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AMC by Jenn

JR is able to convince Erica that Babe is lying about Bess being Miranda, and that she's using Bianca just to stick it to him. Erica tells Krystal that she and her daughter are trash and Bianca is better off never seeing them again. Babe and Jamie have not yet gotten caught while on the run with the baby boy. They meet up with a Trooper but he has no clue who they really are. Tad and David both discover that Bianca has yet to find out that Bess is really Miranda and neither knows how to tell her. Edmund asks Zach to take Maria away from him. She gives up the fight and agrees to give him a divorce.

ATWT by Linda

Ben operates on Aaron, John watching. When the surgery is finished, John asks Ben if he was all right and that he seemed wound to tight. Ben said it was a difficult surgery and he was just trying to relax – not going to happen, a nurse brings out Aaron’s EEG and Ben is alarmed. Alison confesses her love to Aaron as he’s wheeled into surgery, Emily showing up and comforting her while she waits. Holden prays in the chapel, Julia coming in and assuaging his worries. When Lily shows up, Julia leaves and Holden closes himself off to her, telling her it didn’t occur to him to call her about Aaron. Margo and Craig go to the gym as Lucy is reading Dusty and Dom the riot act, Margo confiscating the gloves in the locker. When they don’t feel to be abnormal, Margo insists that Dom accompany her to the hospital to get a statement from Rafi. Lucy tells Dusty she can’t believe him, Dusty pleading with her to forgive him. At the hospital, Margo asks Rafi about the gloves and he confesses that he knew they were weighted, Alison horrified and Dom ready to kill. Carly and Jack spend time looking at photos and talking with Lily, Jack realizing that she isn’t Rose and that she’s dead. He also remembers that she’s married to Holden, telling Carly he’s remembering so much more. Julia calls when Jack is putting Parker to bed, Carly telling her to call back tomorrow. When Julia shows up at their door while Jack is busy with Sage, Carly asks her to leave, Julia putting her foot in the door and insisting she talk with Jack.

B&B by Lee

Dominick is furious with Jackie, and he attacked Deacon. Dominick held Jackie in front of Massimo and made her apologize. He then told Massimo that it is safe to come back now.

Amber asked Thomas and Rick to allow her to speak with Brooke and Stephanie in private. Brooke seems to be coming to Amber's side, and tells her she can't live her life for Stephanie's approval.

This show was preempted (very early) for Jim McGreevey's Farewell Speech.

Days by Danielle

Sami lies to Lucas about where she went until Lucas confronts her. Lucas refuses to believe Sami’s explanation of Kate and Eugenia setting her up with Brandon. Lucas decides to take Sami back when she tearfully vows that she loves him so much that she couldn’t live without him. Lexie makes Sami admit that she still has feelings for Brandon but Sami insists that she has to get Brandon out of Salem so she can have a future with Lucas. Sami accuses Lexie of working with Celeste to ruin her life and tries to choke Lexie. Lexie tells Sami that Brandon refused her offer to stay in Salem. Brandon later decides to change his mind and accept Lexie’s offer to stay. Lexie tries to convince Brandon to leave but Brandon sees through her attempt and they argue about Sami. Brandon gives in to Lexie’s persistence and decides to leave after all.

A Japanese fishing boat finds Roman and Marlena in their net, alive and well. The language barrier prevents Roman and Marlena from finding out that Caroline and Victor, and Jack and Cassie are also on the ship alive and well. Each pair believes that they are the only survivors, completely unaware that there are others on the same ship. They all try to leave their rooms but find the doors locked. Bart has survived and vows to continue Tony’s plan as he hides out of sight on the fishing boat. Marlena and Roman form a plan just in case someone decides to carry out Tony’s orders despite his death. Marlena and Roman are interrupted when they come face to face with Bart and Tony. Nicole claims that she could have killed Victor but instead tried to save him and Brady believes that Nicole would never wish anyone dead. Bo organizes a search party that includes Brady, Abe, and Patrick but the Captain refuses to let them go back out into the water because he has already sent out a deep sonar probe. Patrick asks Jennifer to forgive him for working with Tony. The coast guard survivors learn that the Japanese fishing boat is the only ship that hasn’t reported in, leading them to believe that that is where the rest of the survivors are. They convince the captain to steer their ship toward the fishing boat.

GH by Amanda

Despite the fears Nik and Lucky have upon finding Connor and Emily gone, she went willingly, as a shield, but seeing Alan on the way. His slip up later to Nik lets them know Emily is okay, and she finds them soon after. She tells them Connor is going to Canada Heather offers Skye and Luke funds to pay off Lorenzo, for a small return and a piece of the action as hostess. Just as they are haggling, Dillon arrives yelling that they won't believe, and stops himself when Heather arrives, covering with a harebrained idea to shoot a movie remake. After Heather leaves, Dillon tells Luke he found Laura. Sam's baby is in danger, both she and the baby might not survive. Alexis blames herself even more than Jason blames her, if that is possible. Steve is able to tell Ric that Alexis did not cause the problem, there was a preexistent condition, and if the baby dies, they can use the stem cells. Right after Sonny lays into Ric for being a vulture, Carly comes, in tears, to tell Sonny the baby died. When Dillon takes Skye and Luke to the attic, Laura is gone. Heather has moved her and is sending her away with a caretaker until her big plans gel. Connor is waiting for Emily and Nik at Wyndermere, stating that Emily did not help him for his sake, but Nik's. Alexis asks Sonny to help Kristina. Jason begs Sam to live, but she flat lines.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley, Beth, Rick and Olivia are shocked to learn that Phillip have kidnapped their children. Zach tries to call his mother, but is cut off before he can tell her anything important. Alex meets with Phillip on the docks and thinks that he may kill her. Ultimately it is revealed that his plan is to have her transfer repeatedly from prison to prison until she is lost in the system. Rick tracks down Phillip, while Harley looks for him with a gun in her bag.

OLTL by Janice

John brings Natalie to the police station for questioning. She is hostile and refuses to give him a straight answer. He lets her go but later finds out that there was gunpowder residue on her clothing. As Natalie leaves the police station, she asks Renee to defend her if necessary. Jessica brings Bo the packet of money that she found in Tico's desk. He agrees to see if the money is dirty. Jessica then meets with Todd at The Sun. She agrees to investigate Tico and the Santi family. Todd thinks that Tico is controlling many powerful people with scandalous information. Jessica shows Todd the picture of Flynn that she found in the desk. As Jessica leaves, Mrs. Bigelow comes in. She's been in Las Vegas investigating the Santi family money. She found out that the Santi family owned the casino where Flynn operated. Todd goes to Allentown Prison to meet with one of Flynn's associates. After a wad of cash, Rack'em Ross tells Todd that Tico was the person that Flynn dealt with. He also said that Christian was dead because Tico wanted it; there was no accident. Tico is suspicious when Adriana asks if he and Jessica are happy. Adriana tries to talk her way out of it, but Tico goes home and tells the butler to report on all of Jessica's activities and visitors. He finds out that Adriana and Antonio had recently been at Lion's Heart. Tico confronts Jessica when she comes home. She insists to him that she's never been happier. Bo goes to St Anne's to investigate Margaret's alibi the night of Ace's kidnapping. Blair is visiting Addie and she overhears Margaret tell Bo that Todd kidnapped Ace to get back at Kevin. Bo promises to check it out. Addie tells Adriana and Blair that Dorian wants her to tell people that she was visiting St. Anne's the night of Paul's disappearance. Nora tells Evangeline about her history with Bo regarding Matthew's conception. Evangeline remarks to Nora that every time they begin talking about Daniel, the conversation always comes back to Bo. Nora admits that she feels guilty that she caused the breakup of their marriage. She doesn't feel that Bo will ever forgive her for what she had done. Evangeline tries to convince her that Bo might be ready to forgive. Christian is in a holding cell on a ship. He is trying to dig his way out with a small tool. The guard tells Christian that they will be setting sail the next day for a six month voyage.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa finally had the procedure done after the doctor who performed it talking with her first to make sure it's what she really wants. Meanwhile, after Rebecca complained to Ethan that he worries more about Theresa than he does about Gwen, Whitney got into the act by stabbing her "best friend" in the back. She told Ethan that she doesn't believe Theresa won't save her own child because she would do anything to get him back. When it's over, Theresa is wheeled out to a grateful group, and her hand finds Ethan's as she tells him the baby's gone.

Martin is revived and taken to the hospital where he is given stitches and otherwise a clean bill of health. He has to stay there for a while, though. As he's waiting, Pilar learns about his injuries and goes in to check on him. Luis comes in and sees her hand in Martin's and ends up telling his mother that the man in front of her is actually her long lost husband.

Y&R By Christopher

Neil told Dru he wanted to see Malcolm, regardless of the fallout. Lily told her parents that Kevin had helped improve her mood, but kept quiet about any more when they admitted they still wanted to see him in jail for what he'd done to her. Mac told Kevin she was proud of him for coming clean with Lily. Daniel was annoyed that Kevin didn't talk to Mac on his behalf, then furious when he learned Kevin had told Mac and Lily the truth. Kevin promised to keep Daniel's name out of it, and Daniel warned he better, or live to regret it. Harrison's refusal to back down on his allegations about Arthur caused Jill to agree they needed to talk more. He agreed to meet her at The Athletic Club. Kay was annoyed when Esther agreed with Jill that she needed to further investigate Arthur before marrying him. Arthur and Harrison were furious when Jill brought them face to face at the club. They began arguing, and she demanded they stop and sit down to answer her questions. Victor was angry to learn Sharon was applying for work at Jabot. Nick blasted him for failing as a Father, said he and Sharon wouldn't follow in his footsteps, and said he was glad Sharon wouldn't be working for him. Brad was impressed by Sharon's answers at her job interview, and promised to be in touch. Michael encountered Malcolm, who pretended not to be himself. Victor later confirmed that Michael had been talking to Malcolm. He then offered Michael a job at NE as his eyes and ears, and asked if he'd heard from Victoria. Alone, thinking of Victoria, Victor dissolved in to tears.

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