The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/9/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Tad, Krystal and David are all wondering what to do about Babe and Jamie being on the run and are trying to figure out whether JR knows that Bess is Miranda or not. It's clear to them that Bianca must not have gotten the letter Babe gave her telling her that Bess is Miranda and they don't know how to tell her. JR seems to have an act of conscience and refuses to help his father with his dirty work involving Liza and Colby and blackmailing Tad and Jamie. Babe and Jamie check into a motel and seem pretty confident that they won't get nailed for kidnapping.

Edmund is still ready to divorce Maria. Brook urges Edmund to realize that he's afraid of losing her due to his paralysis. Zach tries to comfort Maria.

ATWT by Linda

Julia brings Jack to the hospital to talk with Holden. When her supervisor hears about Aaron’s tragedy, he let’s her off for the evening and she hooks up with Jack, much to Carly’s chagrin. She and Lily talk about Julia and Carly bemoans the fact that no matter what she does, Julia always seems to win. Aaron gets out of surgery and he’s alive, but Ben is unsure of his prognosis. Rafi and Dom are arrested for assault, Ali furious at Rafi. She softens when she finds out that Rafi was blackmailed into the ring. Margo tells everyone they’ll sort everything out at the station and Dusty that she has to arrest him too. Holden tells Lily the marriage is officially over just as Lucy tells Dusty that what they had was over as well. Ali reaffirms her devotion to Aaron when she visits his bedside, begging him to recover so they can finally be happy.

B&B by Lee

Dominick is still very upset with Jackie for having the affair with Deacon. He tells Deacon to get his things and leave, he's fired! Jackie tells Dominick that she told Massimo about Deacon because she didn't want secrets between them, and how was she to know that this would happen. Jackie cried and told Dominic that she was sorry for taking his father away again.

Thomas tells Rick that he can see now that there's nothing to protect him from because Amber has changed. Stephanie says that the kind of woman she wants Amber to be is the kind of woman who recognizes that her relationship with Thomas is wrong and inappropriate. Brooke told Stephanie that she had a chance to heal this family and she proved her point that some people never change.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie desperately tries to get a new flight to Vegas. Bonnie calls Celeste over to confirm that the cards say that Maggie is alive and on her way home. Shawn declares to Belle that he plans on dropping out of college. Shawn is worried that he can’t remember more. Brandon’s car breaks down so he returns to Lexie’s house and lets himself in to spend the night. Lexie decides she is happy that he stayed once he promises not to get involved with Sami. Brandon remembers Lexie’s birthday and insists on planning a party. Sami and Belle meet at a coffee shop to discuss the wedding and narrowly miss being seen by Brandon. Abe’s vision becomes occasionally blurred. The coast guard ship pulls up alongside the fishing boat and announces their arrival. Marlena and Roman are relieved to hear the call.

GH by Lisa

Sonny gives his permission to use the stem cells from Sam's baby to try and save Kristina. Sam is stabilized but her condition remains critical. Jason breaks down at Sam's bedside.

Alexis allows Sonny to see Kristina. Jax and Courtney grieve for the loss of Sam's baby.

GL by Elizabeth

Olivia and Bill find out that Bill was the one who originally called INS. Reva finds out that Josh tried to frame and blackmail Jonathan. Jonathan claims to want to turn over a new leaf. Sebastian shows Holly a slide show of her life. Rick tries to bring Phillip back to reality, and ends up with a hypodermic needle in his leg. Lizzie confronts her father and he sees her as another person against him. Olivia and Jonathan see eye to eye when it comes to Phillip.

OLTL by Janice

Christian has visions of Natalie crying out to him for help. He vows to escape his captors. Shannon goes to John and tells him that she saw a woman bury a gun in the cement at the Love Project. Rex follows them when Shannon takes John to the site. John finds the gun and tells Shannon to come to the station later for an official statement. Rex is upset with her for going to the police. Shannon asks if he killed Paul for Jenn. At the police station, John finds out that there are 3 sets of fingerprints on the gun - Paul, Rex, and Natalie. Blair goes to La Boulee and finds Dorian rummaging through the drawers in Kelly's room. She confronts Dorian about asking Addie to lie for her. Blair asks Dorian if she killed Paul. Dorian insists that she didn't, but she did give Paul a diamond necklace to get him to leave town. She also tells Blair that she saw Paul's body in the Judge's grave as her coffin was being lowered. Dorian is concerned that if anyone finds Paul's body he might have the necklace and incriminate her for the murder. She convinces Blair to go with her that night to dig up Paul's body to remove any evidence. A bright light shines on their faces before they can finish the job. Kevin thinks that Kelly may be the one who kidnapped Ace. Kelly thinks that Kevin might be the one who killed Paul. They agree to call a truce and work together to get their son back. Antonio and Sonja go to visit Todd at The Sun. Todd tells Antonio that the Santi family owned and operated the casino that Flynn ran in Las Vegas. Todd leaves out the part about Tico being in charge and Christian's death. He tells Mrs. Bigelow that he wants Antonio to remain focused on getting the Governor and Kevin out of office. Antonio and Sonja go to the Palace and run into Tico. Tico tells Antonio to stay away from Lion's Heart and Jessica. As Tico sits at the bar, Sonja gets a call that the informant that Todd talked to at the prison was found dead in his cell. Natalie asks Evangeline to represent her if she gets charged with a crime. She outlines a little bit of the story for Evangeline, but refuses to give any details about her last meeting with Paul. Evangeline asks if she is being hired just to stick it to John. Natalie insists that any feelings she might have had for John are gone. Natalie goes to work where she is arrested by John.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa tells her "friend" Whitney that she believes she will get Ethan back once she has the baby and keeps it, no matter who the mother is. Whitney tells her she's heading for a fall. Gwen and Ethan find out the baby they aborted was a boy, while the one Theresa is still carrying is a girl. Ethan wonders which of the babys was his and Theresa's. TC waits to talk to Eve, but finds a sweet reminder of their past happy days. Learning this, Liz couldn't wait to nip the good memories in the bud and get him to give the divorce papers. Julian tells Liz she will never be the woman Eve was on her worst day, but Liz still wants her revenge.

Luis tells Pilar that Mr. Wheeler is her husband, Martin. She doesn't want to believe it, but finally does, letting fly with a vicious slap upside his head.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kevin stunned Michael by revealing that he'd told Lily the truth about the attack on her. As the conversation turned to the battle he planned to have with Michael, Lauren burst in, stopping them from ripping each other apart. Kevin refused to back down - even when Lauren said he was being ridiculous - and warned Michael that he better enjoy his life while he could. Michael later admitted to Lauren that he was considering doing battle with Kevin. For Jill's sake, Harrison and Arthur confronted one another. It was little more than an accusation fest, each accusing the other of killing Eleanor Hendricks. Refusing to keep defending himself, Arthur stormed off. Harrison told Jill that he would be proven right, then also left. Through a conversation with Nikki, her most trusted friend, Kay decided to go through with her wedding, putting her faith in her love for Arthur... rather than in Harrison's accusations. Nick surprised Sharon with news that Brad had phoned to hire her for the job. He then gave her a new attache case and broach, and told her he was proud of her. Jack and Brad celebrated hiring Sharon. Jack teased Brad about being attracted to Sharon. Brad informed him that Abby would be staying with him, while Ashley got her life back under control staying with Jack and John. Jack hinted at having been setting into motion revenge schemes on Victor. Ash and Abby spent time together. Victor interrupted and Abby excused herself. Ashley stunned Victor by revealing that Brad would now care for Abby. Victor said he was disappointed in her. She told him that was tough, and no longer would go out of her way for him. Victor went to see Brad to confront him about getting control of Abby. Brad ordered Victor to focus on Nick, Victoria, Victor Jr. and Nikki... and to leave his family alone. Abby was his little girl... not Victor's.

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