The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/2/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Babe and Jamie are ready to leave and take her baby boy in Llanview. Tad, Krystal, David, Maggie and Bianca all have no clue about their plans. Tad attempts to get Krystal to tell him the secrets she's keeping from him. But she refuses and only confides in David. Bianca is happy that Babe is at least leaving Bess with her, and not with JR although she knows nothing about what Babe's and Jamie's plans really are.

Greenlee is really losing it. Kendall goes to talk to her and urge her to believe that Ethan did not shoot Ryan and whoever did is still out there.

ATWT by Linda

Rafi is upset when he discovers the fight is fixed, but he and Aaron decide to go on with it anyway and fight beyond the third round. Jack hires a lawyer to get a divorce, but when Carly finds out, she calls him a quitter. As they talk, Lily walks into the room and Jack calls her Rose. Dusty shows Lucy tickets to London for the next day and convinces her to stay at Metro during the fight. He then hires protection for her as Dominic also hires someone to shadow her. Barbara is released from observation, but when it looks as if the jail will be where she goes until Dr. Decker is found, Will intercedes on her behalf and suggests she comes home with him and Hal.

B&B by Lee

Stephanie asked Amber if she felt Caitlin was right for Rick, Amber said she has changed and it was partly because of Thomas. Stephanie spoke with Brooke and Rick, to hatch a plan to trick Amber into believing Rick still has feelings for her. Stephanie arranged for Thomas to see the two in a romantic moment tonight by the pool. Rick thinks by the time he's through with Amber, Thomas is going to wish he had never met her.

Massimo dreamt about choking Deacon, while Deacon was telling him that he would soon be declared incompetent. After Dominick failed to get Jackie out of bed, he agreed that Deacon should try. Deacon refused to refill Jackie's sedative prescription. She agreed to dinner with him outside the house, as friends, even though he confessed his love for her.

Days by Danielle

Will convinces Lucas to head over to Alice’s and be with Sami. Lexie realizes that Sami is dancing with Brandon and lies about a phone call for Sami to get her away from him. Lexie urges Brandon to get away from Sami. Sami realizes that Lexie did that because she had been dancing with Brandon and rushes off to find him. Bonnie announces to Julie that she and Mickey plan to head to Vegas tomorrow to get married.

Maggie interrupts the group at the New Salem pier, which distracts Tony long enough for Hope to grab Tony’s briefcase and toss it into the flowing molten lava. Billie and Patrick lead Maggie back to the rafts and get everyone besides Bo, Hope, Roman, Marlena, and John away from the island. The signal flare letting them know that the rafts have made it away from the island distracts Tony long enough for Bo, John, and Roman to grab the guns from Bart and Tony. Tony reveals that he has a remote that will turn the simmering volcano into a full-blown explosion and presses the button.

GH by Lisa

Sonny remains calm after Carly tells him that he is Kristina's father. Sonny, Courtney and Mike are tested as potential bone marrow donors but are all ruled out. Morgan will be tested as a possible donor. Carly admits to Courtney that she fears her marriage could be over. Sonny vows to be a father to Kristina. Alexis suggests that she and Ric will have a marriage of convenience but Ric wants a real marriage in every sense of the word. Alexis agrees to marry Ric. Alexis finds Sonny in Kristina's hospital room.

Elizabeth encounters Ric in the hospital chapel as he waits for Alexis. Connor tells Lucky that Nikolas deliberately killed Helena before he lapses into a coma. Lucky and Nikolas agree that it would be best if Connor never came out of his coma. At Courtney's request, Jason threatens to kill Diego in order to scare him away from crime. Diego is determined to follow a dangerous path.

GL by Elizabeth

Cassie finds Jonathan at Josh and Reva's for dinner and tells Reva that she's made her choice. Ruth tells Phillip that she wants control of Spaulding Enterprises in exchange for keeping her mouth shut about the two accidents. Dinah and Edmund kiss. Gus warns Harley to stop ‘playing’ Ruth. Phillip calls one of his goons and orders him to get rid of Ruth by any means necessary. Jeffrey shows up in Chicago just in time to help Cassie look for Tammy.

OLTL by Janice

Rex finds an upset Natalie at Rodi's. He is concerned that she won't open up to him. Viki comes to Rodi's to get Natalie to come to Kevin's election party. Natalie realizes that she lost her watch during her fight with Paul. She goes to Paul's place to retrieve it, and finds that John, who has just found blood on the phone, is there. Natalie looks at the bed in the room, replays the fight with Paul, and then breaks down in John's arms. Dorian, Lindsay and RJ are all at Judge Hernandez' gravesite. As the judge's casket is lowered fingers and a dogtag are seen protruding from the dirt at the bottom of the grave. After everyone leaves, Dorian is about to throw an envelope in beside the coffin when David interrupts her. The Buchanan family, including Asa, show up at The Palace to watch the election returns. Todd mentions to Viki, Kevin, and Tico that he's offered Jessica a job at The Sun. Tico is upset that Jessica has not talked with him and tells her she can't take the job. Tico warns Asa not to cause any problems. Asa replies that Tico had better not hurt his granddaughter. Jessica overhears Tico tell Asa that he knows how to tame a wild horse. Jessica immediately goes over to Todd and tells him that she'll take the job at The Sun. The election is close. Tico talks with Mr. Gerhardt on the phone and tells him to make sure Brooks gets elected. Brooks' opponent is ahead in the race, but concedes anyway. Tico drinks champagne and declares to himself that Kevin will be governor sooner than he thinks. At La Boulee, Kelly tells David that she feels guilty about Ace. David tries to convince her that Paul's actions are not her fault. Kelly decides to go to The Palace so that she can see Ace. Many people in Llanview including Lindsay, Jennifer, Natalie, Kevin, and Dorian say something to imply that they are responsible for Paul's disappearance.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa finds out that one baby is hers and one is Gwen's. Eve tells her how disappointed she is in her for making the decision she's made but Theresa tells her it's the only one she can make. Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen wait in the lobby, with Gwen wishing they would hurry up and get the procedure over with, Ethan feeling guilty about what Theresa has told him, and Rebecca stirring up the waters, pushing both their buttons.

Luis doesn't want to believe Mr. Wheeler is his father, but Sam tells him the computer says he is based on the fingerprints. Luis says if it's true, his dad is a lying, two-timing, low-life coward and he will kill him for what he's put his family through. He doesn't believe his father would stay away all those years, then come back with a new wife and parade her around in front of them. Pilar tells Sheridan she felt sure Mr. Wheeler was her husband, but starts to calm down and convince herself she has to be mistaken. Sheridan is there to support her and agrees it doesn't sound like the Martin she has heard of all these years. By the time Paloma finds them, Pilar is calm and sure that she was simply imagining things.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Lily was troubled by her bad experiences with men and felt she'd never find happiness. Kevin spoke with her, assured her she'd never be hurt again, and apologized for his role in making her feel like a victim. Michael told Lauren about Kevin's challenge, admitted he'd do everything to prevent it, but said he had to be prepared for the possibility of a fight. Jack told Nick there was no money at Jabot to hire Sharon. Nick said he'd pay her salary under the table if Jack got her work. Victor reassured Nikki that he loved her and had rejected Ashley. Brad told Ashley their relationship was definitely over, suggested they both move on, promised to be there for Abby, and said he wouldn't make a divorce difficult. Ash broke down, realizing she'd lost everything. Drucilla arrived at the hospital to find out how Damon was doing. Phyllis told Daniel the story of Elias. Damon's spirit spoke with Elias'. His son told him it wasn't his time to go, that he had too much to live for. Damon's spirit returned to his body, and there was suddenly a pulse. Phyllis hoped he'd live while the doctors got to work.

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