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AMC by Jenn

The "cool" girls keep trying to get Lily to trust them. But Reggie and Danielle are determined to prevent them from exploiting her. Zack reveals to Erica and Jack and their families that he is Alexander Cambias Jr. but Ethan is not his son. Nobody has anything positive to say to either one of them.

Jamie has put all his plans into motion to run away with Babe and be a father to her baby. They don't even tell Krystal, although she knows they are keeping a secret from her.

ATWT by Linda

Jack is furious when Carly hauls him into court for a competency hearing and the judge’s first order of business is terminating the marriage he has with Julia, because it was illegal. Dusty and Lucy make up, but Craig has planted seeds of doubt in Dusty’s mind regarding Lucy and Rafi. Although Mike hates being the spokes model for Street Jeans, after the photo shoot he lightens up. But when he goes to change, Jennifer gets a powerful shock from one of the lights. Alison pushes Aaron with her training regimen, but when she asks if he’s interested in anyone, he asks if his friend or his trainer wants to know. Ben struggles with the pain in his hand, determined to wean himself off the painkillers.

Bonus B&B by Lee

Ridge tells Stephanie that he cannot accept Amber moving in to her house. Stephanie reassures Ridge that it is the right thing to do. Amber overhears Ridge telling Stephanie that she is poison to Thomas. Ridge accuses Amber of trying to trap Thomas. Amber insists that she has no plan to trap Thomas and falling in love with him was not intentional. Ridge later tells Stephanie that he was helping to persuade Amber that she is her champion. Stephanie tells Ridge that Thomas is 18 and can do what he wants. She tells Amber that she'd rather have Amber there with her so she and Thomas can figure out if their relationship is real or not. Stephanie tells Ridge that she thinks Amber might have her own doubts about her relationship with Thomas. Ridge hopes Stephanie's experiment works.

Eric told Thorne that he loved him and didn't want him to be Ridge. Thorne asks Eric to believe in him and not ask him to quit. Eric agrees, but he's not going to cut him any slack, that he needs to succeed or fail on his own merit. Eric wishes him luck. Eric admits to Sam that Thorne was right and he didn't have the same faith in him that he had in Ridge. Eric insists that he wants Thorne to do well, but he's worried that he'll fail. Sam tells Eric that fail or not Thorne will learn from this experience. Thorne tells Darla that he's forgiven Eric, but still doesn't agree with him. Thorne makes changes to improve on the Spectra designs. Darla, Felicia, Clark & Sally are thrilled by the changes. Darla tells Thorne that he's got a gift, he may not be able to draw as well as Eric and Ridge but he can design. And that all he needed was people behind him.

B&B by Glynis

Amber is happy, but Thomas is still leery about her moving in with his family. Ridge and Stephanie watch in horror as Thomas and Amber kiss on the patio. Felicia has concerns about the way her parents have been handling Thorne. Thorne and Eric agree to disagree. Stephanie can see that Amber really needs a man, and not a boy. Eric worries that his son will be terribly hurt if he fails at designing. Darla offers to help her husband out anyway that she can.

Days by Danielle

Belle admits to Mimi that she doesn’t love Philip as anything more than a friend. Mimi pretends to spill soda on Jan so that she’ll leave Shawn and Rex alone to talk. Rex comes close to getting Shawn back with Belle but then Shawn decides that as long as Belle is with Philip, he will never apologize to her.

Jack, Jennifer, and Victor follow a henchman to the compound but are also followed by Bart. Another henchman interrupts Billie, Hope, and Bo’s attempt to leave via the airshaft after Billie makes it back into the airshaft. Billie makes her way out of the compound only to be knocked out by a falling tree. Hope and Bo meet up with Jack and Jennifer only to be found by Bart who insists that they follow him to meet with Tony. Brady and Nicole use a tremor as an opportunity to sneak away. Victor corners Nicole in a holding cell and decides to enact his own punishment. Marlena and Abe are brought to the study where Tony tells them and the rest of the already assembled group that the whole island plot was his way of trying to get the love and approval of Stefano by accomplishing what Stefano was never able to do and is part of his plan for world domination.

GH by Amanda

Jason explains that Sam is just his friend and they are together for the baby only to Michael. Sonny and Carly overhear that Kristina needs a bone-marrow transplant- it would've been impossible not to hear: Alexis has a meltdown. Emily tries to convince Nik that he did not murder Helena, but he's convinced he's now a true Cassadine. John wants to explain to Sonny why he let Jason go- in order to have passage to Carly. As they chat, Lorenzo pays a call, accusing Sonny of accusing him of the shooting. Michael is very accepting of the fact that he has a little sister on the way, and asks Jason to be as good a dad to her baby as he was to him. Alexis tells Carly she will not tell Sonny about his daughter, unless she has to; then learns that that is coming closer as she is not a match. Tracy comes in search of Emily, scared for her. Then Nik confesses to Lucky and Mac. No body was found, and Mac does not believe him. However , it's a good thing - what he does not believe is that it was murder, he calls it accidental and a blessing. Then, at Wyndermere, Nik finds a note from Helena. Ric makes a good job of comforting Kristina and Alexis, but is interrupted by Steve telling Alexis that whether she knows it or not, Ned is not the dad, and he has to know who is since Ned is not a match.

GL by Eva

Cassie continues to look for Tammy who is confused and hurt because of her involvement with her cousin Jonathan. (JB) At the Hospital, Tammy slaps Sandy in the face and blames him for what JB did to her. Sandy can't stand the guilt because he was unable to stop what JB did to Tammy. Sandy decides to leave town because he doesn't want to hurt the people he loves anymore. Sandy shares his feelings of guilt over his lie with Lizzie. Liz is moved by his words and decides to tell Sandy the truth about the accident but thinks better of it when Harley arrives to question Sandy. Sandy tells Harley he didn't see the person who hit him. At Josh and Reva's house, JB and Reva have a very heated and almost violent confrontation. Reeve explains why she chose to give JB up for adoption. JB tells Reva of the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of his adoptive father. Josh tells JB to stay away from his family or he will put him in jail. Later JB finds Tammy about to get into her car and offers to open the door for her.

OLTL by Janice

Kevin finds Paul pinning Natalie against the wall in the alley behind Rodi's. He pulls Paul off Nat, throws a packet of money to get him out of town. Evangeline confronts John about his feelings for Natalie. John flashes back to his kiss with Natalie, but refuses to admit that he and Natalie are anything more than friends. He tells Evangeline that she is the one he wants to be with. Viki offers to let Kelly live in the Carriage House. Duke asks Viki to help him deal with his father. Kevin comes in and Duke accuses him of paying off Judge Hernandez to get custody of Ace. Duke storms off. Kevin assures Kelly that he will take care of both of his sons - which is why he got rid of Paul Cramer. Natalie follows Paul to his apartment to make sure he leaves the next day and to find out why Kevin paid him. Jessica calls Viki to cancel their plans for the evening when Tico refuses to let her leave the house because he's worried about her safety. Viki goes to Lion's Heart concerned that something is wrong with Jessica. Jess refuses to admit that there are any problems in her marriage. Viki makes her promise to come to her if she changes her mind. Michael's planned proposal to Marcie doesn't happen after they get into a big fight. Michael is upset that Marcie is late to dinner because he feels she has time for everyone else in her life but him. Upset, Duke calls Adriana to meet him for coffee. Adriana tries to lie to David, but he sees through her and allows her to go - as long as she doesn't tell her mother. As Adriana leaves, David pulls a gun out of his pocket saying that nothing will happen to Kelly's baby. Dawes meets with Tico and tells him the Judge Hernandez died in a car accident. He also tells him that Governor Brooks is making more mistakes. Tico assures him that Brooks and Kevin will be elected, Brooks will be forced to resign, and Kevin will become Governor.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa continued trying to convince Ethan that he still love her and should leave Gwen to be with her and raise Little Ethan and their own babies together. He was tempted, but couldn't accept hurting Gwen again. He continued to try to convince Theresa to abort one of the babies so the other would be able to live, and just as he was telling her to think about what is right and let her conscience be her guide, Gwen walked in and blasted him for leaving it up to her. As the two argued in the hallway, Theresa called Eve to report she had finally made a decision.

Katherine told Sheridan about her mother, acting as if she had been a good friend of hers, while at the same time, Martin was doing the same with Luis concerning his father. Neither came out and admitted they were their real parents, however. Across town, Whitney convinced Ivy that she really loves Fox and has no hidden agenda for being with him so soon after losing Chad.

Y&R By Christopher

Kevin was angry to come home and find Michael and Lauren together, post love-making. He told them about his time at the Abbott house, and left them alone. He later told Daniel that he wanted to make Michael pay, and asked if Daniel would help him with a new scheme. As Brittany finalized wedding plans and went to meet Bobby, JT told Mac he refused to tell Brittany he was in love with her, and would instead be the supportive friend Brittany needed. Bobby surprised Brittany with a bridal shower attended by her closest friends, where Lauren gave her a wedding dress. Bobby confronted Frederick, told him he and Anita abused Brittany every time they judged her and denied her their love. Frederick insisted he'd never support the wedding. Kay had a nightmare that Arthur tried to kill her. Paul brought her news on his investigation. Once Kay told him she no longer doubted Arthur, Paul told her the news he brought was not something she would want to hear. Phyllis brought Damon and Dominic face to face, then reluctantly - and tearfully - left them alone, knowing that Damon now held both their lives in his hands. Damon confronted Dominic about murdering Elias. When Dominic revealed a tattoo with Elias' name, birth and death dates... Damon attacked him and insisted it was time then 'do this' thing he'd been planning.

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