The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/17/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Ethan goes to trial and gets out on bail after the judge knows that somebody else has recently shot at Ryan. It looks like things are getting hot between him and Kendall. Greenlee goes to get an MRI. Maria finds out that Zach must have shot Ryan. He protests that he is just trying to protect his son. She says he's going about it all wrong.

Adam asks Krystal if it's really true that Bess is Miranda. He tells her that if it is, and she and Babe have been lying, they will be sorry. But he tells her if either of them liked that Bess is Miranda, he will let it go. She lies to him, telling him that she lied to Bianca and to JR, Babe did not, about Bess being Miranda. Babe and Jamie go to a restaurant and run into an annoying, nosy man.

ATWT by Linda

Roseanna urges Carly that it’s time to fight dirty and she and Emily will help her in any way they can. Paul asks Jordan to come to the wedding and he reluctantly accepts. Mike and Jennifer decide not to go together to the wedding, but when Jordan asks Jennifer to go “as friends” Jennifer tells him the Mike is already taking her. Holden almost punches Dusty for getting Aaron into the ring, but Lucy defends him. Lucy and Dusty make progress to reuniting. Alison brings all of Aaron’s favorite things to his hospital room and is delighted when he wakes up and calls her name. Holden is thrilled as well, Aaron talking normally, but their joy is short lived when Aaron tells them that something is wrong. John asks Jessica about Ben’s behavior and she becomes suspicious. Meanwhile, Ben is asking Curtis to keep secret the fact that he provided his sample for him. Jessica comes in and offers her legal services, Ben turning her down flat.

B&B by Lee

Stephanie told Thorne that Ridge overheard her and Eric refer to Thorne as their only son. Thorne said he is their only son and Ridge should get over it! He asked Brooke to override Ridge's threat to Jackie M. and allow them to carry Spectra designs. Stephanie told Brooke that she has wanted to be a part of the family and by doing the right thing now she would be.

Rick told Thomas that he and Caitlin are going to take a break. Thomas tried to convince him that he shouldn't let Caitlin get away. Shortly after Rick left Thomas called Caitlin to make sure she was okay. Caitlin told her father that it's over between Rick and her.

Days by Danielle

Hope calls Jennifer with the news about Jack. Hope and Bo spend their first night back at home by making love. Billie visits Patrick and offers to keep the information she found out about him from the disk under wraps. Patrick tries to refuse the offer but Billie insists that he keep the information because she’s already made copies in case she needs them.

Lexie tells John that he’s suffered extensive damage to his spinal chord and may have to live with chronic pain for the rest of his life. John tries to give Belle Marlena’s wedding ring but she insists that he keep it. Lucas tells Sami that he’s glad Brandon was there to comfort her because it prevented her from harming herself. Brandon admits that Kate offered to fund his program, which leads Sami to accuse Kate of trying to use Brandon to break them up. Kate denies any involvement other than trying to help out a worthy charity. Sami threatens to tell John about Kate using company funds but that idea is refuted when Belle informs her that she is in charge of charitable donations and had already approved the funding. Brandon spots Sami and Lucas kissing in the hospital elevator via the security camera and doesn’t like what he sees.

GH by  Amanda

The majority of Port Charles is involved in getting ready for the memorial for Sam's baby, even with issues such as the runaway kids- Brooke and Diego- , Sonny's failing marriage, and the custody case swirling around them. However, Luke and Skye begin setting a trap for Heather, beginning with Luke faking drunken grief over his and Laura's anniversary and staging a spat with Skye that drives her away, but Heather insists on staying with him, only to listen to him vow to find and hurt whoever abducted Laura. Alexis longs for forgiveness that Ric guides her to. Jax proposes that he and Courtney broker a truce between Alexis and Sonny. Sonny says goodbye to his dead child.

GL by Sarah

Bill finds out that Ruth is wanted for questioning in Phillip's murder. Cassie finds Sandy and Tammy at Farley's bar. Reva joins Jonathan in the fountain and reaches him. Lizzie and Coop go head to head arguing about Phillip. Lizzie vows to never let anyone forget her father. Bill makes a promise to stay with Olivia and be a father to Emma. Tammy demands her mother leave the bar and is convinced there is something wrong with her.

OLTL by Janice

Blair gets Riley and Midnight Logic to play at a party that Starr is having. Lindsay tries to convince Rex that he needs to give Jenn an alibi for the night of Halloween - or just take the blame for killing Cramer. Antonio finds out that Christian is alive. Christian tells him to keep his secret. If word gets out, Tico will kill him. Antonio starts to go off after Tico, but Christian stops him. Antonio tells Chris that he has to let Jessica know that he's alive - he's already kept too many secrets from her. John and Evangeline kiss and make up. Evangeline is still worried that he's spending too much effort on Natalie's behalf. John tries to assure Evangeline that he wants to be with her. David and Kelly go off to Pine Valley in search of Krystal. They get lost in the fog. Dorian, meanwhile, can't find Kelly and goes to Kevin's in the hopes that she'll be there. Kevin finds her and they fight about Kevin's custody of Ace. Kevin tries to tell Dorian that she should watch out for Kelly because she's always had a crush on David. Dorian doesn't believe anything that Kevin is trying to tell her. John goes to Buchanan Mansion to arrest Dorian for Paul's murder.

Passions by Shirley

Ethan gets nowhere in trying to convince Theresa that she is delusional, that Fate won't bring them back together, and that she doesn't need to find out who the mother is of the remaining child she's carrying. Gwen mourns the fact she has lost two children, but is elated that there is still one left for her to raise. Rebecca warns her there is more to Theresa than meets the eye.

Luis calls Katherine every name in the book as he tries to convince Paloma that the woman is the reason their father left the home and she ended up in Mexico with their aunt. Sheridan gets pushed out of shape by the names he is calling the woman and jumps to her defense, hurting and angering Luis by doing so. Meanwhile, at the Russell house, Eve finally tells TC that he is as much to blame for the divorce as she is since he kissed Liz, too. Did TC get the message?

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kay told Jill to either support her marriage to Arthur, or move out. Harrison suggested that if Jill could prove Arthur had taken out a life insurance policy, it would prove he planned to kill Kay. Jill discovered papers in Arthur's room that left her in tears. Nick told Michael that - regardless of Victor's wishes - his services would not be needed at Newman Enterprises. Michael said the day would come when he'd change his mind. Nick then refused to meet with Mr. Gunderson, a man insisting on seeing him, and instead told Connie to deal with it. Phyllis learned Nick was CEO, and told Neil she would likely be fired. Instead, Nick told her her job was safe, then sent her home when Daniel called in need of his Mother. Nick ordered Neil to negotiate a rental deal rather than close a factory, as Neil had planned. Neil felt second-guessed, and wasn't impressed. Nick again told Connie to deal with the man in the lobby. Kevin assured Lauren that his fight with Michael had helped him face his demons, and changed him. She was skeptical, until Michael arrived and Kevin actually said they made a nice couple, and he wanted to see them happy. Jack brought Ash back to the Abbott house, told her not to give up on Brad, and urged her to steer clear of Victor. John and Gloria returned from their trip, and John comforted Ash, promising they'd work through everything as a family. Gloria stunned Jack and Ash by showing them her wedding ring and revealing she and John had wed while away.

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