The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/11/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Right before Bianca's fundraiser meeting, Erica and Maria have a confrontation about Maria's relationship with Slater. Afterward, Erica accidentally reveals to her daughter that Babe wrote her a letter with a "lie" that Bess is Miranda and that JR discussed it with Erica.

JR is consumed about keeping Bess/Miranda and is no longer interested in helping his father with his dirty deals. He still does not reveal whether he actually believes that Bess is really Miranda or not.

ATWT by Linda

Paul explains that he can’t marry Roseanna because it will stir up things with his mother. Roseanna assures him that she’s not afraid of her, but Paul just shakes his head and leaves anyway. Jordan interrupts Jennifer and Mike’s moment and then criticizes the stills. Jordan has to take a call in the other room, Mike pressing Jennifer to acknowledge that they could have something together. She does and they decide to make a go of it. Paul storms in as Jordan comes out of the other room and asks if they could schedule the meeting for tomorrow since he’s needed back at Worldwide. Mike and Jennifer agree to the time and then Jordan asks if Mike would like to have coffee with him. As they have coffee, Mike makes it clear that he is in Jennifer’s corner no matter what. Barbara calls Will and he tells her that he’ll leave the art supplies at the door for her, hanging up before she could convince him otherwise. He runs into Roseanna and she tells him about Paul’s refusal to marry him, Will telling her he has a plan that can get his mother off their backs and Paul to marry her. Hal comes home and accuses Barbara of talking with Will on the phone and despite her telling him she hadn’t he doesn’t believe her. He makes the rules clear again and then leaves. Jennifer tries to get Paul to open up to her, but he won’t. Will then walks in and tells Paul that he is a complete idiot. When there is a knock at Hal’s door, Barbara opens it to Roseanna with her art supplies. Carly agrees after much persuasion to take Jack somewhere so Les can talk with Julia and JJ. She and Julia have words at the hospital before she takes Jack to the boathouse, where Jack finally remembers the importance of the compass. Julia goes to pick up JJ and is shocked when Les is there with him. She threatens to call the police, but Les tells her that he’s going to take her and JJ back to where they belong.

B&B by Lee

Eric threw a farewell party, at Forrester, in honor of Thorne. Caitlin found out that Rick would be traveling overseas for at least a month.

Jackie called Dominick in a panic because Massimo was gone. He explained to her that he's at a neurology clinic and wouldn't tell her where. Sally went to Dominick to ask him to carry the Spectra line, and he told her Forrester would pull out of Jackie M if he does. Brooke went to see Jackie about her affair with Deacon. Deacon told Brooke that in time she'd see that it is love between the two.

Days by Danielle

Mickey and Maggie’s wedding is stopped first by Julie and then by the judge who had to leave. Julie returns to Mickey’s house, intent on leaving an apology letter but instead is reunited with Doug and Maggie. Maggie walks in on Bonnie and Mickey kissing. Lexie is reunited with Abe and Tek. Abe goes completely blind. Hope and Bo arrive home and reunite with Shawn and Zack. They are shocked to learn that Shawn and Jan are engaged. Hope vows to get to the bottom of that situation. Shawn fills them in on his accident and Bo and Hope fill Shawn in on their ordeal. John fills Kate in on how Roman and Cassie were alive but now feared dead again. Belle, having heard the news about John from Hope, arrives at the hospital where John tells her about Marlena. Celeste warns Brandon that by staying in Salem, he’s opened a Pandora’s box with Sami inside it.

GH by Lisa

Sam goes into denial when Jason tells her about losing the baby but is later forced to accept the truth. Alexis tells Sam about of the stem cell transplant. Sam wrongly assumes that her baby had to die in order for Alexis' baby to live. Sonny makes it clear to Ric and Alexis that he will do anything necessary in order to see Kristina. Ric and a police officer block Sonny from entering Kristina's room. Alcazar offers Carly his support but she sends him packing. Sonny is surprised when Michael reveals Durant bought Carly the house. Sonny manages to calm Michael. Carly is stunned when Durant forbids her from trying to reconcile with Sonny.

Connor blames Nikolas and himself for Mary's downfall and death. Emily reads entries from Mary's diary to Connor, who realizes how Mary slowly lost her mind. Emily finds Connor at Mary's grave. Lucky suspects that Nikolas and Emily are helping Connor. Mac wants to question Nikolas. Mac theorizes to Nikolas that Connor could have witnessed Helena's death and is holding it against Nikolas and Emily. Lucky warns Nikolas not to help Connor elude capture.

GL by Sarah

The clock ticks as Phillip makes arrangements for the evening. Harley slips away as Beth, Rick, Olivia, Gus and Alan individually bargain for the children. Phillip drinks alone and is shot by an a mysterious person.

OLTL by Janice

John regains consciousness at the gravesite. He discovers Paul's body is gone, but he finds Dorian's diamond necklace. He confronts Dorian and David at the Palace. Dorian tells him that the most likely story is that Paul stole the necklace from her. Nora and Daniel overhear the argumentative discussion. Daniel is furious to find that John has dug up the grave without a warrant. John tells Dorian that he wants to see her gun. Daniel interrupts saying that he will need a search warrant. John turns around and walks out. Nora and Daniel follow him, once again ensuring that they will not go on their trip to New York. At the police station, John tells Evangeline that Natalie is free to go, he's found new evidence. Evangeline is upset to think that John risked his career to save Natalie. Matthew asks Bo to tell him the reason for the divorce. Bo evades answering him. He asks Nora into his office and they ask Matthew to sit outside. Matthew leaves the door open and overhears their conversation. Bo tells Nora that he forgives her for sleeping with Sam. Nora said "Well if that's the truth, why aren't we together?" Bo does not answer her. Dorian thanks David for getting rid of Paul's body. She is not happy that he believes that she could have been the one to kill her nephew. Tico and Jessica eat breakfast at the Palace while Sonja and Antonio sit nearby. Tico is upset that Jessica keeps glancing towards Antonio. He asks her why she let Antonio into their home. He also tells her that he is worried that Antonio might have stolen some items that are missing from his locked desk. Jessica assured him that Antonio was never left alone and couldn't have stolen anything. She also promised not to let him into Lion's Heart again. Tico then tells her that he would like to return to Las Vegas. Jessica is baffled by the fact that he previously said he'd never been to Vegas. He told her that the other times were strictly business and that this would be a good time for a belated honeymoon. After Tico goes off to a business meeting, Jessica talks with Sonja. Sonja tells her that Tico was engaged once, but his fiancee died. Christian is picked up by a woman driving towards Pennsylvania. He uses her cell phone to call Natalie. He doesn't leave a message when she doesn't answer. He glances at a newspaper in the car and sees that Natalie is being held for questioning. He then uses the phone to call Carlotta. He calls her "Mami" and then faints from the knife wound in his stomach. The woman in the car rushes to get him to a hospital so that he doesn't die. On the other end of the phone, Carlotta is shocked to hear a voice that sounds exactly like Christian. Antonio comes in just then and tries to get her to realize that it couldn't have been Chris - he's dead. He tells her that she and Adriana need to stay away from Tico. He is dangerous - just like their father.

Passions by Shirley

Pilar is still trying to find out why Martin left them and never contacted them, but he isn't talking. He and Katherine try to leave town before Alistair can cause problems for the family but don't quite make it before Luis catches up with them.

Kay and Simone lecture a penitent Paloma on the joys of having a mother around. They understand her actions at the dance that got them arrested came from being upset at her mother for sending her to live with her Aunt as a baby, but tell her she needs to understand that Pilar loves her very much and she will be sorry if she pushes her away. Tabitha, listening to all of this, fights back her urge to throw up, saying she is going to use Paloma as a vessel for the dark side. Eve hopes TC will give their marriage another chance, but Liz has done a good job of poisoning his mind and it just doesn't work out. Julian wants Eve to be happy, even if it means being with TC, but Liz wants nothing less than for Eve to lose everything she ever had, including her family.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nikki was overjoyed when Victor told her he'd made Nicholas CEO of Newman Enterprises. She asked why he had to leave now and Victor explained that he had to get away, that something was missing... and that it had a lot to do with Victoria, whom he hoped to find. Nick and Sharon celebrated his promotion, then went to the Main House, suspecting Victor might leave. Victor told Nick he was proud of him, and to watch out for Nikki, then bid the family good-bye in a tearful moment. Lily was stunned to be introduced to her Uncle Malcolm, back from the dead. He was thrilled by Lily's excitement, and convinced Drucilla to let him take her to dinner. Neil returned home and told Dru he'd been demoted. She comforted him, then reluctantly admitted Lily had gone to dine with Malcolm. Lily broke down in tears when Malcolm jokinly teased her about boys and she admitted she'd had difficult experiences. While she rushed off to the bathroom, Neil and Malcolm came face to face. Dt. Weber questioned a cooperative Damon, and an annoyed Phyllis about the showdown with Dominic Hughes. Phyllis, was fed up by the questioning and finally asked what it was Weber was accusing them of. He replied they were under investigation for conspiracy to commit murder. Though Michael tried to hold Kevin off, he attacked Michael, punching him repeatedly. Suddenly, Kevin was overwhelmed with memories of being abused by 'Big Tom' and locked in the closet as a kid. He imagined Michael was 'Big Tom' and beat at him, insisting he wasn't a little kid that could be pushed around anymore. As he dissolved in tears, Michael cradled him. They sank to the ground, and Kevin remembered how Michael used to save him from the closet and give him candy to comfort him. Kevin bawled as Michael told him it was all going to be okay, and that he was safe now.

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