The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/15/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Erica is ready to start a new company called New Beginnings and wants Kendall and make Kendall her right-hand woman, due in part, to wanting Kendall to get away from Fusion, Ryan and Greenlee. But Zach Slater announces he's not going to sell the office space to Erica, since she helped break up Maria and Edmund's marriage so he has a reason to stay in Pine Valley. Greenlee and Ryan are shot at but are luckily not hurt. But Greenlee is still having delusions and has a vision of Kendall admitting she shot Ryan. So Greenlee drives and runs Kendall down in the parking garage.

JR confesses to Bianca that Babe alleged that Bess is Miranda. But she refuses to believe that Babe would ever willfully keep her baby from her.

ATWT by Linda

Sierra returns and she’s adamant that Craig stay away from Lucy. Aaron opens his eyes, but Ben finds he has a subdural hematoma and needs to operate again. After perusing Aaron’s charts, Dr. Dixon confides in Dr. Hughes that he believes they will have a huge liability suit on their hands. Emily lays down the law with Barbara. Dusty arranges for all of Aaron’s hospital bills to be sent to him and then agrees to turn states evidence against Dominic if Raphael is set free.

B&B by Lee

Even after Brooke insists that Ridge's decision not to allow Jackie M. to carry Spectra designs was a business decision, Thorne begs Brooke to get him to drop the vendetta. Thorne adds, if she won't do it for Spectra then do it for Ridge.

Rick apologizes to Caitlin for not being available lately then makes plans to take her for dinner. Amber goes to see Thomas at work and complains that they've not seen each other enough. Caitlin stops to see Thomas and they talk about how Taylor (his Mom) would have felt about Amber and Thomas's relationship.

Days by Danielle

Abby lashes out at Jennifer, blaming her for not bringing Jack home with her. Jan turns up the charm with Bo and Hope but they don’t buy it. Brandon decides to stay in Salem as Lexie prepares to send Abe to a state of the art clinic for more tests and treatment. Lucas tells Sami about her parents, which leads Sami to lash out at John. Sami accuses John and Kate of wanting Marlena and Roman out of the way so they can be together. Lucas yells at Kate, vowing to her that her attempts to break up him and Sami will not work. Kate begins to tell John that the Coast Guard found something and are bringing it back but Sami interrupts to exclaim that it must be Roman and Marlena that were found.

GH by Amanda

Jax invites Courtney to move in, but she demurs because of Diego, who is in the process of being nabbed by Sonny's men for spying. Sam unleashes all her vitriol on Sonny for being glad Kristina is alive, accusing him of being glad her baby is gone. Kristina's lost immunities begin to cause problems for her, but saves Sonny from getting a lecture on his hypocrisy by John. Ric offers to step aside from Alexis' life, it will make things easier, but she wants him to stay. Sam tells Jason she's willing to leave him. Carly tells Sonny she's moving out with the boys, but he wishes she wouldn't go. When Diego shows up in rough shape, his social worker arrives near the same time, but Jax concocts a cover story.

Lois and Lorenzo have a second night together. Kristina survives another crisis. John helps Carly pack and finds what he needs to ruin Sonny. Diego runs off, Brooke Lynne goes in search, but finds her mother and Lorenzo in a compromising position. Jason comforts Sam with tough love. Sonny prays for patience and attempts to exercise it.

GL by Sarah

Springfield reacts to Phillip's death. Cassie learns she miscarried. Harley remembers her last meeting with Phillip. Gus brings the children home.

OLTL by Janice

Duke hears about Ace and comes home to work things out with Kevin. Adriana is happy that Duke is home and she talks to him a little about Jessica's "moment" with Antonio. Michael takes Marcie to dinner to celebrate her birthday. One of Michael's patients, a literary agent, sits nearby and joins their conversation. The agent asks Marcie to meet with him to discuss ideas for her next book. Michael insists that it's ok, that he has to go back to work. But, again, Marcie leaves and Michael still has the engagement ring in his pocket. Dorian receives a subpoena to turn her gun over to the police. She calls David to come to the hospital. David tells her that he's dismantled her guns and thrown them in the river. He then gets a call from Kelly and leaves. Viki asks Dorian if she killed Paul; she doesn't want Natalie going to jail for a crime Dorian may have committed. They exchange barbs - including Dorian asking Viki if perhaps Niki Smith killed Paul. Kelly recognizes the voice of the woman who called reassuring her that Ace was safe. She goes through Paul's belongings and finds some information. She and David track down the woman's name and address and head off to Pine Valley to get Ace back. Natalie tells John what happened the night of Paul's disappearance. She tells John that Paul tried to rape her, but that she fought him off. Paul hit her and knocked her unconscious. She swears to John that Paul was alive the last time she saw him. John vows that he will get the evidence to clear her name. He tells her that he never stopped caring about her. As John leaves Llanfair, Natalie finds a note under the door. She doesn't tell John, but she recognizes Chris's handwriting. The note asks her to meet him at Asa's Lodge. She hesitates, but decides to go. She finds candles, a glowing fire, and Christian. At the hospital, Dorian runs into John as he is examining a body that has just come in. The body of Paul Cramer was found in the quarry. At Lion's Heart, Antonio sneaks in and confronts Jessica. He tells her that she needs to leave - Tico is dangerous. Jessica asks Antonio to trust her and let her help him. As Tico watches from behind a hallway door, Antonio asks Jessica to be honest with herself about her marriage.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa goes home from the hospital while Rebecca tries to figure out what she's up to. Whitney is no help, but does let her see that something is definitely up. Sam and Ivy bond over the impending birth of their first grandchild, but a phone call from Grace spoils the moment.

Pilar gets to blast Martin and Katherine for what she and her kids have had to go through since he deserted them. Katherine seemed to be ready to confess all to Sheridan but stopped short, allowing her daughter to rake her over the coals for hooking up with a man she knew was married and had kids. Paloma comes home in a foul mood to find there is a problem, then learns the man she thought was her godfather is really her father.

Y&R By Christopher

Phyllis snuck into Dominic's hospital room disguised as a nurse and imagined poisoning him with a syringe. In actuality, they spoke, and he taunted her, insisting she and Damon would go down since his story was more convincing than theirs. Phyllis countered that she and Damon had proof on its way to town that would clear their names, then told Dominic he'd never be safe again because she'd make him pay for the hell he'd put them through. Christine, after hearing Phyllis' entire story about Dt. Weber's murder theory, refused to accept Phyllis' case and told her to clean up her own mess. Nikki offered Bobby and Brittany advice on how to have a successful marriage, then later flirted with Bobby and admitted that Victor had gone out of town on a quest. Jack eavesdropped on their conversation, and later talked alone with Nikki, telling her that Victor might lose her if he was gone too long, and insisting she have him by at the ranch to spend some quality time together. Nikki agreed that would be nice. Robin made JT breakfast after spending the night with him, but he clearly wasn't interested in anything long term. Brittany interrupted them, told JT that Mac was jealous of him and Robin, and advised him to speak to her about her feelings. JT joked that friends didn't have feelings for friends, then asked if Brittany ever thought about when they were together. Brittany said not now that she was happily married. Mac showed up, noticed awkwardness, saw Robin, and was clearly bothered. Alone with JT, he told her about Brittany saying Mac wanted him. Mac denied it. Neil, Drucilla and Lily tried to share a nice good-bye with Devon before he went to the group home. He blasted them for introducing him to a great life than taking it away, and said he was worse off for having met them. Determined to make him learn lessons about appreciation, Neil insisted he was coming home with them to stay.

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