The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/22/04 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Zack calls a meeting at Ryan and Greenlee's home to reveal to Erica, Jack, Bianca, Kendall, Greenlee, Ryan, Jonathan and Ethan that he is Alexander Cambias Jr. and remembers his brother Michael as a loving good person and only heard through the grapevine about how Michael "went bad". Bianca tells Jonathan that she will forgive him for destroying the evidence of Ethan's birthright only because she cares for Ryan and for Maggie and doesn't want to hurt them by hurting Jonathan. Ryan is still baffled about how Zack and Ethan are behaving if they are really father and son and both Cambias heirs.

Lily is still determined to dress and behave like a "hot girl". But Erica is able to get through to her as to how to tell people that she is not cheap and wants to wait to have sex.

ATWT by Linda

Lucy takes Rafi on a picnic to give Aaron more time to train and when he’s changing a flat tire, he cuts his hand. Holden warns Dusty that there better not be anything funny about this fight and that Aaron better not get hurt. Mike suggests to Carly that she should look into legal reasons Jack shouldn’t be with Julia – Carly asking Jessica to file papers that would deem Jack incompetent and her his legal guardian. Paul dreams that Will is giving Roseanna mouthwash, so Roseanna suggests that they have dinner together. At the dinner, Will reassures them that he’s happy that they’re together and as long as Barbara is locked up, he’s going to be just fine. When the doctors attempt to separate Dr. Decker and Barbara, Barbara pretends to attempt suicide and forces them to reconsider their decision. She and Dr. Decker decide to break out on Halloween.

B&B by Glynis

Darla can see that Eric will not accept Thorne’s assertiveness. Eric admits that he doesn’t see Thorne as successful on his own. Thomas doesn’t feel that his grandmother is being sincere.

Thorne can see that the family hasn’t got faith in him, and he finds that to be his fault. Stephanie secretly calls Ridge to get him to come and help keep his son from running off. Amber promises that Stephanie will be proud of her in time.

Days by Danielle

Belle and Shawn argue on the roof. Shawn tries to give Belle back her four-leaf clover. Kate tells Brandon that she only wants Basic Black to fund his cause because it’s a way to pay back Faye for her help when Kate first divorced Victor, convincing him to allow her to come see him in Chicago. Eugenia and Kate plot to keep Lexie from being able to bring Theo to see Brandon. Sami calls a psychic hotline to find out why she keeps dreaming about Austin and Brandon while in bed with Lucas.

Colin fills John, Roman, Nicole, Brady, and Patrick in on what he knows about Tony’s plan, including that this island plot has been in the works several years in advance and that it is all because of John stealing Kristen away from Tony. They all try to escape but Tony stops them. John tries to offer himself in exchange for the others’ freedom but Tony vetoes that idea in favor of presenting them all to Stefano.

GH by Amanda

Ric threatens to arrest Tracy if she doesn't tell where Helena is. Tracy does not know where she is, but admits to the frame. Nik is not cleared on shooting Mary yet, but Emily is cleared. Ric does learn Helena is on a plane with no flight plan. Lorenzo has flashbacks of his life with Carly who is trying to convince Sonny to let Durant help Jason, he agrees so that he can prove to Carly her dad is bad news. Courtney informs Sam she is over Jason, but Sam denies loving him. Durant tells Bobby to forget about ever having a relationship with him again. Ric was mislead, however, as Ned comforts Alexis, the old bat sneaks into Alexis' home with a knife. Ric's arrival spares Alexis for the time being. Durant immediately demands a favor of Carly for his help- time with her, but since it's Morgan's birthday, she has to delay fulfilling it. With Jason cleared, Alcazar is the main suspect. Alexis is forced to take Kristina back to the hospital when the child is suddenly covered with bruises for no reason. While wandering on the grounds of Wyndermere, Emily runs into Helena. Thanks to the requisite villainous speechifying, Nik has time to get to them and toss evil granny over the cliffs. Carly takes Morgan to the hospital, leaving Mikey in Sam's care, and little Michael gives Jason permission to love Sam. Steve tells Alexis Kristina needs a bone marrow transplant.

GL by Suzanne

On Sebastian's yacht, he has dinner and drinks for Holly, Michelle, and a suspicious Tony.  He drugs Michelle and Tony's wine so they fall asleep.  He tells Holly that Roger had something else planned for her and that they must leave now.  When Michelle and Tony wake up, they find a note saying that they must bring Ed Bauer to him or Holly will never be returned.  Danny tells Rick how angry he is at Michelle for her recent behavior.  Josh threatens Sandy, knocks him around, and tells him to leave town.  Cassie and Tammy argue about J.B; Cassie tells her that he's her cousin and was just using her to get back at Reva.  Tammy doesn't believe it at first but then can't believe how evil he is and how stupid she was.  Cassie consoles her, but Tammy says she will never fall in love again.  Tammy visits Sandy's hospital room as he is about to leave and punches him in the stomach.  Jonathan and Reva have a big confrontation at her house.  They argue and she tries to reason with him, and other tactics.  He is obviously feeling vulnerable as well as angry and in pain, so she tries to be honest and reach out to him, which ends with his hands on her throat.

OLTL by Janice

More and more people want Paul out of the way. Kelly asks Natalie to get him out of town. Kevin wants to take care of him permanently when he finds out that Paul is threatening to give Ace back to his real mother. Marcie wants to kill Paul after he attacked Jennifer, leaving Jennifer feeling worthless. Dorian receives a package that contains a gun after she vows to keep Paul from taking Ace - once and for all. John can’t understand why Paul is staying in Llanview with all of the enemies he’s made.

Antonio lets Dorian know that Tico is the new head of the Santi family. She tells him his quest for answers may get them all killed. Dorian tells Antonio that Manuel was abusive to her and that she is concerned about the safety of Jessica and Adriana. Tico confronts Antonio about the accusations made to Jessica. Tico taunts him that Jessica is his bed now. Antonio vows to break him. At Lion’s Heart Jessica has found a large amount of cash in Tico’s desk but says nothing. She does ask him to take her out for the evening, but he refuses because he’s got too much work. Jessica still refuses to make love. Kevin asks John to keep Natalie from getting into trouble with Paul. Natalie is upset overhearing John tell Michael that he could get used to living with Evangeline. She meets with Paul behind Rodi’s after promising John that she’d stay away from Paul. Michael’s birthday present to Marcie is an engagement ring.

Passions by Suzanne

Tabitha and Endora watch the citizens of Harmony with the bowl; Tabitha does some rapping about them.  Whitney has a daydream about Fox and Ivy hating her if they found out she was pregnant, so she vehemently tells Ivy that she has nothing to hide and that she has to be with Fox because the thought of being without him is so upsetting.  Theresa and Ethan argue about her options.  She uses the situation to try to get Ethan to admit that he still loves her and wants her, and that he's only with Gwen out of pity.  After relentless badgering, he admits that he would be with Theresa now if he hadn't knocked up Gwen.  She urges him to leave Gwen now for her.  Martin tells Luis they he used to live in Harmony, worked for Alistair, and that he also knew Luis' father well.  Katherine admits to Sheridan that she knew Alistair for years and that she was good friends with her mother.  Gwen has a nightmare about the babies dying.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Victor continued to bond, romantically, at the rec center, their relationship getting stronger by the minute. Lily told Devon about the desire to find his Father. He told her the man lived in Genoa City, but that he wanted nothing to do with him. Christine agreed to Damon's request that she take Daniel for awhile so that he and Phyllis could work through the crisis they were facing. Phyllis met with Dominic and - when he refused to back down - agreed to bring him to Damon so long as he agreed to let her be there for the meeting. Damon told Phyllis to bring Dominic, then stared at the Japanese sword. Phyllis and Dominic showed up, and Damon came face to face with his son's killer for the first time in years. Brittany told Bobby she was happy to be getting married, but saddened by how different everything was from how she'd always imagined. JT admitted to Mac that he was in love with Brittany, but refused to do anything to stop the wedding, especially when Brittany came home and told them both that she was about to marry the man of her dreams. JT told Mac that Brittany's happiness was all that mattered. John told Gloria about his history with Kevin, and refused to hear him out when he said he was now a changed young man. Brad dealt with the devastation of learning that Ash no longer loved him, accused her of being responsible for all their problems, warned her to keep Victor away from him, said he'd call to check on Abby, then left to get away from her. Ash was left in tears, the impact of what she'd done setting in.

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