The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/28/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Adam is on the lookout for Babe and Jamie. But Tad is hiding out in Adam's home, disguised as a security guard and with the help of Stuart,Aiden and Anita, he's about to prevent Adam from succeeding with his plans.

Kendall is shacking up with Ethan urging him not to give up on confirming whether he is really Zach's son. Ryan comes to tell Ethan what his plans are but doesn't seem like he wants to hurt him. Ethan, however, gets a surprise visit from the police and they arrest him for the attempted murder of Ryan Lavery.

ATWT by Linda

Rick overhears Barbara talking with Griggs and when the time comes for the big escape, he puts out Alfonso and then tells Barbara that he heard everything. He has her scream and while everyone is distracted with Alfonso, he tells her that they’re going to escape, but she’s going to pay. Barbara lays on the charm and while they’re kissing, she injects him with the syringe. Holden and Lily are dining together, Dom coming in and mistaking her for Rose, tells Holden everything. Holden then tells Lily that their marriage is over. Ben has Curtis give a sample for his urine test and gets reinstated. Craig tries to keep Lucy from going to the weigh-in, but she goes anyway. Craig follows her there and Dom catches up to him, telling him they need to talk. Aaron overhears Dom telling Alison that he’s a loser, but Alison tells him to ignore whatever he says because she believes in him. At the weigh-in, the photographers ask for him and Rafi to spar for pics and Aaron lays him out flat.

B&B by Lee

Amber was the first to speak with reporters. She told them that they won't be disappointed. Rick guaranteed Caitlin that Forrester Creations will win. Stephanie told Thorne she had a bad feeling about this but Thorne insisted he was going to finally crawl out from his brother's shadow.

Sally, with a "Let's get ready to rumble," announces the fashion show is about to begin. The reporters were impressed with the Spectra Couture collection but in the end Forrester Creations was the winner.

Thorne was summoned to the stage, called out his crew to join him. Eric took the stage and told Thorne what a great job he did and that it was an honor to share the stage with him. Thorne was teary eyed and choked up.

Days by Danielle

Rex has to hold Shawn and Philip back from fighting with each other. Mimi threatens to tell everyone that Jan cut up Philip’s uniform but decides to blame it on a burglar when Jan repeats her blackmail threat. Philip accuses Mimi of covering up for Shawn. Jan makes up a story about how Shawn really ended up seeing Belle and Philip come close to making love so many times and claims it was how he told her it happened. Lexie and Celeste discuss the possibility that both Tek and Abe could come back. Sami decides that burning her memories of Brandon is the only way to get him out of her mind. Kate talks with Brandon’s business partner and convinces him to suggest that Brandon should come back to Salem. Brandon insists that he has to see a special woman before he makes a decision.

Brady is able to revive Victor but he barely clings to life. Nicole considers killing Victor with a brick but decides against it when she realizes that he’ll just haunt her. Tek reaches Abe in the study and informs him that everyone else made it out safely and is now back at the New Salem Brady’s Pub except for Bo and Hope who went out in search of Billie. A tremor pins Tek under a heavy beam. A mysterious stranger enters the study and takes Stefano’s phoenix ring.

GH by Lisa

Carly stops herself from telling Sonny that he's Kristina's father after learning that a donor has been found. Alcazar makes a move against Sonny, who can't retaliate until Durant leaves town. Carly decides to go with Durant when he is transferred to a hospital in New York City for additional surgery. Alexis is devastated when she learns Kristina's donor was tragically killed in a car accident. Jason squares off with Alcazar. Courtney is angry at Jax for hitting Diego. Jax accuses Courtney of being jealous and tells her he loves her. Fearing getting her heart broken, Courtney breaks things off with Jax.

The stalker continues harassing Emily and adds to Nikolas to his list. He is incensed to hear that the charges against Nikolas for shooting Mary have been reduced. Emily screams in terror while in her bath at Wyndemere. Faith fails to pull a double-cross on Luke and Skye after Justus refuses to help her break out of prison. Mac releases Luke and Skye from custody after learning that Faith confessed to killing Ross. Heather and Tracy succeed in their plot to have Edward committed to a mental institution.

GL by Elizabeth

Danny finds Blake inside the lighthouse and the two enjoy a bottle of wine together. Michelle has another flashback of her mother. Tony and Michelle’s situation on the boat gets worse, and Tony falls overboard. Holly meets Sebastian’s challenge of seeing more than just the bad in Roger and is met by even more wickedness when Sebastian makes her his prisoner. Phillip offers a 50,000 reward to Frank for the arrest of the hit and run driver. Ruth shows Phillip the information she has on him and the accident. Phillip makes a phone call to get rid of Ruth. Harley lets us believe that she and Bill are more than friends.

GL by Eva (bonus)

Sebastian takes Holly back to the caves where Roger terrorized her. Holly continues on her journey to make peace with the past by going with Sebastian to the island of lost souls where Roger died. When Holly is finally ready to let go of her past with Roger and leave the island Sebastian informs her that she can't leave and puts Holly inside a jail cell on the island. Michelle is afraid of the storm at sea and she has a memory of her mother telling her to be brave when she was a little girl and she was scared to swim and the ocean. Tony and Michele take life Jackets and a life raft and jump of the boat. Tony makes it to shore but he can't find Michelle. Philip tells Ruth that his driver was the person that hit Sandy. Philip calls someone and tells them Ruth Karlof must leave town permanently. Harley thinks Philip is lying to her and is determined to find out the truth about Sandy's accident. Gus follows Ruth after she leaves her meeting with Philip because he is determined to find out the truth about her. Danny and Blake get drunk and share their pain about Michelle and Ross. Danny and Blake consider making love but decide not to make love because they love their spouses.

OLTL by Janice

Paul is lying face down in the cemetery. Natalie is dazed, confused, and bloodied. Outside of Roxy’s she calls John, as he and Evangeline have finished making love, to tell him she’s lost. She hangs up the phone and drops the gun in the bushes. Later, Rex finds the gun.

John goes to look for Natalie. Lindsay tells RJ that her gun is gone. Jennifer goes to the police station to file charges against Paul for blackmailing her about the tape. Riley and Jenn make up. Kelly goes to Paul’s apartment to try to find Ace’s biological mother. Kevin is already there and the room is trashed. Kevin and Kelly exchange threats. Natalie goes to Llanfair. Viki can see that Natalie is distraught. Natalie tells her she’s been thinking about Christian because Jennifer told her that Chris’s death was her fault. Viki tries to console her, but Natalie runs out. John finds Natalie in the cemetery,

Passions by Shirley

Theresa asks Eve for a DNA test of the twins, and when Eve asks why, she is shocked to the core to hear the young woman say she wants to sacrifice Gwen's baby to save her own. Pilar is also upset and stunned by her daughter's plans. She doesn't want her to have the procedure in the first place since it is against the church's teachings, but this is even more evil. Gwen is thrilled that Theresa changed her mind, but Rebecca is dubious about the reasons for the change. Ethan wants to believe Theresa is doing it out of the goodness of her heart, as does Gwen.

Luis and Sheridan are on a mission to find out who the Wheelers really are. Luis takes their fingerprints on a couple of glasses to the police station to have them run through the FBI computer, but there is no record of them. Their Social Security numbers are new and have no record of any kind associated with them, which is highly unusual. But when Sheridan puts Katherine's picture through an identification program that can recognize disguised faces, there is a match made. Tune in tomorrow to see what it shows.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Ash told Olivia about hers and Brad's separation, and her feelings for Victor. Olivia warned her to be careful what she wished for. Phyllis and Damon agreed to a new beginning, together, then she agreed to take $500.00 to Dominic to get out of town and back to Georgia. Jill and Kay saw a frightening side of Arthur's explosive temper when they confronted him about Harrison Bartlett's accusations. He stormed out on them, leaving them to wonder who he really was. Out of obligation, not support, Anita showed up at Brittany's wedding and urged her to reconsider the event, promising her it wasn't too late to change her mind. Nikki offered to watch the club while Bobby went on his honeymoon, promised to be at the wedding, and told him to be happy, before giving him a send-off kiss. The florist - having previously met JT - assumed he was Brittany's fiancee, and told Brittany how much JT obviously loved her. Though Brittany corrected the woman, she later imagined herself marrying JT instead of Bobby. Mac's lectures finally broke through and JT rushed to tell Brittany he was in love with her before the wedding began. Ash visited Victor, told him about her separation, then imagined herself admitting her love and kissing him. In actuality, she thanked him for his support of her and Abby, said they were kindred spirits, then told him to call her. Phyllis realized Dominic had played her and Damon, when she overheard him plan a crime with another thug. She placed a mysterious call, then confronted Dominic who grabbed hold of her and dragged her into his motel room.

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