The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/10/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Bianca demands that David, Tad and Krystal reveal the big secret they have. But they are able to convince her that they are simply concerned about Babe and Jamie. Hearing this, she doesn't push any further. But David, Krystal, Tad and Brook are all very worried for their kids.

Ethan goes on trial for the attempted murder of Ryan. Kendall is ready to stop at nothing to help him. Livia represents him. But the judge sentences him to jail and sets the bail at $1 million. Greenlee is losing it and has an outburst in the courtroom about how she believes Ethan tried to murder her husband. Ryan also expresses that he will not drop charges against Ethan. Zach, however, sounds like he has some sort of trick up his sleeve.

ATWT by Linda

Kim comes to visit Barbara, but Barbara tells her that she’s too busy to visit. Barbara assures her she’s not trying to take Emily’s place, but only trying to pay Hal back for being so kind to her. Will drops by to get the MP3 player he left at home and he ends up helping Barbara make a soufflé. When she tries to manipulate him to bring her some art supplies Will tells her to just ask. She does and he agrees to get them, but tells her that will be the last time he comes to see her. Hal finds Emily at the hospital and apologizes again for Barbara being at the house, Emily reiterating her concern. When Kim comes in, she tells Hal that she thinks that Barbara is really trying, Em getting indignant. When Kim points out that they all make mistakes, Hal asks if she thinks that Barbara is sincere. Kim tells him his guess is as good as hers. Carly takes Parker to school and they run into Julia and JJ, JJ accusing Carly of stealing his stickers. As Carly is crying, Les introduces himself and he tells her how Julia broke their custody agreement by leaving Texas. Carly believes him and when he asks for her help, she looks ready to. Jack tells Julia that he is making connections with Carly and the kids, explaining that Carly is good people, but he still plans to divorce her. Mike comes over to Paul’s penthouse for a meeting with Paul, Jordan and Jennifer regarding Street Jeans. When he finds that Jennifer is alone, they can’t contain their passion. Rosanna tells Paul that she has a way to help Will stay away from Barbara and then shockingly asks him to marry her. When she asks again, Paul looks at her and says no.

B&B by Lee

Dominick asks Brooke for information about Deacon, and tells her about the affair Jackie had with him. Deacon followed Jackie to a restaurant and pressures her to continue their relationship. The nurse, Audrey, called the doctor because Massimo was blinking his eyes. The doctor called Dominick to come, because after performing an EEG on Massimo he's showing definite cognitive responses. Dominick asks Massimo for a sign and Massimo squeezes his hand. The doctor is arranging for Massimo to see a specialist.

Thorne tells Darla he is concerned because Spectra needs to land a big account to carry their line. Darla, supportive, tries to put his mind at ease.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie drags Mickey to a Justice of the Peace to get married. Julie follows them there and tries to object but decides against it when Bonnie and Mickey glare at her. Shawn apologizes to Belle for yelling at her. Sami meets with Father Antonio to ask for advice on her impure thoughts of Brandon. Sami narrowly misses seeing Brandon who met with Father Antonio right before her appointment. Kate seeks Celeste’s advice about the Sami, Brandon, and Lucas triangle but Celeste warns her to get to the hospital for the one she is meant to spend her life with is there. Kate rushes to the hospital, believing she’ll see Roman, but finds John instead.

Hope, Bo, and Abe board the fishing trawler and search it but don’t find Marlena and Roman secured away in a secret apartment despite Marlena dropping her wedding ring for them to find. Maggie arrives home only to find it empty. Bo and Hope arrive home and reunite with Shawn. Abe arrives home and reunites with Lexie.

GH by  Amanda

As Kristina goes into surgery, the town deals with losing Sam's baby. Carly and Michael console Sonny, then leave with John to visit Durante's new home, one he wants them to move into. Liz and Courtney both comfort Jason. While Nik is at the hospital, Connor thanks Emily and tells her about his grief. Lois first is angry about Ned's lies, then pushes Lorenzo to go after Carly. Sam wakes and hears about the baby's death.

GL by Sarah

OLTL by Janice

Starr has a business meeting with Asa. She offers to give him back his prized gold John Wayne spurs if he will give Todd back his identity. Asa agrees to think about if after Matthew comes along. Nora, Bo, and Matthew are eating dinner at the Palace when Matthew asks why they got divorced. They are both startled by the question, but don't tell him the exact truth. Christian overpowers his guard and escapes wearing the guard's uniform. Natalie is brought to the police station to be held for questioning in the murder of Paul. John is surprised to find out that Evangeline is representing Natalie, but knows that if anyone can help Natalie, Evangeline is the right one for the job. Natalie tries to tell Evangeline about the night of Paul's murder, but freezes when she tries to describe Paul's attack, and refuses to go on. Natalie tells Evangeline that the only one she can talk to is Christian. Tico and Viki talk while they wait for Jessica to show up at the Palace for dinner. Viki can tell that Tico is perturbed that Jessica is not doing everything as he would like. Jessica comes in and tells them that her story for The Sun is about Las Vegas. She asks Tico if he's ever been there. He claims he's never been there, so Jessica asks if he might go with her while she does the story and they can have their honeymoon. Gerhardt comes in with the next day's edition of The Sun with a cover story on the latest Governor Brooks scandal. Tico goes to talk to Todd. He threatens to sue for libel if the stories continue. Todd mentions a Las Vegas connection to the Santi family and Tico decides it's time to talk with Jessica. At the Palace, Viki asks Jessica if everything is alright. Jessica tries to reassure her, but Viki is suspicious when Antonio comes in and takes Jessica to the porch to talk. Antonio tries to kiss her, but Jessica refuses. Antonio begs her to leave Tico - he's too dangerous. Jessica assures him that she can take care of herself - Tico loves her. Dorian and Blair are taken to the police station for questioning after they are found digging at Judge Hernandez's grave. Dorian gives John a story about searching for her missing engagement ring. John lets them go, but is suspicious and requests a warrant to dig up the grave. After a warrant is denied, John goes to the grave and digs it up himself. He discovers Paul's body. He drags Paul up to the surface. He is about to make a call when someone hits him from behind with a shovel and knocks him unconscious.

Passions by Shirley

Whitney again lectured Theresa about relying on Fate, telling her it has only caused trouble for everyone. Theresa told her that she knows Ethan will come back to her once she has their baby, knowing in her heart that it is her baby that was saved. Whitney says it will never happen, and that Gwen will raise the baby no matter who the mother is, and there's nothing Theresa can do about it.

Eve is afraid to talk to TC now that she knows he brought her divorce papers to sign. Julian tells her it may be that he wants to give her a chance to reconcile, so she starts feeling more hopeful. Meanwhile, TC is softening toward her but seeing that, Liz starts feeding him doubts again. He still has the papers, but will he give them to Eve? Pilar is upset at finding out Mr. Wheeler is really Martin, her husband. She wants to know why he left her, but gets no answer. She faints, splitting her head open on the floor, and while Luis is with her, Martin and Katherine slip out of the hospital, determined to get out of Harmony as soon as possible. Luis catches on and starts to follow them.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Sharon told Nikki she'd been hired at Jabot, and convinced her to be her mentor. Victor demoted Neil, and hired Nick as CEO of Newman Enterprises, with Neil staying on as Vice-President. Nick thanked Victor, who said he was very proud of him, and would continue to be. Dt. Weber summoned Phyllis to answer questions about the incident with Dominic. Michael advised her to be completely honest. Lily told Kevin she would not go to Neil and Dru about him, and admitted it seemed like he had changed. She discouraged him from fighting Michael, insisting that was no way to show progress. Malcolm visited Drucilla, insisted on not seeing Neil, and revealed that he'd been speaking with Devon. Dru insisted her marriage was solid. Malcolm was distracted by a photograph of the teenaged Lily. Phyllis visited Damon at the hospital and insisted he had saved her life, wondering how she would ever thank him. Damon said he loved her, and was looking forward to getting to know Daniel better now. Phyllis tearfully admitted she was confused about their relationship and needed time. Dt. Weber interrupted them, saying he had questions he needed answered. Nikki tried to talk to Victor about Sharon's job, but he said he wanted to focus only on them for the evening. He told her he loved her, but that he needed to leave town to handle something that had been weighing on him. Kevin arrived at the rec center, ignored Michael's last minute reasoning, and ordered him into the ring for a fight. As Malcolm told Dru how different she was, and suggested Neil didn't appreciate her beauty and passion, Lily entered the apartment and halted, seeing them together.

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