The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/29/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Babe and Jamie are ready to run away. But JR is still keeping Bess. David, Tad and Aiden all corner the guy whom they believe is working for Adam and JR and threaten to castrate him. Ethan gets booked for shooting Ryan. Kendall protests fiercely but Derek will not relent. Bobbie and Anita are having problems. Greenlee talks to Maria and Anita about why she feels wierd without being pregnant.

ATWT by Linda

Aaron really goes to town on Rafi, embarrassing him. Rafi tells Lucy that there is no way he’s going to let Aaron beat him, even if he has to give him everything he’s got. Dom tells Dusty that Aaron’s going down in the third round, Dusty telling him no way. Dom threatens Dusty, but still replaces Rafi’s gloves with weighted ones, just to make sure. Craig discovers this. Aaron is so happy, but is shocked when Dusty tells him that he has to go down in the third round. Jack goes to the hospital for tests and is surprised that Julia is now working there. Dr. Decker was faking and when they escape, he takes Barbara to the Old Mill. Though she tries to escape, he overpowers her and reassures her that he’s going to kill her. Roseanna gives Will a pep talk, so he makes a date with the girl he’s met. In the meantime, the girl talks with her friends and they tell her that he murdered Rose, so she decides not to go. When Will shows up at the Old Mill where they are supposed to meet, he sees Dr. Decker trying to kill his mother.

B&B by Lee

Thorne finished up the press conference. Ridge congratulated his "little brother," and tried to convince him to come back to Forrester. Thorne declined saying that he knew this wouldn't be a cakewalk, but he's committed to Spectra. Felicia tried seductively to get Dominick to steer Spectra fashions into the "Jackie M" boutiques. Felicia told Dominick that Ridge has always been number one in her father's eyes, but tonight Eric realized what Thorne is capable of.

Stephanie tells Eric that she was wrong about nothing positive coming out of this competition. Eric apologized to Thorne for being preoccupied with Ridge. He told him he has his respect, admiration, and love. Ridge listened from behind a curtain. Eric reached for Stephanie and said, "our son, our only son." Ridge heard this and had a shocked look on his face.

Days by Danielle

Kate uses a Brandon mask to scare Sami. Brandon surprises Lexie with a visit since she couldn’t come to see him. Lexie tells Brandon that Abe might still be alive and warns him that Kate is only using him to break up Sami and Lucas.

Bo and Hope find Billie and are able to get the fallen tree off of her. Bo heads off to find an aloe plant to help stop the bleeding from Billie’s head wound but while gone, the lava surrounds Billie and Hope. Abe is able to free Tek from the wreckage and they make their way back to the New Salem Brady Pub. Nicole and Brady help Victor get back to the Pub where Marlena gives him medical attention. Caroline warns Nicole that if anything happens to Victor, she will go straight to the police with what she knows. The stranger who stole Stefano’s phoenix ring turns out to be Bart who brings the ring back to an unconscious Tony. Bart feels that since there was no immediate reaction, Tony must be really dead and decides to save himself. The ring comes to life and Tony opens his eyes.

GH by Amanda

Connor Bishop, the real one, sneaks up on Emily in the tub, then proceeds to tell Emily how he faked his death and now that Mary is really dead, she and Nik will pay. As Alexis tries to find the right words to tell Sonny he needs to be tested for Kristina's sake, the baby goes into respritory distress. Carly gets to meet her ex step mom, Beverly, who warns her that John only cares about her for the purpose of taking down Sonny. Emily tries to explain to Connor what happened, but he doesn't believe her. Alexis confesses to Ric that her daughter is his niece and asks him to be tested. Ric is not angry and promises to do what he can. A suspicious Nik gets Lucky to check on Connor's history after the launch pilot is confused about taking Nik to Wyndermere. Diego's mob obsession continues and worries Courtney. Steven lets Carly know that Kristina has taken a turn for the worse, and she frets to her dad over what to do. Brooke follows Diego to a mob warehouse, and shots are fired.

GL by Suzanne

Jonathon and Sandy both visit Josh and Reva. Reva tries getting closer to Jonathon while Josh goes to Edmund for help. Phillip hires someone to take care of the Ruth situation, and shares the fact that Lizzie has a problem with his father. Gus confronts Ruth, and later tries to rush to her rescue. Cassie confronts Jeffery about the photo while Tammy takes advice from Dinah.

OLTL by Suzanne

Jessica visits Viki, who fills her in on what happened with Natalie. Tico is not happy to see Jessica there and they argue because she wants to stay and help Natalie and he wants her to be at the governor's Halloween party to support Kevin. He ends up apologizing but still expects her to come and he isn't happy when she doesn't show up. Tico says hello to Carlota but isn't happy to see Jamie. Viki and Carlotta discuss Natalie, Antonio, and Cristian's death. Viki goes to visit Antonio and tells him that he needs to be in Jamie's life because you never know what will happen, reminding him of Ben's death. Later, Jessica ends up on Antonio's doorstep. Sonia goes to the governor's party at Rodi's, where Kevin and the governor are schmoozing with people. No one is happy that Duke isn't back yet.

Kevin puts pressure on Kelly not to blab anything about Ace's real mother until after the election. They argue but she agrees. They both leave Paul's room, but then she sneaks back in to rifle through his things. John, who is looking for Natalie, catches her there, so Kelly lies that Paul left town and called her to ask her to send him his things. John finds out that later Paul never boarded his plane. Kelly goes home and lies to Dorian about where she was but tells David the truth. Adriana tells Dorian that Duke has left town for a little while. Dorian figures out from what Adriana says that David has another gun; she confronts him about it. They are both suspicious of where the other was. John finds Natalie in the park with blood all over her and convinces her to trust him after she talks at length about Cristian's death. They go to the hospital and she gets fixed up; she lies that she fell and hit her head in the cemetery and that's all, but John doesn't believe her. She stays at Llanfair but won't tell Jessica or Viki what happened.

Passions by Suzanne

Theresa is determined to have a DNA test done on the twins she's carrying so she can make sure her baby with Ethan is the one that lives. Eve and Pilar have tried to talk her out of it, but she insists that if she has to kill one, it won't be her own. Ethan walks in as Eve is berating Theresa for picking which baby to keep and realizes what she's up to.

Luis and Sam are desperately trying to find out who the Wheelers really are, finally tapping in to the Crane Industries fingerprint database. They run Martin's prints through and get a match. Luis starts downloading it before anyone can interfere. In his office, Alistair is gloating to his aide about stopping Luis' search in it's tracks when he suddenly remembers his own database and tells his aide to delete it all. Once she gets on she finds it's already being downloaded and it becomes a race between Luis and Alistair as to whether the fingerprints will be matched or the database will be deleted first. The Wheelers start to leave town, knowing that as long as they stay, their families will be in danger from Alistair. Sheridan, Paloma, and Pilar try to talk them out of leaving, but they are determined. However, while trying to figure out how their being in Harmony could be dangerous for both the Crane kids and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Pilar comes to a sudden, shocking realization that explains it all.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

At Memorial Hospital, a mystery man wanted to see Olivia, but left before they could meet; likely Malcolm. Victor visited Brad and asked him to help Ash become the confident woman she once was. Brad said she was now Victor's problem, and wondered if he was afraid that he'd now be expected to act on the feelings he'd always had for her. Nikki warned Ash to keep away from Victor, and said she shared more with him than Ash could ever hope to. Despite reassuring Nikki that he loved her and didn't feel that way for Ash, Victor went to see her. Ash told him they were alone and free to discuss their future together. JT lost his chance to tell Brittany he loved her, when she went on and on about her feelings for Bobby, and he decided to keep quiet. Mac was disappointed to learn he hadn't told the truth. As JT prepared to walk Brittany down the aisle, Frederick swallowed his pride and showed up to be there for his daughter. Bobby and Brittany exchanged vows, but as she was about to say 'I do', she spotted JT's reflection in a mirror across the room, and watched a single tear drop from his eye. She froze in mid-sentence. Dominic menaced Phyllis with a gun and prepared to rape her when Damon burst in with the Japanese sword. As Phyllis stepped between them, Dominic took aim. Damon threw Phyllis out of the way, then took a bullet and brought the sword swinging down. Phyllis watched and screamed in terror.

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