The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/3/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

ATWT by Linda

Will talks Hal into letting Barbara stay with them until Dr. Decker is captured, much to Emily’s surprise when Barbara answers the door when she’s struggling with her groceries. The fight is going ahead as planned; Aaron still smarting from having to go down, but as Rafi gets ready to go out into the ring, he realizes that there’s something funny with his gloves. When Rafi refuses to go with Dom’s plan, Dom has one of his thugs take Lucy hostage and Craig as well, because he was there to warn Lucy about Rafi’s gloves. Jack remembers the spa incident and gets in touch with the feelings he had for Carly, although he still can’t specifically remember her. Carly tells him that Julia and JJ can visit as much as he wants during the thirty days and if he still wants a divorce after that, she won’t fight him. Holden tells Lily that he’s moving out as soon as they tell the children about their divorce.

B&B by Lee

With their plan all set, Stephanie sent Rick to poolside to romance Amber. Soon after Thomas arrived Stephanie told him where he could find Amber.

Jackie was hesitant to dine with Deacon. With a little convincing, they arrived at the restaurant, where Dominick and Felecia already were. Jackie and Deacon didn't know that Felecia was watching them and telling Dominick their every move. The show was preempted for the concession speech of John Kerry.

Days by Danielle

Mimi seeks Bonnie’s help. Sami ends up chasing after the wrong Prince Charming and lies to Lucas about who she thought was her dance partner. Kate tries to set it up so Lucas catches Sami with Brandon. Lexie urges Brandon to leave Salem before Sami can hurt him.

John and Tony struggle for the remote control and fall into a shaft leading to Tony’s secret lair where they duel. Marlena and Roman find a staircase leading to the room but John warns them not to come in because the door is booby-trapped. Caroline is upset with Nicole and Brady for flaunting their relationship in front of Victor. Nicole insults Caroline by calling her a hypocrite. Victor warns Nicole not to talk to Caroline like that and promises that she’ll be hurting a lot worse when Brady finds out that she hired Jan to try and kill him.

**The rest of today’s show was preempted by Senator Kerry’s concession speech coverage.

GH by  Amanda

The first half was pre-empted by politics. Alexis fears Sonny's intentions. Jax & Courtney make love. Sonny agrees to let Morgan be tested, but he's not a match. Alexis and Ric marry hastily. Carly explained her motives to Sonny. His response is ambiguous.

GL by Elizabeth

(First 20 minutes of show was preempted by Bush’s speech.) Sandy answers some of Reva’s questions. Josh and Billy give Jonathan an ultimatum. Bill tells Harley that it may be time for Ruth to retire and Harley disagrees. Tammy calls Sandy. Harley and Bill have Phillip put in a strait jacket and taken away. Harley tells her brother that she knows who the driver was in Sandy’s accident. Rick tries to talk some sense into Phillip. Zach tells his father that Ruth is Harley.

OLTL by Janice

Kevin and Governor Brooks win election. While the party is going on downstairs, Jamie and Babe kidnap Ace by slipping a sleeping pill in the nanny's drink. They are almost caught by Renee, but she is called away before she finds them. A while later, Kevin returns to his room to find the nanny passed out on the coach and an empty crib. Viki frantically calls Natalie after she doesn't show up at Kevin's victory party, but gets no answer. Dorian takes a message for Kelly from a realtor. Dorian thinks that David is trying to force Kelly out so that he will have Dorian - and the mansion - all to himself. She is very upset when Kelly tells her that Viki offered the Carriage House as a place to live. Dorian went straight to Llanfair to tell Viki to stay away from her girls. After the party TIco and Jessica return to Lion's Heart. Tico wants to make love but Jessica pushes him away again. Tico loses his temper, but quickly reigns himself in. Jessica tells him that she took the job at The Sun. Tico pretends to happy that she is excited about the new challenge. At the Buchanan Mansion, Asa tricks Nora into cutting her date with Daniel short by telling her that Matthew took a cab there all by himself. Bo and Nora are furious to find that Asa has fooled them again. They tell him that soon he will need their help and they won't come because they won't trust him. After Kelly goes to bed, David takes the gun out of the safe and throws it and all the bullets into the river.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa puts Ethan on the line by asking him to choose whether to save his baby with Gwen or theirs. He doesn't want to make that decision. Rebecca is still slithering around giving Gwen doubts about Theresa, as usual. Pilar is accepting the fact that her husband left her and her kids for good and will never come back to her. Luis, on the other hand, has proof that Mr. Wheeler is really Martin Fitzgerald and he faces him down with that question. Sheridan is sad Mrs. Wheeler is leaving, saying it feels like she's losing her mother all over again.

TC receives divorce papers from a lawyer and thinks Eve sent them. Further scrutiny shows the papers are from him, which confuses him since he has never gone to an attorney. Liz tells him she went for him, and even though he tells her he has no plans to take everything from Eve in a divorce, she manipulates him into taking them to Eve at the hospital. However, it looks like he might not be willing to give them to her.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Mac advised a hung-over JT that partying and one-night stands was not the way to forget his feelings for Brittany. JT insisted he would never tell her the truth, and it was better that way. Kevin refused Michael's attempts to reason, and insisted they would fight it out with fists very soon. Miss Davis brought Neil and Dru news that Devon would be transferred to a level 12 group home later in the week. Neil refused to budge, even though it was the only way to keep Devon out of the facility. Victor convinced a reluctant Devon to come stay at the ranch, so that Victor would have more time to spend with Nikki. Lily admitted to Kevin that she was having nightmares about men thinking she was a freak. Kevin suggested she see a shrink and apologized for his role in making her so afraid. Mac spoke with Kevin and began to suspect he'd had something to do with the attack on Lily at the rec center, and was now feeling guilty about it. Victor agreed to Michael's bizarre request to let him and Kevin use the rec center, after hours, to have a fist fight over Lauren. Daniel told Christine he was glad Damon was alive because he'd get the chance to apologize for how he'd treated him. Phyllis admitted to Damon that she'd lied about Dominic being dead, but that he was on his way back to prison. Damon told her about his other-worldly encounter with Elias. A man broke into Olivia's apartment, then cornered Drucilla when she stopped by and started to call the cops. As they came face to face she realized it was Malcolm, her presumed-dead brother-in-law.

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