The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/5/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Babe and Jamie seem to have no worries as they are on the run with Ace, but it looks like the cops will find them, since news broadcasts speak of Lieutenant Governor Kevin Buchanan's baby being kidnapped. Tad is very angry at Krystal for what she, Babe and David have done to Bianca. David is very worried when he finds out Babe and Jamie ran away and kidnapped the baby. But Krystal says there's nothing she could have done to stop them. JR is dumbfounded after reading Babe's letter to Bianca which reveals that Bess is Miranda. Although he doesn't tell Bianca that Bess is her child and doesn't want to give her up, he sounds like he has compassion for what has happened to her.

Edmund is still adamant on divorcing Maria although she won't let him go without a fight.

ATWT by Linda

Jack gets released and goes home with Carly after they leave a note for Julia. When Julia comes into his room and sees that he’s gone, she becomes distraught. Once home, Carly tells Jack about how she was a rotten person and he changed her; that’s why she’s so insistent on not letting him go. When Parker comes in and they play, Carly winds up on top of Jack and their eyes meet, feelings starting to show on Jack. Mike and Jennifer run off the road and with no cell service and no spare, they decide to star gaze. Becoming closer, they kiss, but are interrupted by a highway patrolman. Dusty presses Dom for answers regarding Rafi’s strange behavior after the fight. Rafi tells them both he’s going to the hospital to see how Aaron is doing. Lucy becomes frightened for Aaron when he won’t get off the mat and the station changes to other programming. Sal threatens Lucy again, but Craig has freed his hands and knocks him out with a heavy vase. When he frees Lucy, she takes off to the gym and overhears Dom and Dusty talking. Lucy is horrified to find out that Dusty was in on dirty dealings with the fight. Aaron won’t wake up after Rafi’s hit and he’s taken to the hospital where they find that he has a depressed skull fracture and that his brain is swelling. Ben is the only surgeon available and he prays before he takes Aaron up to surgery. Alison is very upset and blaming herself for pushing Aaron, Holden comforting her.

B&B by Lee

Deacon and Jackie were shocked to see Dominick. The two admitted to him that they had had an affair. Dominick yelled, "You did this to him!" Jackie just muttered, "yes, yes, I did it ... I did it." Felecia told Eric about seeing Jackie and Deacon holding hands at the restaurant. She was concerned about what Dominick might do if something is going on between the two.

Amber continued to beg Stephanie to allow all of them to start over. She asked for the slate to be wiped clean. Stephanie said that Amber always disappoints her. Stephanie said that she promised Taylor that she would take care of Thomas.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie interrupts Mimi and Rex’s conversation about secrets by insisting that Mimi must have her fortune read by Celeste. The plan backfires when Celeste predicts that Mimi has a secret that could ruin her life and deals cards that show another man with which Mimi has a long history. Sami seeks a reading from Celeste about Brandon and Celeste warns her that her happiness will be danger if Brandon spends the night in Salem. Sami rushes off to Lexie’s house to try and talk Brandon out of staying. Celeste warns Mickey that Maggie could still be alive which leads Bonnie to plot to marry Mickey tonight.

The coast guard is able to reach the captives. They are able to save Maggie, Hope, Alice, Patrick, Jennifer, Jack Jr., Brady, Nicole, John, Bo, Doug, Abe, and Tek. The Captain reads the names off an unable to find and presumed dead list of: Marlena, Roman, Cassie, Caroline, Colin, Victor, and Jack.

GH by Amanda

Heather accuses Dillon of theft, but he denies it. Then, as Tracy grills her motives, Heather begins to throttle Tracy, but Dillon rescues her, only to be assigned to follow Heather. His first clue comes when Alice gripes about having to clean the entire house on Heather's order, except for the attic which the new Mrs. Q bolted. As Connor lies in a coma, Emily begs for his mercy. Michael tells Carly to leave their home, but John talks him into relenting. Justus disagrees with Faith, Luke and Skye's plan, but gives in conditional on his escorting Faith to her destination. After successfully escaping, they meet at the Haunted Star where Lorenzo wants to know why they are in his club. Then he offers to sell it back to them, for two million, which Luke expects Justus to provide. However, he can't, and escapes with Faith. Sam does not want to induce labor, even to help Kristina. Understandably, Alexis has a meltdown. John asks Carly to move in with him, and bring the kids. Alexis begs Sam to help. Lucky plots how to prevent Connor from hurting Nik and Em. Justus refuses to go with Faith. When Skye questions what Luke's plans are, he says to find a killer, just as Heather walks in. Dillon finds Laura. Sonny orders Steve to do whatever it takes to save Kristina, except violate Sam's order. Alexis' fight with Sam gets her to agree to induce, but then she starts to have labor pains.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley, Olivia and Beth show up at the Spaulding Mansion as requested by Phillip. Phillip tells the ex-wives that he wants to call a truce. Sebastian informs Holly that he sent a telegram to Chrissy informing her that the two of them were ok. Gus accidentally tells Beth that Lizzie was the one who hit Sandy. Lizzie decides to go against her father's wishes and not flee the country. Phillip gets on a plane with his children (Zach, James, and along with Jude) and tells them that they are going away to a land where there are no more wicked witches.

OLTL by Janice

Tico meets with Gerhardt. Gerhardt is worried that Jessica is a reporter and may get in the way. Tico assures him that all will go as planned - he can handle Jessica. Jessica helps Kelly move into the Carriage House. They are both amazed that Dorian has gone along with this plan. Kevin goes to Bo to report Ace's kidnapping. He then goes to inform Kelly that Ace is missing. Kelly thinks that Paul must have taken Ace. Kevin tells her that Paul is not involved; he's gone. They go on television together begging the kidnapper to return Ace. Natalie is at Rodi's playing pool and fantasizes that Christian has returned to her. At the police station, John receives a report that the blood found on Natalie's clothing matches Paul's blood. He goes to Rodi's and asks Natalie to come back to the station for questioning. Jenn and Riley join Lindsay and RJ for a celebration. They toast to missing aggravation. RJ assures all of them that Paul is gone for good. Jenn and Riley leave to go to the Love Project. Lindsay tells RJ that she believes Jenn took her gun. RJ tells Lindsay that he was the one that took it and had it cleaned because it had obviously been fired. Lindsay is adamant that she fired the gun at the firing range. At the Love Project Jenn and Riley carve their initials in newly poured cement. Rex waits for them to leave and then proceeds to bury the gun he found outside of the Love Shack beneath the cement. He believes that the gun was Jenn's. Shannon watches him and wonders what he's up to. Rex persuades her that he and Jenn are history and then he and Shannon carve their initials as well. Jessica has lunch with Adriana. She asks Adriana not to tell Tico about her and Antonio. Adriana is torn; she doesn't want to see either brother hurt. Jessica leaves and as Adriana is about to go, David comes in and whisks her off to a back table. He asks her to tell the police that the whole family was together at La Boulee on Halloween - the night that Paul disappeared. Adriana is leery of telling a lie, but David insists that it's for the good of the family. Tico comes in after David leaves. Adriana asks him if he and Jessica are happy together. Tico wonders what Adriana is concerned about. Jessica returns to Lion's Heart and rummages through Tico's desk. She finds a packet of money and a file folder with a picture of Flynn. She puts them in her pocketbook and goes to the police station. She asks Bo to find out if the money is dirty. The last scene shows Christian being held prisoner.

Passions by Shirley

Luis' anger at his father boils over and he slugs him several times, ending with Katherine saying he's killed him. Martin refused to tell him why he left his family to struggle alone all these years without a word or any help. Meanwhile, Theresa finally makes her decision as to which child she will save by telling Eve to let the doctor's decide which one has the best chance of survival. Gwen is very grateful for what Theresa is doing. Meanwhile, Rebecca is trying to figure out Theresa's plan.

Fox tells Whitney he wants to marry her and have a lot of kids, then describes his ideas of their married life to her. She tells him she'll never marry him, then runs off, leaving him wondering what's up.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Jack visited Brad and urged him to hire Sharon as a way to stick it to Victor. Both men agreed Ash was in no position to argue. Nick told Sharon a job at Jabot was highly likely, and she told him about Victor turning down her request to work at NE. Jack phoned and set up an interview for her to meet with Brad. Ash agreed to let Brad hire Sharon, then tried to talk about their marriage. He corrected her, reminding her they were now discussing a divorce. He insisted he keep the house, and that Abby stay with him. He blasted Ash's selfishness and pointed out how careless she'd been with their daughter's well-being. Ash reluctantly admitted it was best Abby stay with him. Victor discovered Malcolm was alive, and heard about his time in Africa. They discussed Victoria, and Malcolm said she would probably return someday. Both men wished each other well, and Malcolm admitted he didn't want to see Neil. Drucilla devastated Neil by revealing that even though Malcolm was alive, he still hated Neil for his betrayal with Alex Perez, and believed Neil had wanted him dead. Nick blasted Victor for not hiring Sharon, then told him she would be working for someone that would upset him greatly. Sharon met with Brad, who immediately asked her to tell him all she knew about Jabot. Kevin admitted to Lily that he'd set her up at the rec center so he could play hero. She blasted him for being the ONE MAN to truly torment her, and he pleaded with her not to tell Neil and Drucilla, worried it would send him back to jail. She made no promises. Kay urged Jill to stop worrying about the allegations about Arthur or risk driving the man away. Jill begged her to postpone the wedding until they had answers to their questions. Arthur refused to discuss the matter with Jill, and refused her suggestion that he get into a room with Harrison to hash things out. Jill went to see Harrison.

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