The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/12/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

JR reveals that he doesn't want to believe that Bess is Miranda although his father suggests that it's entirely possible that she is. He convinces Adam that neither of them want to face the thought that he has a baby boy that died. Babe and Jamie are still on the run, not yet found out. Bianca demands to know what her mother knows about Babe's letter. Erica lies to her daughter, that Babe wrote that she does not care for Bianca and believes the baby is better off with JR. Bianca does not buy that for a minute and goes to JR, backing him into a corner until he truthfully tells her that Babe wrote to her that Bess is Miranda.

Greenlee, Ryan and Kendall go to the Enchantment holiday gift factory and Greenlee appears again like she's losing it. However, there is still a gunman following her and Ryan ready to shoot them.

ATWT by Linda

Roseanna and Barbara have words, Roseanna leaving with the upper hand and making Barbara throw a plate to the ground, cutting her hand. Hal bandages her up when he comes home, in his hands two suitcases of clothes he brought from her apartment. Of course, Barbara gets the wrong idea. Meanwhile, Emily is talking with Alison and Alison urges her to fight for her man instead of running away. Much to Barbara’s chagrin, Emily moves back home. While Roseanna was talking with Barbara, Jen and Will chew out Paul for refusing her proposal, finally talking him into proposing to her instead. He invites Roseanna over and with a cute card trick asks her to marry him and she happily agrees. Jack remembers the boathouse and how Carly looked back then, but is hesitant because of his feelings for Julia. When Carly persists and tells him that she’s that empty spot he feels that he can’t fill, he kisses her passionately. Meanwhile, Les is threatening to take JJ away and when Julia gives him the code word “champ”, JJ hits his dad and runs away, Les turning his anger on Julia with a brutal fury. When JJ shows up at the hospital, Holden runs and rescues Julia, bringing her back to the hospital, Holden calling Jack just as he and Carly are really heating up. When they arrive at the hospital, Jack finds out from Les and Julia the Carly had helped Les by taking Jack to the boathouse. Jack tells her he’s moving out.

B&B by Lee

Sally told Clark, Darla, Felicia, and Thorne that Dominick will not carry the Spectra line because Ridge will pull Forrester out of Jackie M. After Nick told Brooke about the Jackie M. dilemma she went to see Thorne and said she was sorry. Thorne told her not to be sorry for Ridge's decision but to do something about it and that she's the only one that can stop him.

Deacon again claimed his love to Jackie. Meanwhile, Dominick went to see Massimo (who is being treated by a specialist) and found that he has begun to speak. Dominick still refused to tell Jackie where Massimo is.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie reveals that she forced the judge to marry her and Mickey. Maggie and Bonnie fight over Mickey. Mickey is forced to choose between them. Jennifer and Patrick return home with Jack Jr. They are reunited with Abby but Abby believes that Jack is also with them, only hiding somewhere waiting to surprise her. Tek and Brandon argue about Tek’s relationship with Lexie. Dr. Nash checks out Abe but warns Lexie that it could be serious. Kate sets it up so Sami runs into Brandon in the hospital waiting room.

GH by Amanda

At Mary's grave, Emily works on convincing Connor that half a dozen accidents made their lives tragic, and no one is to blame. Fishing for info, Luke goes over old times with Heather. Sonny warns Ric not to get between him and Kristina while Jason and Sam verbally attack Alexis. John tries to force Carly to move in with him, citing his overprotective need to be the father she needs. Carly is unsure but agrees. Sonny gets a new lawyer. Mac again questions Nik about Connor's trips to Wyndermere. As Emily reads Mary's words aloud, Connor grabs her and kisses her. Sam rails at Sonny for letting her baby die. As Ric and Alexis begin to make rosy plans, Sonny's new lawyer, Jordan, gets the restraining order lifted and tells them to negotiate or risk losing their child.

GL by Sarah

Tension mounts as Phillip lays dying. Cassie and Edmund argue. Jonathon taunts Olivia. Phillip is pronounced dead.

Additional GL recap by Suzanne

Buzz and Alan found Phillip shot and bleeding on the floor at Company.  Everyone arrived that Phillip had told to meet him at 9 (except for Harley), including Gus, Beth, Lizzie, Olivia, Rick, Frank, and Bill.  Alan accused them all of wanting to kill Phillip and vowed the killer would be caught as Rick and the EMT's worked on Phillip.  Olivia told Alan that she hopes Phillip dies for what he did to them.  They all realized that he played them all off one another. Buzz and Olivia worried about where their kids are.  Gus worried about where Harley was and snapped at Frank.  Harley arrived late and, when hearing that Phillip was dead, told Gus that she did a bad thing.  Lizzie blamed herself for not getting on the plane.  At the hospital, Phillip's family and friends waited, and then the doctor told them that Phillip had died. 

Reva visited Sandy's place, thinking he might have left town, hoping to still be friends with him, but he told her there is nothing between them, which hurt her feelings.  Sandy consoled Tammy, who is hiding out in shame.  Jonathan wondered to Olivia if she shot Phillip and hinted he might have done it himself.  Later, Reva told Jonathan how much she cared for Sandy, how upset she was at what Sandy said to her and about Phillip's being shot.  Cassie and Jeffrey returned from their trip to Chicago, having had no luck in finding Tammy.  Edmund was jealous of their being together and upset that Cassie seems to be pushing him away lately.  Cassie snapped at him that she doesn't have time for his jealousy right now.  Dinah let slip to an outraged Cassie that Edmund met her when she first came to town.  Meanwhile,  Holly tried to escape her prison by feigning unconsciousness but Sebastian stopped her.  He brought her a new dress to wear.  After throwing it back at him, she put it on and played nice to her captor.

OLTL by Janice

Kelly tells Kevin that as soon as they get Ace back, she's going to find his real mother. Kevin insists that the secret died with Paul and they should just concentrate on being good parents. Kelly feels that Kevin is being too nice to her. She tells him she doesn't think she can trust him. Bo and Nora rehash their relationship and all of the others that they've been in since their divorce. They remember how happy they were, but both agree that they aren't the same people now. There have been too many things that have happened. They both wish each other luck in moving on. Natalie is released from jail and goes home to Llanfair. She and Viki talk about John. Viki tells Natalie that she should trust in John; she believes he only wants to help her. Viki convinces her that she needs to tell John about what really happened with Paul on Halloween night. John talks with Rex and Shannon about the gun. Rex tells him that his fingerprints were on the gun because he had asked Paul if he could look at it when they were working together. Shannon insists that a woman planted the gun in the cement. John doesn't believe either one of them and leaves. Rex tells Shannon that he betrayed her and he doesn't want to see her again. Shannon warns him that she may suddenly remember who planted the gun in the cement. John goes to the hospital to talk to the "John Doe" stabbing victim. When he opens the curtain to the patient's bed, the bed is empty. Evangeline is upset with John for coming to Natalie's rescue again. They decide to meet and work things out when John gets a phone call from Natalie and has to rush out. Evangeline tells him that she won't be involved with him until he can decide what his feelings for Natalie are really all about. As Natalie talks to John on the phone, Christian is looking at her through the patio doors.

Passions by Shirley

Kay and Simone try to convince Paloma that her mother and the rest of her family really love her and hated having her in Mexico. However, once they are through, Tabitha tears down everything they accomplished by making it seem as if Pilar only cared about the other four kids, especially Theresa. Kay e-mails Miguel and learns he's still bound to find Charity.

Eve begs TC for forgiveness but Liz makes sure he won't grant her wish. She smugly follows him out the door as Julian holds the disconsolate Eve and tells Miz Liz she has just made the biggest mistake of her life. Simone's wishes for her family to get back together seem destined to not be granted. Kay has the same wish for her family, but feels it will never happen. Pilar is still trying to get Martin to tell her why he abandoned her and his family to take up with Mrs. Wheeler. He won't tell her, but Katherine finally has enough of the pain they are causing everyone and says she will tell all.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nick tried to talk Nikki out of her job at 'Marilyn's'. She explained that she needed it's influence in her life, wished him well running Newman Enterprises, and promised they'd all make it through this time without Victor. Bobby and Brittany shared a romantic dinner. JT had dinner with Robin, a sexy girl from school. Mac interrupted them, but JT asked her to leave, hoping he'd get somewhere with Robin. Brittany ran into Mac, and told her not to be hung up on JT because he was not the type of man to commit to any one girl, and that Colleen was an exception. Nikki apologized for not going to Bobby's wedding, and told him she could help more at the club because Victor was away. Bobby joked they'd get her in trouble while he was gone. In the aftermath of their boxing match, Kevin broke down, admitting he'd done terrible things to people. Michael assured him he was a changed man and that they'd get through the tough times together. Neil and Malcolm shared an emotional reunion. Malcolm refused to hear his brother's version of events after his 'death', and insisted he wanted nothing to do with him. Lily tried unsuccessfully to get Malcolm to stay at their condo, but he refused - promising to see her one more time before leaving town. Lily chastised Neil for not helping convince Malcolm to stay with them. Dt. Weber stunned Phyllis and Damon by revealing his belief that they lured Dominic Hughes to GC so Damon could kill him. He heard their version of the story, and told them not to leave town. Phyllis was alarmed by the implications.

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