The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/16/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Greenlee drives into Kendall and knocks her down. They are both ok physically but Greenlee is hysterical and believing Kendall shot Ryan. Jonathan witnesses the whole thing and informs Ryan that he saw Greenlee intending to kill Kendall. Since Ethan has been in jail and in the hospital when Ryan and Greenlee were shot at, at the park, Kendall and Livia are able to get Ethan cleared from charges. But that points all the suspicion in Zach. Maria admits to Anita that although she's fought it, she knows she is in love with Zach.

Bianca is able to convince Erica that JR may have lied to her about Babe writing in a letter that Bess is Miranda. Tad tells his father that it is unforgivable for Krystal and Babe to keep Bianca from her baby and wonders if he should tell her.

ATWT by Linda

Ben is shocked when Ramirez replaces him to do Aaron’s second surgery, Bob and John worried after Holden’s questions bring to light the possibility of a malpractice issue. Aaron survives surgery, but Bob warns Holden, Lily and Alison that with what Aaron has suffered, he will more than likely have brain damage. Jessica gives a distraught Ben his divorce papers, but when she tries to find out what is troubling him, he tells her to leave. Lucy confides in Sierra that she still loves Dusty but she’s sure he doesn’t want anything to do with her again. Sierra comforts her and tells her no to give up. Dusty gives Tom the information on Dom and as he’s being released, Craig tries to rub his nose in it, mentioning as Dominic is brought out that Dusty turned states evidence against him to be freed. Carly and Julia have words, neither one willing to relinquish their claim on Jack. Roseanna and Paul ask Will to be their best man and live with them after the wedding, Will accepting on both counts.

B&B by Lee

Brooke told Stephanie and Eric that Ridge overheard them refer to Thorne as their only son. Dominick agreed that Jackie M. would carry the Spectra designs if Thorne could convince Forrester not to pull their business. Thorne went to see Eric and Stephanie and begged for them to finally put all the favoritism they've shown to Ridge in the past, and support him by allowing Jackie M. to carry the Spectra designs.

Rick told Caitlin that while he's away he doesn't want either of them to put their lives on hold. She was so upset she walked out on their fancy dinner.

Days by Danielle

Mickey suggests that he, Bonnie, and Maggie each take one of the three bedrooms in the house and live together until he decides whom to choose. Bo and Billie look over the disk of downloaded files from Tony’s computer and find a mostly complete listing of everything about the DiMera organization except details about John’s past. Billie secretly decides that if she can’t have Bo, she doesn’t want anyone else. Lexie breaks off any romantic relationship with Tek. Hope brings a bag of the missing captives blood stained clothes to John’s hospital room and has the police lab confirm that it really is their blood. Everyone believes this to be proof that their loved ones are dead except Sami. Lucas sees Sami turn to Brandon for comfort. Hope gives John Marlena’s wedding ring and insists that it isn’t possible for the missing captives to be on the fishing trawler.

Marlena and Roman wake up on the fishing trawler and realize that they have been dressed in fresh clothes and they believe that they have been injected with something when they notice marks on their respective arms. Tony comes in and informs them that he simply took their blood so he can get their blood types on file. Marlena and Roman deduce that Tony really took their clothes and blood so he could set it up so the Coast Guard found what appeared to be their bloody clothes and give up the search, believing them to be dead. They worry that those in Salem are under the impression that Tony died as well so no one will think this is another DiMera plot.

GH by Lisa

Durant pockets the incriminating file against Sonny and later offers Meyer a deal. Durant tells Meyer to replace the file in Sonny's penthouse and Durant won't ruin him when he goes after Sonny. Durant feels slightly guilty when Carly tells him how much his support means to her. Sonny makes it clear to Carly that they are over and walks out. Mac mistakes Connor for Nikolas when he goes to Wyndemere to question Emily. Nikolas wants Connor gone as soon as possible. Connor purposely re-injures himself and is forced to remain at Wyndemere.

Courtney tries to convince Jax that she can't move in with him because she needs her independence at this time in her life. Alcazar warns Diego to stay out of his business. Brook Lynn runs out after finding Lois at Alcazar's post lovemaking. Brook Lynn agrees to run away with Diego. Courtney challenges Diego to take responsibility and continue living with her but he leaves anyway. Georgie and Dillon are shocked to learn the Brook Lynn is going to run away with Diego.

GL by Elizabeth

Buzz nearly collapses in the police station. Reva worries that Jonathan may end up like Phillip. Harley tells Gus that he may never be able to prove that she is innocent. An eyewitness tells Frank that he saw a woman with reddish brown hair fleeing Company the night Phillip was killed. Mindy arrives in town and reminisces with Beth and Rick about the past. Jonathan makes a scene at the Country Club. Beth finds a letter that Phillip wrote to her prior to his death. Tony and Michelle kiss. Lillian and Lizzie spend lunch together. Frank gets his first lead in Phillip's murder case and it points directly to Ruth. Gus confesses to Harley that he got rid of her wig and clothes. Tony and Michelle are stranded on a smaller island off of Santo Domingo.

OLTL by Janice

John tells Evangeline that Natalie has given him new information which he believes will clear her of Paul's murder. She is upset that Natalie has shared the information with John, but not her own lawyer. She tells John that until he figures out his feelings for Natalie they can't be together. Evangeline and Michael talk about the lack of commitment with the McBain brothers. John goes to Pine Valley to talk to Bianca and Kendall about their role in Paul's life. He gets nowhere in questioning them. Antonio sneaks into Lion's Heart when Tico is away. He finds Jessica at the desk and tells her that she needs to get out. Tico comes into the hallway and overhears Jessica tell Antonio that she is staying until she gets the information to put Tico away. Antonio leaves and Tico comes up to Jessica and tells her it's time to go to bed and make a "real" marriage. Jessica runs off to work. Tico goes to Kevin and tells him to get Todd Manning off his back. He tells Kevin that Governor Brooks won't be around much longer and he should be prepared to take over. Matthew meets Starr at the diner. He is a little upset to see Bo and Paige together. He tells his Mom to be patient when he sees her looking over at jealously at Bo's table. At Asa's Lodge Natalie finds Christian. They make love by the fire. After they talk a while, Chris tells Natalie that Flynn was supposed to kill him, but instead he sold him to a Spanish ship as basically slave labor. He found out that the person who ordered Christian killed was Tico Santi. Natalie tells Chris that they need to talk to Antonio right away. She calls Antonio and he heads up to the lodge.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa is home and feeling confident that things will go her way. Rebecca is betting on another outcome, however. Whitney takes a third pregnancy test and gets the same results. Fox is still in the dark. His mother, Ivy, started out worried about the phone call to Sam from Grace, but he tells her that she is the one he wants now.

Pilar tries to tell Paloma the truth about her family, but the girl doesn't want to listen. She is determined to hurt her family for abandoning her, and finding out Martin is her real father is a convenient means of doing that. She turns her back on her mother and let's her know that her youngest daughter's allegiance is with her father and his mistress.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Sharon faced off about Sharon's continued desire to work for Jabot despite Nick's promotion at Newman Enterprises. Sharon asked for her support and faith, then learned Nikki would sit in on her first interview with the press. She handled them like an expert when they questioned her about Nick's reaction to her new job. She explained she was not just Mrs. Nick Newman, but the new face of Jabot Cosmetics. Nikki was impressed. Kay explained to Arthur that she was putting Harrison's awful allegations behind them and choosing, instead, to go through with the wedding. Arthur was thrilled, but explained he would not move back in with her until after they were married. Jill told Jack about Harrison and her fears about Arthur. Jack urged her to investigate Arthur fully, to protect Kay in case there was reason to be scared. Arthur and Kay told Jill and Jack their good news, and Jill was more than a little worried to learn of the upcoming nuptials. Neil stunned Dru, Lily and Devon by insisting that what Devon needed was a family and a role model, and that he would find both by coming home with them. A teary-eyed Dru let Devon make the decision, and he agreed to live with them. Neil welcomed him to the family with a hug. Later, Dru and Neil reconnected, overjoyed with the chance to help Devon. Brad rejected Ash's suggestion that they live together for Abby's sake, and explained how much it hurt that she'd told him he'd always been second to Victor. They devastated Abby with the news of their separation, impending divorce, and new living arrangements.

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