The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/4/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Babe and Jamie are enroute with Ace Buchanan ready to have a new life with their son, and assuming Bianca has gotten the letter Babe wrote to her and will soon have Miranda. Little do they know, however, that Bianca never got the letter, still has no clue, but JR has intercepted and discovered the big secret about Bess really being Miranda. Tad, however, puts two and two together, for why Babe and Jamie would suddenly leave. He tells Krystal that there is no excuse for them lying to Bianca about her baby being dead and keeping her from her real family.

ATWT by Linda

Emily tells Hal that there is no way that she’s going to stay with Barbara there. Barbara fantasizes about having her three kids and Hal praising her for the beautiful Thanksgiving dinner she’s prepared and when she comes back to reality, she whispers, “A lot can happen in three weeks.” Jordan is horrified that Barbara is out and gets into it with Paul as he and Will are dining at the Lakeview, before they go back to Paul’s house where Will is going to be staying. Mike and Jennifer are on their way to the airport after the photo shoot in LA, but Mike gets them lost. As they are talking, Jennifer screams that there is a deer and Mike swerves. Lucy and Craig find out that if Aaron doesn’t go down in the third round, Lucy is going to get killed. Rafi refuses to fight when he figures out that the gloves are weighted, but when Dom tells him what will happen to Lucy if he doesn’t, he reluctantly agrees. They go the first two rounds, Aaron beating the crap out of Rafi, but when Dom reminds him of Lucy, Rafi lands a devastating punch to Aaron, leaving him unconscious in the middle of the ring.

B&B by Lee

Thomas, Stephanie, and Brooke looked over the balcony at Rick and Amber. Rick tries to convince Amber they should get back together. Rick tells Amber he knows about the pregnancy scare, and that's why he's there. Amber tells him she is in love with Thomas. She screams I LOVE THOMAS! Thomas answers her and tells her he loves her too. Amber tried to get Brooke and Stephanie to make peace.

Dominick cannot help but watch Deacon and Jackie in the restaurant. He sees them holding hands, and Jackie smiling. Before leaving he stops by their table and tells her he'll see her tomorrow. Dominick is having memories about the affair Jackie had, and the conversations he had with both of them about that affair. Later, Dominick comes to Jackie's home; he climbs the stairs, peeks into her room, and sees Jackie and Deacon kissing. He lets out a loud "MY GOD."

Days by Danielle

Mimi tells Bonnie about Jan’s blackmail threat. Bonnie changes her mind about wanting Mimi to go after Shawn and secretly vows to get back at Jan. Lexie and Brandon criticize Kate for setting up Brandon and Sami but Kate denies everything. Sami realizes that Kate set her up and uses that in her defense to Lucas. Lucas disregards the accusations against Kate, wanting to rather focus on Sami’s reaction to Brandon.

The island captives are spread out between the speedboat and the various rafts. They decide to tie all the rafts together and attach them to the speedboat. John realizes that he can’t feel his legs. Jack and Jennifer agree to name the baby after Jack but Jennifer fears that Jack is gone when she hears something splash in the water and no answer to her calls after rough waters rock the boat. Nicole begs Victor for his forgiveness but Victor vows to tell Brady the truth as soon as they get back to Salem. The volcano eruption triggers an underwater earthquake that sparks a tsunami that heads straight for the captives.

GH by Lisa

Sonny warns Alexis and Ric that nothing or no one will keep him out of Kristina's life. Steven informs Sonny and Alexis that Kristina could be saved by using stem cells from Sam's umbilical cord. Sam refuses to consent to the procedure after learning it poses a minor risk to her baby. Michael becomes upset when he overhears Carly telling Durant that she and Sonny might divorce. Carly is devastated when Michael blames her for ruining her marriage.

Brook Lynn defends Diego to Georgie and Dillon and doesn't correct them when they mistakenly believe she slept with Diego. Diego returns to the loft but takes off after seeing Courtney and Jax in bed together as he assumes Courtney no longer wants him around. Brook Lynn hides Diego from a frantic Courtney, who berates herself for not realizing Diego stayed out all night. Diego tells Brook Lynn he's going to ask Alcazar for a job. Disguised as doctors, Luke and Skye plan on breaking Faith out of jail and narrowly avoid being seen by Mac. Justus arrives and catches Luke and Skye with Faith.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie and Jeffery question everyone at the Strip Club. Sandy finds Tammy at the docks, and follows her into the water when she dives in. Sandy then ends up bring Tammy home with him so that she’s safe. Lizzie confesses to the hit and run at the police station. Phillip finds out that Ruth is really Harley from Zach. Gus warns Harley to leave Phillip alone from now on. Phillip makes plans for Lizzie to leave the country and pretends to call a truce with Harley.

OLTL by Janice

Nora admits to John that she can't imagine her life without Bo in it. John goes over the evidence he found in Paul's room. He tells her that he found Natalie at the apartment. They go to Rodi's to get a bite to eat. Natalie is working and they try to get her to talk to them. She refuses, saying that nothing happened. John shows her a picture of her watch that was found at the room. She tells them that Paul must have stolen it. They plead with her to tell them what really happened. Antonio later comes in, and he too, tries to get Natalie to talk to him. He tells her that Jessica is worried. He tells her that he is always there if she changes her mind. Viki tries to explain to Dorian why she offered Kelly a place to live. Dorian responds that if Kelly lived at Llanfair she would be just as miserable as Natalie and Jessica. Dorian tells Viki that Paul is gone forever. As they are talking, Kevin frantically comes in. Ace is missing and he's not at Kelly's. Dorian assures him that she did not take the baby and that he should call the police. At Lion's Heart, Jessica is going through Tico's desk when Adriana arrives for a visit. She tells Jessica that they need to work together to get Antonio and Tico back together. After all, they are brothers. Jessica tells her that she doesn't believe it's possible for that to happen. Adriana leaves, disappointed that Jessica won't help. Antonio comes to talk to Jessica about his conversation with Natalie. As they are about to kiss, Adriana re-enters the room. She tells Jessica that she now understands why her brothers hate each other. As Bo and Nora are eating, Natalie sneaks outside and tosses all of her bloody clothing into a garbage can and lights it on fire. John realizes that Natalie is gone and heads out to find her. Instead, he finds a smoldering pile of clothes in the trashcan.

Passions by Shirley

Ethan tries to convince Theresa to let Nature and the doctors decide which of her babies will live, but she can't stop being a mother who wants to protect her own child first. She is left trying to figure out what to do as Eve is on her way to start the procedure. Luis tries to convince Martin to confess that he is the no-good father who deserted his wife and family all those years ago without another word. Martin puts up a strong battle, but slips up and exposes the truth. Then a fist fight ensues that Sam, Sheridan, and Katherine finally manage to break up. Sheridan finally finds out that Mr. Wheeler is really Martin Fitzgerald.

TC and Eve have a chat about their past vacations, bringing back good memories, until TC decides Eve will have much better ones with Julian. However, the divorce papers Liz had made up for him are still in his pocket, not in Eve's hands. Liz won't be too happy with that, as she is in the hall bragging that she will soon have all she wants and Eve will have lost everything.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

At school, Lily had a mini-breakdown as she became claustrophobic and frightened of the boys in the hallways. Kevin admitted to Mac that he'd set up Lily's attack so he could play hero. Mac insisted he come clean, but he insisted he couldn't do it. However, when Lily showed up nearly a basket-case, Kevin sat her down and told her that he had been responsible for Alex's attack on her. Malcolm explained to Drucilla that he'd been alive in Africa, and that he believed Neil had wanted him dead so he could have a life with Alex Perez. Dru explained that she, not Alex was married to Neil now, and that they'd all grieved him... especially Nate. She chastised Malcolm for not coming forward sooner. He said she didn't know what he'd been through and stormed out. Devon shunned Neil at the rec center, and Malcolm observed the conversation. He later approached Devon, who opened up about how Neil and Dru had taken him in, but Neil had thrown him out. Daniel brought Jack to see Phyllis at the hospital. Daniel visited Damon and said he was glad he hadn't died. Jack comforted Phyllis, they admitted to still having love for one another, and she admitted to doubting her future with Damon. Damon thanked Phyllis for saving his life, but she was oddly quiet, not knowing what to say. Drucilla told Phyllis that Malcolm was alive, and they agreed to hide the truth from Neil, worried he'd start drinking again. Later, Dru broke down and told Neil that his brother wasn't dead. Jack showed up at Phyllis' work with Daniel, and explained that he was taking her home and staying with her.

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