The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/26/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Erica urges Edmund to print a story about Zack Slater being a threat to the residents of Pine Valley and urges him to see that it's not just a favor for her, it's also to protect his marriage. Edmund does not seem interested in doing what Erica asks. But he concludes that he wants Maria out of their home because of her involvement with Zack. Zack reveals to Maria that he lied by telling everybody that Ethan was not his son, when, in fact, Ethan is. And he concludes that he needs to leave town. She expresses how much she will miss him. Ethan tells Kendall he needs to leave town. She expresses how much she will miss him.

Greenlee is behaving strangely and doesn't know what is wrong with her. Ryan is able to conclude that she must be pregnant. Lily reveals to Jack and to Erica that the nasty girls in school are feeding her alcohol and planting it in her locker.

ATWT by Linda

Carly wins the court case, but when Jack comes home, he’s adamant that he loves Julia and will return to her. Paul tries to get Barbara to sign out of BRO, but when she refuses he asks Jordan to consider backing Jennifer’s company. Barbara is distraught after Paul’s visit and urges Rick to escape tonight instead of tomorrow, but he convinces her to wait. When she shows reticence to his advances, he tells her to prove that she loves him. Mike takes Jennifer back to his house after she’s mildly electrocuted to keep an eye on her, but their feelings for each other are becoming quite evident. Just as they’re about to kiss for the first time, Jordan knocks on the door.

B&B by Lee

Brooke and Ridge both feel the loss of Thorne's expertise at Forrester. Ridge told Brooke that Amber has moved in with Stephanie. Amber is adamant that she will convince Stephanie that she and Thomas are right for each other. Brooke suggests that she and Stephanie work together to break up Amber and Thomas.

Thorne wants to have a duel, Forrester against Spectra, after chiding Ridge he finally agrees and states "it will be a fight to the finish." He tells Thorne that this will be professional suicide.

Days by Danielle

Jan cuts up Philip’s dress uniform and sets it up so that Philip and Belle blame Shawn for it. Mimi finds scraps from the uniform in Jan’s hair and threatens to tell the truth.

Brady prevents Victor from killing Nicole and decides to step back and give Nicole and Victor’s marriage another chance after admitting that he has feelings for Nicole. Victor threatens to tell Brady the truth about Nicole’s attempt to arrange Victor’s murder. Jennifer, Jack, Bo, Hope, and Patrick are brought into the study to join everyone else. Their first attempt to distract Tony and Bart long enough to escape doesn’t work. Marlena agrees to try and reason with Stefano but ends up coming face to face with a now decomposed body of Stefano.

GH by Lisa

The person who saw Nikolas deal with Helena is revealed, who begins to stalk Emily. Nikolas and Brook Lynn are ruled out as bone marrow donor matches for Kristina. Alexis informs Ned she will tell Sonny the truth as a last resort. Ric and Durant hear Sonny threaten to kill Alcazar. Durant anticipates Sonny and Alcazar's demise. Carly admits to Steven that Sonny is Kristina's father and asks him to keep the secret unless it is absolutely necessary to save Kristina's life. Alcazar warns Lois that he's living on borrowed time.

Dillon tells Luke and Skye that he can't keep stealing from the Quartermaines. Luke plans on getting money from Heather. Edward horrifies Heather by signing his fortune over to Justus and announcing that they will be moving into a room above Kelly's and will work for a living.

GL by Eva

Tammy returns to the farm and feels more dirty and disgusting after JB tells her that she wanted to sleep with him. JB also tells Tammy she will never forget him because he has left his mark on her. Cassie encourages her daughter not to let JB win because she is still a beautiful person both inside and out. At Towers, JB confronts Edmund and makes Edmund so angry he punches his nephew in the face. Tony and Michelle are stranded on the boat with a big storm headed their way that could cost them their lives. In Santo Domingo, Sebastian takes Holly back to the hotel room where Roger raped and terrorized her because Roger wanted her to let go of the pain from the past and embrace the future. At the Lewis house. Josh and Reva continue to argue about JB and Sandy and can't seem to reach a compromise. The argument only gets worse when Sandy informs Reva that he is leaving Springfield forever. Sandy tells Reva that JB is dangerous and she shouldn't try to save him. Reva tells Josh she won't let go of Jonathan again and if he can't accept that he can't be a part of her life anymore.

OLTL by Janice

Natalie holds Paul at gunpoint in his hotel room. He catches her off-guard, they struggle for the gun, and Natalie is left unconscious. Paul wipes his bloody hands on her shirt. Jennifer slaps Rex for making the tape of her mother. Paul informs Jenn that he made a copy of the tape and it’s now on the internet. Lindsay is distraught and also lashes out at Rex for giving Paul the tape. Lindsay, Jenn, Rex, and RJ vow to stop Paul. At Llanfair, Dorian tries to convince Kevin that Paul will be back for more money. Dorian vows to stop Paul when Kevin won’t take her seriously. Duke tells Kevin that he’s going home to Texas for school break. Kevin is furious that Duke will not be by his side during the campaign. Adriana finds Duke at the airport and abruptly kisses him goodbye. Tico meets with Kevin and they talk about the untimely death of Judge Hernandez. Tico assures Kevin that he had nothing to do with her death. Nora tells Bo that Asa is dying and that his last wish is for them to remarry. Dr. Miller comes in and informs them that Asa has forged the chart. Nora is furious and she and Bo plan to turn the tables on Asa. As Paul is about to board an airplane for San Francisco, he receives a phone call and decides to return to Llanview.

Passions by Shirley

Martin and Katherine both told their children they had known their long-lost parents, and related stories about them. They both wanted to reveal their true identities. Martin took Luis to the gazebo on the Crane estate to show him what was buried there so he could explain why he had left and not contacted anyone, but when they arrived, the gazebo was gone and the ground was dug up. Katherine tried to tell Sheridan she is her mother, but Sam came in with the news that Alistair had dropped the charges and she could go home.

Gwen attacked Ethan for telling Theresa to follow her conscience, and although he tried to make her see that Theresa's religious beliefs forbid abortion, she didn't want to hear any of it and told him their marriage was over. Meanwhile, Theresa called Eve and told her she'd decided to go through with the procedure. Eve started out to set everything up and Gwen overheard her. Eve told her Theresa had decided to go through with the abortion and Gwen became overjoyed. She apologized to Ethan for her outburst and assured him she still wants to be married to him now. He didn't look too happy about that.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Jack welcomed Jill back to town and hoped her experience with Elliot had taught her a lesson. Nick confided to Jack about Sharon's trouble finding work. Jack said he'd try to get her a job at Jabot. Sharon was abandoned by the whole family after cooking a special dinner. Instead, Dru showed up and they argued about the job situation at NE. Dru stormed out and Sharon smashed a plate of food in rage. Paul told Kay there was reason to believe Harrison might be telling the truth about Arthur being a killer. He told her to take time and decide whether or not she wanted him to proceed with his investigation. Harrison visited Jill, stunned her with the news that Arthur was a murderer who would soon kill Kay, then left her with her troubled thoughts. Michael warned Gloria that John would leave her when he learned the truth about her connection to him and Kevin. Phyllis agreed to let Daniel stay with Christine until things could be worked out. Daniel advised Kevin to beat Michael to a pulp as a way to teach him a lesson for dating Lauren. Damon beat Dominic to a bloody pulp but - at the last minute - was unable to kill him. Phyllis found him alone and Damon told her he was disappointed in his own inaction. Devon woke at the rec center to find a man punching away at the bag. He called out to him and the man turned... unmistakable Malcolm Winters eyes glaring.

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