The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/1/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

David and Tad inform Babe and Jamie that they need not run away because of the DVD JR is using against them because they "disabled" JR's witness. Babe and Jamie do not let on to the real reason why they plan to go away together. David urges Babe not to fall for Jamie and believe she could do better. Brooke and Tad attempt to get their son to be straight with them about his plans with Babe. Bianca tries unsuccessfully to get through to JR.

Kendall gets Livia to represent Ethan and tells him she will be there for him. Bobbie and Anita are having problems. She suspects he's having a thing with Greenlee. He can tell that although she may not have slept with Aiden, they have special feelings for each other.

ATWT by Linda

Will hits Dr. Decker with a rock, dislocating his shoulder before Dr. Decker runs off threatening Barbara’s life. Will gives into his mother and hugs her as Paul shows up. Craig is going to tell Lucy that Rafi’s gloves are weighted, but he decides to wait until tomorrow at the fight. Aaron is still reeling from Dusty’s disclosure about going down in the third round when Emily comes to warn Alison that Dr. Decker has escaped, Aaron saying he’ll protect Alison and not take his eyes off her. Carly catches Jack and Julia kissing in his room and is devastated, turning and walking away. Jack tells Julia that he’s going to file for divorce.

B&B by Lee

In bed, Ridge tells Brooke he's sorry he agreed to the showdown because it gives Spectra too much credibility. Ridge confesses that hearing Eric refer to Thorne as "their only son," bothered him. Ridge instructed Brooke to call him day or night if she has a problem with Thomas while he's away. Dominick and Deacon discussed the competition. Deacon offers to help with Jackie in any way he can, Dominick says he appreciates that. Under his breath, Deacon mumbles "I wonder if you'll feel the same way when I'm your Step Daddy."

While Amber, Clark, Felicia, Darla, and Thorne are reading the great reviews Spectra received, Sally was on the phone negotiating for a new Jaguar. Felicia announced that Dominick was impressed and she believes that they have a chance at the Jackie M business. Ridge went to see Dominick at Massimo's office. Ridge encouraged him to review his agreement with Forrester Creations. He indicated that while Jackie M needed Forrester, it might not be the same for Forrester. Dominick told him he did not like being threatened. Ridge ended telling him not to carry Spectra Couture.

Days by Danielle

Kate and Eugenia work together to bring Sami and Brandon together at Alice’s Halloween party fundraiser for Basic Black’s foundation. Celeste uses her crystals and a news report about the volcano to conclude that the Caribbean island is where all the victims are alive but in danger. Lexie tries calling the police with this information but then decides that she doesn’t believe Celeste when the police officer also considered the idea crazy.

Everyone prepares to board the rafts from the New Salem pier. Bo uses a fallen tree and vine to get Hope and Billie out of a circle of lava and makes it back to the pier in time to board the rafts with the rest of the group. Tony stitches his own leg and grabs his briefcase before arriving with Bart at the pier to stop the captives just as they were about to board the rafts.

GH by Amanda

Just as Connor decides to free Emily and turn himself in, Nik arrives, forcing the two of them into an armed face off with Em in the middle until Connor grabs her as a hostage against Nik. Neither Brooke or Diego is hurt in the explosion, they weren't in the same room, making Lorenzo suspect that Diego planted the bomb, but his suspicions shift to Sonny. Ric prevents Carly from telling Sonny the truth, but only for a moment. When the police arrive, Diego pretends he was alone, allowing Courtney, Jason, Sonny, Brooke,& Lorenzo to not be seen. Nik and Connor struggle, and Connor is shot, but not killed. Alexis asks Jax to get her and Kristina out of the US when she's well; however, Jax sees too many drawbacks and proposes sending Sonny to jail. No one is arrested for the bombing. Liz and Lucky are told the details on Helena and Connor. Carly decides to make out with Sonny rather than confessions until the last minute of the show, prefacing her confession with a plea for him to be tested.

GL by Eva

Blake and Ross each wait for one another to apologize, neither one of them does and Ross leaves. Michelle finds her way to Tony’s hotel room after being washed ashore. Phillip tells Alan about Lizzie’s accident while Lizzie tells Alex what she did. Alex urges Lizzie to confess. Gus saves Ruth from being hit by a car and Gus consequently finds out that Ruth is really Harley in disguise. Phillip runs into Ruth at the police station and she accuses him of trying to kill her. Sebastian tells Holly he is dying.

OLTL by Janice

Bo and Nora stage a fake wedding to turn the tables on Asa. Dr. Miller then tells Asa that there is a surgery that will cure him. Fearful of being operated on, Asa admits that he faked his illness and his dementia. Later Kevin comes to visit and Asa tries to convince him to sign him out of the mental hospital. Kevin refuses because he doesn't want his grandfather ruining the election for him. Asa is proud - Kevin's a true Buchanan. Marcie and Michael agree to make scheduling time together a priority. Evangeline admits to Nora that she is perturbed that John is always trying to help Natalie. Sonja overhears Tico tell Kevin that if he wins the election, he is only a heartbeat away from being Governor. Jessica goes to Antonio at the loft to ask him to help Natalie. Antonio refuses, but as Jessica turns to leave, he grabs her arm and kisses her. She runs out and then turns to Todd to help Natalie. Todd alludes to Jessica that Tico may be behind Judge Hernandez's death. She doesn't believe him. He offers her a job at "The Sun" so that she can find out the truth, unlike at "The Banner." Tico is waiting for Jessica at Rodi's and tries to reach her by cell phone numerous times. He calls Llanfair and finds out from Viki that Jessica had left a while ago. He hides his anger when Jessica lies to him, saying that she came straight from Llanfair.

Passions by Shirley

Luis, Sam, and Alistair are in a race to see whether Luis and Sam can download the files they need from Crane Industries before Alistair can delete them. It looks like Alistair wins, but Sam manages to retrieve what he needed to show that Mr. Wheeler is really Martin Fitzgerald. Fox is surprised and Ivy's Little Miss Homemaker ways. She cooks, does laundry, and even tries to tell him about the birds and bees. He assures her he already knows that and that he and Whitney are very careful, always using protection. He tells Whitney about the talk, and although she reminds him the first time they made love he didn't use protection, he's positive there is no way they could get pregnant the first time.

Theresa and Ethan argue over her plan to have a DNA test and choose her baby to live over Gwen's. He tells her she can't do it, but she tells him the only reason she has to is because he and Gwen forced her to kill one baby and she won't kill her own child. Besides, if he stops the procedure, someone will have to tell Gwen that one of the babies could be his with Theresa. He doesn't want to do that, so he tells Eve to go ahead.

Y&R By Christopher

Nikki reluctantly confided in Sharon that Ashley had left Brad and now planned to pursue Victor. Sharon insisted she had nothing to worry about, but Nikki wasn't as sure. Victor devastated Ash by insisting that - despite his love for her and Abby - he would not be leaving Nikki and his life with her. Ash accused him of playing games with her, and using her to get to Abby, then threw him out, and dissolved in tears. Kevin worked out and revealed to Daniel that he planned to get in shape to beat Michael to a bloody pulp. Phyllis had Damon and Dominic rushed to the hospital, then called and begged Daniel to join her there. Brittany went through with her wedding, despite seeing JT cry. JT told Mac it was better this way, and they kissed. Brittany and JT talked and she asked him if the tear had been for more than sentiment. Before he could reply, Bobby interrupted to make Brittany throw her bouquet, which Mac caught. Frederick gave Bobby money so he and Brittany could stay in a hotel while his apartment was renovated for them. In their honeymoon suite, Brittany pledged her love to Bobby and insisted they could handle any tough times life threw at them. Kevin and Michael came face to face. Michael refused to fight him, but Kevin warned the day would come when he had no choice. Phyllis admitted to Daniel that an enemy from Damon's past had shot him. Olivia broke the news that Damon's injuries were irreversible, and agreed to let Phyllis see him. Malcolm phoned Olivia, said she sounded good, but hung up without identifying himself. While Phyllis was with Damon, she told him Dominic had died. Moments later, Damon flatlined. As the doctors worked on him and Phyllis watched, Damon appeared behind her - looking over his body. He apologized for dragging her into the whole thing. Suddenly, young Elias took Damon's hand and called him 'Daddy'.

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