The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/27/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Babe and Jamie are ready to run away together, raise Ace together and return Bess to Bianca. Krystal and David are both very concerned however, and David goes to confront Paul Kramer with a gun, demanding that Paul confesses to kidnapping his grandson. But David is also at odds with Jamie.

Edmund determines that his marriage with Maria is over, he cannot trust her, she lied to him about Slater being a Cambias and about her involvement with him. She protests that she won't let him go but he tells her it's over. While at the same time, Zach keeps having flashbacks of his romantic history with Maria. Greenlee and Ryan explore the possibility of her being pregnant of what what parenting will mean to both of them.

ATWT by Linda

Despite the heartache, Jack connects with Parker and Sage. As he lays sleeping on the couch, Carly tells him that no matter what happens, she will always think it was a gift from God that he was alive and that she will always love him. She pecks him on the lips and as she’s going upstairs, Jack opens his eyes. Julia comes over to Carly’s house, upset that JJ was hurt that Jack had forgotten something he made in boy scouts for him. Holden stops her and they argue, Julia leaving after Holden promises to give Jack the plaster cast of JJ’s hand and tell Jack that she’ll be calling in the morning. When she arrives back at the Lakeview she asks Lisa for a job. Jordan informs Jennifer that Worldwide has purchased Street Jeans and she’s none to happy about it, getting even more angry when Jordan demands that Mike be dropped as the face of Street Jeans. They come to a compromise and Jordan leaves, Mike telling Jennifer that if it would make things easier for her, he’d step aside. She tells him that they’ll keep an eye on it and they both decide that they should have strictly a business relationship. Barbara plans to double-cross Dr. Decker, but he sees her talking with Griggs and is visibly upset. Dom tells Craig that if Lucy doesn’t stay away from the fight, something unfortunate may happen to her. Lily pretends to be Rose and Dom confirms his threat to her and asks her to come to the weigh-in. When Lily tells Craig she won’t do it, he convinces her to, because Lucy’s safety is at risk.

B&B by Lee

Clark feels this competition is an enormous and unnecessary risk. At a press conference Eric announced that Forrester Creations and Spectra Couture would hold a competition tomorrow, allowing the audience to be the judge. The press took pictures as Ridge and Thorne posed with fists held up like boxers!

Deacon tells Jackie that her clinging to Massimo when she knows he's gone is not helping. Harvey spoke with Dominick about having Massimo declared incompetent so that he can have power of attorney. Deacon pressed Dominick, stating "this might be the best thing for Jackie."

Days by Danielle

Sami imagines seeing Brandon and lunges at him but hits her head. Lexie checks her out and deems her fine. Kate meets with Brandon about coming back to Salem under the guise of working with Basic Black. Eugenia changes Lexie’s work schedule so she can’t take Theo to visit with Brandon in hopes that it’ll force Brandon to come back to Salem.

Brady, Victor, and Nicole return to the study and work with Bo and Patrick to try and pry open the doors. Victor is hit by a falling beam and his heart stops. Brady orders Nicole to give Victor mouth to mouth. Jack tries to convince Bart to turn on Tony. Tony explains to the captives that Stefano was the only suitable donor for Tony’s blood transfusion so Tony had to kill him. Tony delights in revealing John’s near affair with Kate to Roman and Marlena. Tony uses Stefano’s bony hand to detonate an explosion.

GH by  Amanda

At Monica's behast, Jason agrees to get tested as he takes Sam to a doctor's appointment. As he leaves, Monica admits Sam is good for Jason, then moves on to confront Dillon about the missing items in the mansion. Dillon won't need to steal anymore, because Luke has tagged Lorenzo to help them in return for a cut on the casino. Mike welcomes Edward and Heather into Kelley's and gives Edward a job working in the diner, under Diego's supervision. Hoping to surprise Jax in his hotel room, Courtney arrives in time to be surprised by a young woman scantily clad. Tracy is gleeful at Heather's social stepdown. Jason gets antsy when Ric questions him about how Sonny feels about his upcoming daughter and Alexis asks Steve if a baby can donate marrow. Luke and Skye turn themselves into Lucky. Just before Alexis can break down and tell Jason the truth, Ric stops her, and Steven bursts in to announce a donor has been located. Heather arranges for Edward to be psychologically evaluated secretly. Rather than making her paid confession, Faith enrolls in the workprogram.

GL by Eva

Harley almost gets Lizzie to tell her the truth about Sandy's accident until Coop interrupts their conversation and Lizzie tells Ruth she has nothing to say about the accident. Philip warns Billy not to get an attack of conscious and tell Bill that he was the one that almost got Olivia deported or he will tell INS Bill and Olivia's marriage is fake and Bill will end up in jail. Philip also tells Billy not to do anything to stop him from getting Lewis Oil or Lewis construction or he will tell Bill that his own father wanted Olivia to be deported. JB Lies to the INS agent and tells him that Bill and Olivia were planning to get married before the deportation papers came to Olivia's attention. JB demands a free room and meals at the Beacon in exchange for the favor he did for Bill and Olivia, Olivia agrees to the terms because she wants a chance to help her nephew and get to know him. JB causes trouble in Bill and Olivia's relationship when Bill doesn't want JB to stay at the Beacon. Blake gets a restraining order on Dinah. Ross and Blake's marriage may be over because Ross chooses Dinah over Blake. When Lizzie tells Philip Ruth knows about the accident Philip promises to take care of the problem. Philip calls Ruth to tell her he has an important matter she must handle for him. Sandy decides to stay in Springfield make up for his mistake and try to win back the love of the Lewis family.

OLTL by Janice

John arrests the man who attacked Evangeline. Evangeline is not too happy when she finds out that Natalie is in trouble and that John will be trying to help her. Evangeline asks John to come back to her house with her instead of his hotel room. Paul tries to sell information about Ace’s parents to Todd to get back at Kevin. Todd tells him he’s not interested because he doesn’t want to hurt Kelly. Todd asks Kevin questions about Judge Hernandez’s death at a political rally. Kelly tells Kevin that she needs to give Ace back to his real mother. Kevin asks her to wait until at least after the election and then they will discuss it. Tico looks on and is worried to see that Kevin has a secret. Riley tries to talk to Jennifer, but she just runs out on him sure that he is going to dump her. Marcie is worried that Jennifer is going to try to get back at Paul. Antonio asks Evangeline to look at some evidence that he has against the Santi family. He wants to make sure the case is air-tight. He freezes and leaves when John shows up. Antonio then goes to Todd to get more evidence that Tico is involved with the Santi family. In exchange Antonio will give him information to publish in the Sun. Paul waits to meet someone in the cemetery. An unknown person shoots Paul.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa seems to have decided to go through with the procedure Eve suggested, but is she doing it for Gwen and Ethan or for herself? She told Pilar that somehow she thinks doing this will get Ethan back to her. Pilar is understandably upset about it, but as usual, Theresa is determined to do it her way. Luis and Sheridan prepared to hear more from Martin and Katherine about their respective parents, but Alistair meddled into it and convinced the two older people to keep their secrets. He somehow managed to dig up the incriminating evidence from under the gazebo that Martin was going to show Luis to explain why he had to leave all those years ago. Without that, Martin feels he can't convince Luis he didn't just skip out on them. Luis and Sheridan are hurt and angry, but Alistair is gloating over his triumph.

Whitney seemed to be ready to confess to Fox that she is pregnant with Chad's baby and wanted to have sex with Fox so she could claim he was the father, but she ended up telling him she had been in love with him for a long time. He swore he will never leave her, no matter what, and carried her to his bed. It seems her plan may be working, after all.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Bobby phoned Brittany to say hi on the morning of their wedding. Lauren dropped off the dress and wondered if JT had ever thought how different life would be if he and Brittany had been together. Brittany headed to the Chancellor Mansion and JT agreed to bring her dress by later. Mac arrived and told JT to stop the wedding and admit his feelings for Brittany, or regret it for the rest of his life. A lonely Victor missed Abby, told Noah he loved him, then met with Neil, who admitted NE was running fine without him. Victor admitted to having many regrets in his personal life, then congratulated Neil on running the company well, and supported his decision not to hire Sharon. Nick comforted a depressed Sharon with a morning of lovemaking, then told her he had faith that she could accomplish anything she put her mind to. Jill and Kay discussed Harrison's accusations and - once Jill read the report from Paul - she suggested that Harrison seemed to be telling the truth about Arthur. A teary Ashley saw Abby off to school, then met with Jack, who revealed that John and Gloria had gone on a cruise. Ash stunned Jack by admitting she and Brad were over, and that she was still in love with Victor and always would be. Brad devastated Nikki by revealing that he and Ash had broken up and that Ash had admitted her true feelings for Victor. Nikki wondered what would happen to them all now that the truth was finally out.

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