

Ross and Rick share a beer over Phillip's grave. Mindy tells Olivia that she will never forgive her for pushing Phillip over the edge. Beth, Lizzie, Rick and Ross share their good memories of Phillip. Alan becomes accusatory in his thoughts of Phillip. Harley lets everyone know that she will find Phillip's killer. Olivia makes a scene over Phillip's coffin. Buzz reveals to Ross that he actually admired Phillip for never running from any of his problems.

OLTL by Janice

Dorian is bailed out of jail by Blair. David and Kelly stake out the Chandler Mansion in Pine Valley. David discovers that Krystal doesn't live there and bribes a maid for her new address. They go to Krystal's cabin and confront her about the whereabouts of Ace. Krystal asks Kelly if she is the biological mother. David and Kelly leave, but stick around outside waiting for some information. They overhear a phone call between Krystal and Babe. After Krystal leaves the cabin, David and Kelly sneak in and trace the phone call to a truck stop in North Carolina. Chris, Antonio and Natalie tell Jessical that Chris is alive and that Tico is the one who wanted him dead. Tico goes to the Buchanan Mansion and gives Kevin a budget to study. Kevin is suspicious because Governor Brooks has not yet released the budget. Kevin then goes to Llanfair looking for Kelly. He is upset that Kelly has disappeared and is sure that she must have Ace. Viki assures him that Kelly has no idea of where Ace could be. Natalie returns to Llanfair and Viki can't help but notice how much happier she is. Natalie refuses to give Viki any answers. Todd gets his name back from Asa. At the diner, he and Blair are talking about wedding plans when Margaret comes in. Todd pulls Margaret aside and goads her into getting some revenge on Kevin. Jessica arranges to get Tico out of the house so that Antonio and Chris can search it. Tico goes all the way to Llanfair with Jess, but leaves her at the doorstep and returns to Lion's Heart where he comes face to face with Christian in the hallway.

Passions by Shirley

Eve and Julian have a night out of dining and dancing, but TC and Liz have the same thought. By the end of the night, both couples are home in bed, making love. Eve has decided she still loves Julian and wants to move on with him, while TC seems to be happy to have a warm body in bed with him.

Pilar has a melt down, wondering why Martin left, if it was her fault. Luis struggles to help her cope while wondering what happened to Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan is trying to get information from Katherine but what she finds out makes her sorry she took her side against Luis. Paloma is thrilled to know Martin is her father, but prefers Katherine over her own mother.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Mr. Gundersen told Nick that if he didn't give him $100,000.00 he would make it impossible for Newman Enterprises' new facility to be built. Nick asked Michael for help, and Michael learned Gundersen was bluffing. Nick bluffed back, threatening to take his business elsewhere, and insisting he had video surveillance of Gundersen's earlier blackmail. Gundersen caved, and Nick and Michael congratulated one another. Kay told Jill that she would marry Arthur, regardless of all suspicion. Jill visited Harrison and revealed that she'd discovered Arthur had applied to take out a life insurance policy on Kay. Harrison insisted this was proof he planned to kill her. Kay told Arthur she wanted to be married immediately, possibly even elope. Jill confronted Arthur, demanding to know why he'd applied for the policy on Kay. Daniel demanded to know what kind of trouble Phyllis was in, so she told him about Dominic Hughes' lies, and Christine's refusal to represent her. Daniel summoned Christine, and privately reminded her she'd caused him a world of hurt by separating him from Phyllis; to prove her love, he begged Christine to help save his Mother. Christine agreed, but worried Phyllis would be a volatile, self-sabotaging client from hell. Ash refused John and Gloria her blessing. Gloria insisted she find another place to stay if she couldn't be happy for them. Ash explained to Jack that now, more than ever, she needed to be close to John. She then gleefully told Gloria and John that she'd remain at the estate... with them.

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